How to Access All Geo Restricted Websites with Best VPN Providers

In this global age, the whole world has a universal connection – the internet. The internet has joined the world together and has made communication across continents easier. However, this worldwide network has some restrictions and specifications too. Many regions, countries, and areas do not allow access to some sites and links. In this case, people use other means to unblock restricted content. All geo-restricted websites and content are accessible with the help of some best private VPN providers that are also free VPN providers. 



What Is VPN?

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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) support the availability of sites blocked in your region. VPN providers create a tunnel between your computer and any other server (anywhere in the world) through an encrypted connection. For example, you want to access a restricted website in your area. The VPN provider will connect you to a server in any other country where the website is available. That way, you will connect to another server and unblock the website. 

VPN hides your original location and IP address. So, with the use of a VPN, you can pretend to be in any other country. Also, it secures your browsing history and encrypts the incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer.  

Many free VPN services are present. Free VPN does work but in a limited manner. For better accessibility, you will have to spend some money. So you can open highly secured sites. However, you should know various paid VPNs are available at a low cost.


How To Choose Your VPN?

Choosing the best private VPN can be a difficult task. You are putting your trust in a VPN provider to secure your data and user privacy. Many reputable VPN providers are available nowadays. You can check out the reviews and select the best one for you. However, keep a few things in mind before choosing a VPN service for you.

  • Firstly, determine the use of VPN – as different usage requires different features
  • Review the qualities of the VPN service to choose the best private VPN
  • Check if the VPN provider is compatible with your device
  • Chose the VPN with a clean and easy to use interface
  • Ensure it covers the locations you need
  • Do not forget to check the cost and price plans
  • Select the one with reliable customer service and refund policy


How Do VPNs Work?

VPNs are quite simple to use in most cases. You will select the VPN provider and download the client software on your devices. Then, you will have to log in to the account of the app. With a few clicks, you will have it running. Most VPNs give you a choice to select your server. Whichever server you connect to, the internet will think you are at that location. You can easily unblock restricted sites and access the geo-restricted content. 


Surfshark VPN Review

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Surfshark has proved its place amidst the ocean of VPNs services. It is one of the best VPN providers due to its access to multiple devices and is the fastest. Also, this VPN provider covers unlimited devices, for example, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux apps, Windows, and Chrome extension. You need not worry, whichever device you are using, you can simply download and run Surfshark. Moreover, you can run it on many devices simultaneously.

Over time, Surfshark has gone through several changes. These changes have made the service better and faster. Smaller improvements have caused it to beat other VPN providers and become better. Also, this best private VPN helps in securing your data and protects your privacy. It goes beyond the casual means of keeping your browsing activity safe. Also, at times, it hides itself to prevent your ISP from identifying any VPN use.

Furthermore, Surfshark is a well-rounder to serve when you have long-term plans. It offers excellent value in its two years premium plan. That makes it the best VPN provider for those who want to stay safe online for a low price. The best is its ability to access all geo-restricted streaming services. Here we will look into its few features to determine if it is the best private VPN as it claims.


Plans And Pricing

One major point that distinguishes Surfshark from other VPN providers is its low rate for 24 months plan. It offers only $1.99 per month for a two-year contract. You might think that two years is a long time; however, other providers charge the same amount of money for only a year.

Other packages for a single month and one year are not as cheap as two years plan. For one month, the cost is $11.95. While for a whole year or 12 months, the price is $5.99. You might also find other providers in these rates, but they will not give you excessive services. 

Alongside these three subscription plans, with Surfshark, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.  You can also get a full refund within a month if you did not like its services. Moreover, it is not a free VPN provider, but it does have a 7-day free trial for mobile users. For this free trial, you can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once downloaded, you will activate the free trial. 



The feature, which makes Surfshark the best VPN provider, is that you can download it on many devices. You can use a single account to download this VPN on every device you have and connect it to the web. Further, the company has made the app compatible with all electronic products, such as TVs, gaming consoles, mobiles, windows, or desktops, etc. It can easily connect it to all those devices, which do not allow VPN connections.

Another feature that sets Surfshark apart from its competitors is security and protection. It keeps your identity safe and protects all the browsing activities. Along with a strict data retention policy, it also uses encryption standards and protocols to secure your browsing activity. It supports encryptions like AES 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN to guard your data.


Ease Of Use

Surfshark’s interface is clean and user friendly. It has a smooth and pleasing navigation experience. The location of servers is present at one side, with a search bar. At the base, you will find a “Quick Connect” option to connect with the server available for your chosen location. 

Even the beginners can use it smoothly, as it walks you through its procedures. When you open the Surfshark on a new device, it tells you the process and help in installation. The setting menu is easy, simple, and straightforward. You can take advantage of all the settings and advanced options, as an amateur. 


Customer Support

If you face any issues or problems, this best VPN provider has devised many ways to solve them. The website has tutorials, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, installation processes, and other vital information. Moreover, you can always contact the 24/7 live chat support of Surfshark to be in direct contact. The customer support representatives respond and answer your queries quickly. 


Other Advantages

With Surfshark, you can torrent, stream, and protect your privacy. Surfshark has some unique features, such as a double VPN, known as MultiHop mode. That allows your VPN server to pass through two servers instead of only one. There is also HackLock, which you can use to monitor your passwords to avoid security breaches. Automatic kill switch disconnects the internet, in case your VPN connection fails.

Moreover, it has an in-built CleanWeb that blocks ads, malware, and any tracker. Also, Surfshark accesses the restricted Netflix site and stream it with no difficulty. 


Other VPN Providers

Many other best VPN providers also offer quite good services. They are not necessarily free VPN, but their paid packages ensure the best private VPN services. Some of these VPN providers are:


Over ten million users vouch for CyberGhost. It allows access to more than 6000 servers across roughly 90 countries. The app works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Androids. Also, the interface is user-friendly. You just have to type in the site you want to access, and the app will automatically connect you to a server for it. This VPN service blocks ads, trackers, and malware, as well as secures your connection.


ExpressVPN gives you the best VPN services for speed, unlocking, and privacy. This VPN provider works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Also, it has access to more than 3000 servers across 94 countries. It is easy to use and install a VPN service.

ExpressVPN helps users with several tutorials and guides. You can contact the 24/7 live chat support, in case of an issue or urgent query. Also, it has three subscription plans, you can choose the package as per your requirements.


NordVPN is another best private VPN that is ahead of its competitors in every area. It can connect you to almost 5000 servers across 60 countries. Smart DNS features like SmartPlay can break geo-restrictions and stream many sites. It supports six devices, with 2048-bit encryption and kills switches. Also, the pricing plan covers up to three years.

Take Away

Accessing geo-restricted sites is easier than ever in this new age. You only need to know the best VPN providers that are also free VPN, who can connect you to a different server. That way, you can gain access to any blocked sites from anywhere in the world with the best private VPN.

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