Jazz WhatsApp Packages: Daily, Weekly And Monthly 2020

jazz whatsapp packages

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WhatsApp is tremendously popular with youths and older men and women. They all utilize WhatsApp to stay in contact with their nearest and dearest ones. WhatsApp isn’t just used for file sharing, also for free video calls. Like other telecom operators, Jazz also brings several Jazz monthly WhatsApp packages to its valued clients. However, these bundles aren’t available for postpaid. Just prepaid users may avail of them. Listed here are WhatsApp packages made available by Jazz. You could avail any one of these jazz free WhatsApp packages & weekly packages if you’re a prepaid user.



In daily bundles, Jazz presents just a single internet bundle using a couple of MB and a lot of SMS. But these MBs will be able to allow one to look at the status on WhatsApp plus also to inspect the SMS from the nearest and dearest. Watch the particulars of the daily WhatsApp package below.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Activation Code De-activation Code
Jazz Daily SMS and WhatsApp Package Rs 7.2 10 MB for WhatsApp, 1800 SMS 1 Day Dial *334# Dial *334*4# to unsubscribe, Dial *334*3# for info



In the Weekly category, Jazz delivers some very convenient and more economical packages for its prepaid users. But these bundles do not attract a decent volume of MB for prepaid users. However, other incentives follow will provide you with an improved choice. See below to look at the package price, activation, and deactivation along with also other particulars pertaining to the offer.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Activation Code De-activation Code
Jazz Weekly Social Offer Rs 60 5 GB DATA for IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook 7 Day Dial *660# Dial *660*4# to De-activate
jazz free WhatsApp Rs 0 250 MB Free Data Whatsapp) On every voice call valid till 19th Dec Dial *225# for jazz free WhatsApp *225*2# status code
Weekly Bundle Once-Off Rs 20 25MB for WhatsApp, 1500 SMS 7 Days Dial *101*1*07# Dial *101*4*07# to De-activate, Dial *101*3*07# for info



Jazz brings the best package for its users that remain on the web for the majority of the moment. It’s a blessing in disguise for WhatsApp users to avail of this kind of inexpensive WhatsApp package. Under this package, you will enjoy lots of MB’s in order to share documents, video and audio files. See the particulars of the package below.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Activation Code De-activation Code
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package Rs 70 5 GB for WhatsApp, 12000 SMS 30 Days Dial *101*1*02# Dial *101*4*02# to unsubscribe, Dial *101*3*02# for info



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