Best Music Apps Without Wifi -Ultimate Guide 2023

How many of you listen to songs while traveling or driving? Does your mood swing if wifi is not working or 4G does not get enough signal so a music app can work? How about listening to free music without wifi? Not only this, but music streaming apps can consume your maximum data. No internet music apps can be your friends at this time. Do you want to know about the music app without the internet? Here we have gathered almost all the music apps without wifi. Most music apps work offline in Pakistan. Free music apps without wifi are mentioned below.

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8 Best Apps to Listen to Music Without Wifi


Music Apps without wifi

The best part is that most offline music apps are authentic and play smoothly.

Groove Music

music streaming service, Groove Music

If you want a music app without the internet, the Grove Music app should be a priority. This app is by the famous company Microsoft. This app enables the user to download all the tracks that the user has bought. It also lets the user download songs purchased on any other smart gadget.

Further, this app works perfectly in offline mode. There is an option as “Automatically download songs” in the settings. A user can turn it on. So, whenever a user listens to a track, it will be downloaded automatically. This additional feature is only visible to those who have subscribed to the Groove Music Pass. Thus, a user can listen to his favorite free music app without wifi.

Download Groove Now


Apple Music

music app without internet, Apple Music

So, from the name, it shows that the Apple Music app is restricted only to Apple users. Well, it is not the case. Android users can also use it. However, it offers a user-free trial, and its monthly subscription charges are $9.99. But, if a user is already a member of Apple Music, he can easily have the tracks on his offline playlist.

This music app also works offline in Pakistan. Suppose you open the Apple Music app. Three dots are visible with every playlist, album, and music track. A user has to tap that, and a download option will be visible. Even if the download button is not shown, there must be a + icon. The streamed music tracks will be added to the My Music Library. A user can listen to popular music whenever there is no or poor internet connection.

Download Apple music Now




Spotify is the best music app in Pakistan that offers offline music. This music podcast app enables the user to add more than 3000 songs. A user can listen to them without the availability of the internet. But this feature is only for those who have Spotify’s Premium Subscription. It works perfectly for Android, iOS, windows smartphones, and OS X.

The available offline option is visible at the top of the screen. If the user turns on this option, selected tracks will be played offline. Suppose there is a poor internet connection or no Wi-Fi facility available. In that case, the app goes offline mode on its own. A user can indeed have the best music experience by using this Ad-Free app.

Download Spotify Android

Download spotify iOs




Gaana is an app that provides free music without wifi. The aim is at south Asians, and it offers the best music streaming service. If a user has subscribed to it, he can enjoy the music in high quality. Not only this, but there is also no limit to downloading music tracks. The top feature of this app is that it can sync downloaded soundtracks to up to five different gadgets.

The user interface of this app is similar to other music streaming apps. Gaana, the music app without wifi, also has an icon with every song. A user needs to tap the icon to download the song. There are no worries, as different gadgets can sync your playlist. It is available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can download this and share your experience with us.

Download Gaana Android

Download Gaana iOS


Google Play Music – Top music app without wifi

music without wifi

Google Play Music lets you listen to your all-time favorite music without the internet. This app allows users to download music from several music apps or a web music player. A Music Manager in Play Music allows users to download paid music tracks.

Furthermore, a single tap is required on the download icon to download the paid songs. If a user is already a Google Play All-Access member, he has to choose the song or playlist and tap the option “Download.”

Download Google Play Android



Slacker Radio

free music without wifi

Suppose a user is fond of listening to music on the radio. In that case, Slacker Radio is the best offline music app. This music app is also available in Pakistan and can work offline efficiently. Interestingly, this app allows downloading the radio stations a user listens to the most. There are two types of subscribers; Slacker Premium and Slacker Plus.

These users can choose the music track, artist, album, or playlist and tap the refresh button when their device connects to Wi-Fi. This music streaming app will deliver the content offline.

In addition to this, it is available for Android devices out there. It can be downloaded on iOS, windows phones, and Blackberry devices. The minimum cost per month is $3.99.

Download slacker Now



Pandora Premium Is Here

This is one of the best music service providers, which lets you find audio-only by knowing your preferences. Nevertheless, the program will only provide us offline access with a subscription. This program eases users with two kinds of bundles: Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium. Using Pandora Plus, the program automatically downloads your favorite tunes to your own devices, whereas with Pandora premium, the ability is precisely the same; however, you need to download it yourself.

Download pandora Android

Download pandora iOS



Deezer is a fresh new offline music app compared to already well-established apps; however, it also supplies impressive music-streaming services with offline listening. To take advantage of offline listening, you can subscribe to Deezer Premium or the Deezer Family Service. The app lets you download over 50 million songs on your cellular device that you can listen to down the road without internet or wifi. The app offers a 30-day free trial to enjoy free music without Wi-Fi.

Download Deezer Android

Download Deezer iOS



SoundCloud Next Wave

It’s the most famed free music app without Wi-Fi, enabling one to hear music all day, even offline. An individual can quickly detect the most contemporary music with the Sound cloud. This app is simple and can forward or Rename music or play with any single path of one’s choice. You must proceed with Soundcloud Go and Go+ to access this app’s offline music. Moreover, the best thing about the app is that it provides free downloads also, even on complimentary memberships.

Download Soundcloud Android

Download SoundCloud iOS



free music for iphone , offline music apps

This app was once called Rhapsody. It’s the leader of the audio streaming apps with over 40 million songs. That is an even more, only music-streaming app than Spotify, along with SoundCloud. Napster is sold in just two bundles supplying a paid subscription. For complimentary bundles, you won’t be eased with offline music. You’ll need to pick the best package for hearing music without WiFi. The top package has a trial offer of 14 days.

Download Napster Android

Download Napster iOS


Amazon Music

When it comes to streaming music, Amazon Music is one of the best options available. It has a vast music library, but you can also use it offline mode and control your music with your voice assistant – Alexa.

Amazon Music

You’re lucky if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription: audio playback is free for all users. However, suppose you want to take advantage of some premium features (like ad-free listening or higher bitrates). In that case, you’ll need to subscribe to either Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon HD. Prices start at $7.99 per month for the free service and go up to $14.99 for Amazon HD.

One of the best things about Amazon Music is that you can use it with your voice assistant, Alexa. “Alexa, play music from Amazon,” to start listening. You can also control music playback with your hands using the Echo device or an app like Spotify or Apple Music on your smartphone or tablet. One downside of Amazon Music is that it doesn’t have the most extensive music library. However, suppose you’re a heavy-duty music lover who wants to listen offline without relying on wifi or an internet connection. In that case, Amazon Music is a great option.



Tidal is a superior streaming service that offers various additional valuable features. It makes it possible to listen offline, stream radio stations, listen without being interrupted by advertising, and create personalized mixes.


If you want the sound quality to be as excellent as possible, you must sign up for a Tidal HiFi subscription, which costs $9.99 per month or $119.99 per year.

You also have the luxury of listening to music from private concerts when you purchase this package. Tidal is a superior music application that distinguishes itself from the competition by its many features.

A drawback is that it can only be accessed on a limited number of different platforms. Suppose you are searching for a streaming service compatible with computers and tablets. In that case, Tidal is not the most excellent choice because it is only available on devices running the Android and iOS operating systems.

Download Tidal from App Store / Google Play Store


Youtube Music

YouTube Music is a streaming music service from YT that launched in 2015. Plus, YouTube announced a family plan that allows up to 5 people to access the service for $22.99 per month. YTube Music offers ad-free listening, offline playlists, and high audio quality.

The audio quality offered by YT Music is on par with competing streaming music services such as Apple Music and Tidal. Tracks are available in Low, Normal, and High-quality bitrates of 48kbps AAC, 128kbps AAC, or 256kbps AAC.

The app supports Android and iOS devices, making it one of the most versatile streaming music services available. One of the best features of YTube Music is its library. More than 40 million songs are available, more significant than most streaming music services. The app also offers offline listening capability, so you can play music even if you don’t have an internet connection.

You can download music tracks for offline listening in MP3, AAC, or WAV formats. Suppose you want to keep your offline music content utterly free from ads. In that case, you can purchase a premium subscription tier that removes all ads and gives users ad-free access to playlists, radio stations, and high-audio-quality streaming options.



Which music streaming service does not require an internet connection? When it comes to music streaming apps, one of the most popular is LiveXLive due to its simple design and extensive library of radio stations.

Premium service, including ad-free listening and playback access on-demand, is available for $9.99 a month. Music fans enjoy this app since it allows them to watch live performances and festivals.

LiveXLive is unique among music streaming applications due to the enormous number of streaming stations it offers. Browse to your heart’s content by looking for your favorite band, a favorite song, or a preferred musical style. There are no commercials or other disruptions to the listening experience, and the audio quality is top-notch throughout the app. LiveXLive is an excellent solution if you want to listen to music while away from Wi-Fi.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Spotify Downloader?

It’s a free app for IOS, Android, Windows, and MAC that lets users download music playlists from any account. You have to Enter your account name > select playlist > select tracks > click on start.

How do I Download Music from Spotify for Free?

  • Select Output format 
  • Select any playlist you want to download
  • Click the convert button to download that playlist
  • The output folder shows up automatically.

How do I Download High-Quality Music from Spotify?

To download high-quality music in a free account, go to the streaming section and select the “High” option. Free account supports up to 160 Kbps. In the Premium account, press “Extreme” to ensure that all the songs you will download are 320 Kbps.

Can you Convert Spotify to Mp3?

Yes, using a Sidify converter, you can easily convert Spotify to mp3.

How do I Log into my Spotify Account?

To log in to your Spotify account, click the “Sign in” button, and enter your login info; the main Spotify window will be opened where all actions occur. 

How Do I check my Spotify Stats? 

To check your Spotify stats, go to 

  • Log in to your Spotify account
  • You will see your stats there, even the first song you played. 

How Do I find my Spotify Account page?

  • If you are using Spotify software, go to Help > Your Account
  • If you are using a web browser, go to

Can you Download it from Spotify?

Yes, you can easily download music from Spotify. Once you have downloaded it, you can enjoy that free music without wifi.

Where can I Download Spotify ++?

  • Download and install the AltStore app on your Mac or Desktop PC
  • Go to the Safari browser and download Spotify++ IPA files.
  • Open Altstore 
  • In the left-right corner, press the “+” button
  • Click on download Spotify++

How Do I Download Spotify songs to my phone for free?

To download Spotify songs on your mobile, you need a third-party software, “NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter,” a famous downloader to download songs from Spotify to your mobile by converting the format to mp3.  

How Do I install Spotify for Free?

You can download Spotify from the Google Play store easily, but its free version has limited features. 

Are you habitual to offline listening? If yes, you may download any of these apps, enjoy free music apps without Wi-Fi, and tell us about your experience in the comment section below. Besides this, please tell us which music app you use or suggest to listen to high-quality songs. We are waiting for your comments.

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