Best Cloud Photo Storage For Photographers

If you’re a photographer, you need a safe and secure cloud storage option for your images. Access to a reliable and best cloud storage solution is becoming increasingly crucial as the demand for digital photographs rises. Photographers might find it challenging to decide which cloud picture storage service is best among the numerous accessible. In this piece, I’ll go through some of the best cloud storage for professional photographers and advise on making the proper decision.


What We’re Looking For

Regarding the best cloud storage services, a few key features make the best option stand out from the rest.

First and foremost, it should accommodate various file types, including images, videos, documents, and more. This ensures that all your important data can be stored in one place without worrying about compatibility issues.

Additionally, the service should provide an accessible platform for sharing and collaboration with others. This is especially useful for photographers who need to share their work with clients or colleagues quickly and securely.

Furthermore, the ideal cloud storage service should include helpful features or integrations specifically designed for photographers. These could consist of photo editing tools or automated backups, so you never have to worry about losing your work again.

Finally, ample storage space is essential — especially if you’re paying for the service — so ensure you get enough room for your files without breaking the bank. Security is also paramount when storing sensitive data online; look for services that offer encryption and other security measures to protect your data from prying eyes.


Best External Storage For Photographers

Photographers have specific storage and backup demands. Photographers require cloud storage systems that can manage big volumes of data swiftly and securely. Several cloud picture storage services geared toward photographers offer online backup options.

These services allow photographers to save and view their images online. Automatic backups, file versioning, and strong encryption protect your photographs from illegal access or destruction. Many of these platforms provide powerful editing features so you may make rapid modifications without downloading files. With these tools, photographers can keep their memories secure and accessible.



Photoshelter is an all-inclusive service for photographers with a wide range of tools for displaying, sharing, and managing photographic works. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an image backup service; its initial marketing premise still holds. Create a stunning online portfolio to show off your work and access tools to help you sell your images in one place.


Additionally, Photoshelter’s robust organizational capabilities make it simple to handle even the largest collections of photographs and its portfolio and sales functions.

Photographers seeking a comprehensive solution for managing their digital assets will find Photoshelter the top option because of its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set. Photoshelter covers whether you need secure backups or an all-inclusive site to display and sell your work.



For photographers interested in showcasing and selling their work online, Zenfolio is an all-inclusive solution. The Plus plan, the most affordable option, does not provide space for RAW files.

mobile device

Photographers, however, often provide this service as a paid plan add-on. This comes to approximately $0.085/GB/month in US dollars (this may vary slightly depending on location).

With Zenfolio, photographers have a fantastic resource for showcasing their work and generating revenue. The ability to keep RAW files as an optional extra means photographers may safely store massive volumes of data without worrying about surpassing their membership limitations.

Because of this, Zenfolio is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to use all of its capabilities without being limited by its storage space.


GoPro Cloud Service

The cloud backup solution offered by GoPro is fantastic for photographers and videographers concerned about losing precious media due to a lack of space. Whether captured on camera, in an app or online, storing all of your media in a cloud with unlimited space makes regular backups a breeze. You have a reliable location to store your footage guarantees its safety and security at all times.


Only GoPro cameras are compatible with the GoPro cloud service. Still, it’s a great choice if you’re searching for a safe place to keep your photographs and movies.

In addition, when you buy a camera from, you can add a membership to your order for an additional cost of $49.99 yearly or include it as part of a bundle. The GoPro cloud service is the way to go because of its user-friendly interface and dependable storage options.



If you’re looking for a simple way to ensure the safety of your valuable files, go no further than Backblaze, an automated online backup service. The Backblaze app is platform-native for Windows and macOS, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues with Java-based programs.

best external storage for photographers

Backblaze’s unlimited backup and restorations, completely automated processes, and flat pricing provide exceptional value compared to services like Carbonite.

However, you can easily set up a plan in Backblaze to ensure that backups occur automatically without having to think about it, even if your internet connection speed limits your daily upload limit. To top it all off, if you ever need to restore a backup, you can do it without effort. If you need an online backup solution and are on a budget, Backblaze is the way to go.



Among the many file types that CrashPlan supports is RAW. The program is installed invisibly on your computer and, for a monthly price, backs up all of your data to a cloud storage service.

CrashPlan will keep your deleted data if you instruct it not to unless you’re backing up to an external disc. This is handy if you think you have erased anything crucial by mistake.

creative cloud

Unlimited online storage means you never have to erase old backups to make way for new ones, and annual payments get you a discount. You can be sure that your data is secure with CrashPlan because it comes with additional features like password protection and encryption.

If you’re searching for a simple backup solution, go no further than CrashPlan, which offers an automatic system and additional protection features.



PolarBackup is a cloud-based backup service based in the United Kingdom. It offers automated set-and-forget backups for individuals and businesses, with unlimited storage on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure.

The Personal plan is very competitively priced at just $4/month when paid annually, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. PolarBackup offers plans starting at 1 TB of storage capacity, which is also reasonably priced for businesses.

photos app

PolarBackup provides an easy way to keep your data safe and secure in the cloud. With its automated set-and-forget backups, you can rest assured that your data will be backed up without any manual effort. And with its competitive pricing, PolarBackup makes it easy to get started without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re an individual or a business looking for reliable cloud backup solutions, PolarBackup is worth considering.



Zoolz has recently changed its offerings, transitioning from Zoolz Home to BigMIND Home. This new service version includes a discovery layer that uses artificial intelligence to make it easier for users to find and sort their data.

Photo identification and picture detection for search and smart filters are all part of this. Amazon’s AWS service provides back-end storage, although details on storage quotas and capacities are unavailable. Under the umbrella of their corporate offerings, they also provide standard cloud-based data storage options.

cloud photo storage for photographers

Overall, these changes benefit users looking for an easy way to store and access their data in the cloud. With the addition of AI-powered features such as photodetection and image recognition, users can quickly find what they need without manually searching through large amounts of data.

Furthermore, with the backend storage provided by Amazon’s AWS service, users can rest assured that their data is secure and reliable.


Google Drive

Since its inception as a means to synchronize and consolidate Google Docs, Google Drive has undergone significant development. The service’s new extensive storage capacity options at low pricing are a compelling alternative for anyone wishing to back up huge quantities of photos.

cloud photo storage for photographers

Pricing starts at just $9.99 per month for the 1tb plan and goes up to just $49.99 for the 10 TB plan. In terms of cloud storage prices, this makes it a strong contender.

Google Drive is a wonderful option for businesses and people working on documents in real time because of its connection with Google Docs.

It’s simple to keep everyone on the same page when working on a project because files can be shared with anyone, regardless of whether they have a Google account. Cloud storage ensures that your files are always safe, even if your device is lost or stolen.



Despite its long history, Dropbox is constantly improving as a cloud storage provider. Plus (2 TB for $11.99/month) and Professional (3 TB for $19.99/month) are only two of the many plans available to individuals.


Plans with limitless space are available for businesses and are priced according to the number of employees. While file syncing and backup are Dropbox’s bread and butter, the flexibility you can choose which folders to back up makes it particularly well-suited to protecting photo libraries. As a bonus, it can be utilized as a quick method of sending random files and pictures to customers.

As a photographer, Dropbox is a must-have if you value your work’s safety and your clients’ time. Its convenient features make syncing data between various gadgets a breeze.

Your pictures will always be safe and at your disposal. You have more control over your backups because you can select individual folders to back up, and it’s easy to share files and communicate with others without requiring them to download anything first. Photographers may feel at ease knowing their work is safe and can be accessed quickly and simply with Dropbox.


Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service that comes in various pricing tiers, making it suitable for individual and enterprise use.

File sharing, teamwork functions, and Microsoft Office are part of the current Office 365 Personal 1TB subscription, which costs $6.99 per month. Billed on a per-user basis, business plans are the only option for those who need more than a certain quantity of storage space.

Microsoft onedrive

While potentially valuable for businesses, many of the services available in OneDrive are unnecessary for the average user wishing to back up photos and other information. OneDrive is worth checking if you already use Microsoft services or need an all-in-one cloud solution for business purposes. Still, if you’re searching for a backup service, you may find something more suitable elsewhere.



SugarSync is an automated sync and backup service that works with most file formats, including RAW files. It’s similar to Dropbox in many respects but offers plans with higher data storage quotas. For example, their Business plan with 1TB of storage space is $55/month. This makes it an excellent option for businesses that need to store large amounts of data securely.

best external storage for photographers

When using SugarSync, users will want to carefully select the syncing options so that they don’t unintentionally back everything up to their laptop as well. This allows them to keep their data secure and organized while still having access to it from any device or location.

Additionally, SugarSync provides encryption for all data transfers and backups, ensuring that your information remains safe and secure.


SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is a great option to consider if you need a safe and cheap backup solution. It has numerous features that set it apart from the competitors, including robust end-to-end encryption, no file size or type constraints, and “unlimited storage.”

SOS Online Backup

Once a backup is finished, you can use a network-attached storage device (NAS) or an external disc without physically connecting it. Additionally, mobile apps may be used to create backups manually.

With a sync service app, you may set it to run automatically or on your chosen schedule. Plans are available for a single device or a group of up to five, making them versatile for home and corporate use.

SOS Online Backup is a good option for those who value security and convenience regarding their data. If you need an online backup service, you should check into it because of its reasonable pricing levels, high level of security, and extensive backup possibilities.


Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a robust and adaptable cloud-based data storage service. It is a good option for individuals that need to keep massive volumes of data because of its scalability, dependability, and speed.

If you have a budget and need to back up four petabytes of photographs, Amazon S3 is your best bet. Everything from file uploads and downloads to primary storage space is metered and billed on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Amazon S3

After you get Amazon S3 configured the way you like, it’s incredibly reliable and fast. Still, it can be more hassle than using one of the automated backup services.

Also, Amazon S3 can be utilized to effortlessly and quickly transfer huge files to customers swiftly and effortlessly. When properly configured, it can behave as a virtually endless cloud drive from which users can retrieve their data from any location with an internet connection.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an excellent choice for scalable, flexible, and reliable cloud storage.


Amazon Cloud Drive

While Amazon’s Cloud Drive has been available for a while, the company has made a concerted effort to promote it as a top choice for archiving images thanks to the launch of Prime Photos.

Free and unlimited photo storage is a nice perk for individuals who like to snap plenty of pictures but want to stay in the room. However, Amazon Cloud Drive isn’t built for business use, and its options often change.

Amazon Cloud Drive

While Amazon Cloud Drive’s capabilities are more limited than competing services, they include some convenient extras like file sharing and cross-device access. They also provide routine backups so that you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

As a whole, Amazon Cloud Drive is a good pick for entry-level cloud storage services. Still, there may be better options for more advanced users or those who demand enterprise-grade safety and protection for their data.


Backblaze B2

Backblaze B2 is an alternative to more expensive cloud solutions like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.It’s worth noting that not all third-party apps currently work with Backblaze B2.

Backblaze B2

Though more and more programs are adding support for it, including well-known programs like Transmit and ChronoSync, it’s still a good idea to make sure that your favorite programs are compatible with it before making the transition.



The cloud service Wasabi has become popular in recent years because of its advertised price reduction of 80% compared to Amazon S3.

Customers needing frequent access to their backup data will find the $.0059 per GB/mo ($5.99 per TB/month) price model with no extra fees for egress or API requests very appealing. Wasabi is completely S3-compatible and has a more intuitive UI than competitors like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


Wasabi is an excellent option for cloud storage because its founders have solid credentials, and the company is upfront about its costs. Plus, Wasabi boasts higher speeds for both uploads and downloads than competing services, adding to the service’s allure. For various reasons, wasabi is an excellent option for individuals searching for a low-cost, dependable cloud storage service.



Internxt is an excellent option for secure and private cloud storage. With their zero-knowledge file storage service, all files are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud server. No one can access unencrypted versions of your data – not even the service techs. This makes Internxtis an ideal choice for those who want to ensure their photos remain safe and secure.


Furthermore, Internxtis offers a generous 2 GB of storage space, with competitive prices for additional storage should you need it.

For those who prioritize privacy and security when it comes to storing their photos in the cloud, Internxt is an excellent choice. Their encryption technology ensures that your photos remain safe from prying eyes.

At the same time, their generous free storage allowance allows you to get started without having to pay anything upfront. With competitive prices for additional storage should you need it, Internxt is an excellent option for anyone looking for a secure and private cloud photo storage solution.



Carbonite is a leading provider of cloud-based backup services. It’s a complete backup solution that works with nearly every file type, including RAWs.

Thanks to the app’s ability to run in the background of your computer and completely automate the backup process, you won’t have to lift a finger.


Carbonite has fixed its upload performance difficulties and expanded its offerings to include three unlimited plans at different pricing points.

Consequently, it’s simple to locate a plan that meets your requirements and doesn’t empty your wallet. It’s no surprise that Carbonite is the go-to for many needing cloud storage and backup solutions, given its consistent quality and affordable rates.



If you’re a professional photographer looking for a cloud storage service, one of the best options is IDrive, thanks to its wide array of valuable features. Because your IDrive account can be linked to as many gadgets as you choose, you can forget about manually moving images between cameras.

best external storage for photographers

Furthermore, the Auto Camera feature is beneficial since it automatically uploads new media to your profile whenever it is used. Further, IDrive’s built-in facial recognition technology makes it easy to locate specific pictures.

If you’re a photographer looking for a safe and secure place to keep your images, IDrive is your best bet. Automatic uploads and facial recognition technology are two of the time-saving tools available.

In addition, it has robust safety features to keep your information secure at all times. Considering these advantages, professional photographers have reasonable cause to consider adopting IDrive for their image archiving needs.



If you’re looking for a reliable cloud storage service, pCloud should be at the top of your list. It’s reasonably priced and packed with useful extras for photographers.

After uploading images to pCloud, one of the most excellent advantages is the ability to make edits directly in the web interface. You can modify your pictures without worrying about losing your work.

best external storage for photographers

Uncompressed RAW images are best for editing, and pCloud shows previews and thumbnail icons for them instantaneously.

If you’re using Lightroom on a Windows or macOS computer, In that case, pCloud can sync with it immediately, so your edited photos may be uploaded the moment you’re done.

Because of this, it is now simpler than ever to organize your pictures. pCloud is an excellent option for anyone seeking a secure cloud storage platform because of its extensive features and affordable price.


What External Hard Drives Do Photographers Use?

Many photographers now utilize portable hard drives to back up their digital images and other media. Aside from backing up data, external hard drives can store additional photos that would otherwise not fit on a computer’s primary disc. Photographers can select the ideal external hard drive for their needs from a wide range of sizes. To prevent unauthorized access to a photographer’s files, many external hard drives come with extra security options, including password protection and encryption. Here are just a few of the best:

  1. WD Elements Desktop 8TB
  2. SanDisk G-DRIVE Pro with Thunderbolt 3
  3. iStorage diskAshur 2TB external drive
  4. Seagate Expansion Desktop pc 8TB
  5. WD My Book Duo


Is 1TB Enough For Photography?

One terabyte of space may hold about 240,000 photographs from a 12-megapixel camera, 245 movies, or 480 hours of high-definition video. 6.4 million pages of content, mainly in documents like PowerPoints, PDFs, and Word docs.


Is HDD or SSD Better For Photo Storage?

Photographers have a lot of options when it comes to storing their photos. Regarding hard drive storage, both HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD (solid state drive) have advantages and disadvantages. HDD is cheaper than SSD but also slower and more prone to failure. On the other hand, SSD is faster, more reliable, and more expensive.


Cloud photo storage lets photographers store and shares their work. So many possibilities make it hard to choose the ideal one. Google Photos, Dropbox, iCloud, and Amazon Photos are popular among photographers. Each of these providers offers various advantages for different photographic tasks.

Google Photos is a free, easy-to-use option for photographers. Dropbox is great for sharing photos. Apple users who want to secure their images should use iCloud. Amazon Photos is an affordable choice for professional photographers with many features. Photographers’ demands and preferences determine the best cloud photo storage.

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