Jazz Internet Packages – 3G/4G Daily, Weekly and Monthly

We now consider jazz as the best 4G mobile service provider in Pakistan. It is offering amazing jazz net packages that are not only affordable but reliable as well. You don’t have to worry about your budget to get a crash in the middle of a month. Jazz internet packages include Jazz monthly internet package, jazz weekly net package, Jazz daily internet package, jazz free internet & jazz internet packages 4G. Let’s explore Mobilink net packages.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA declared Jazz as a fast 3G and 4G internet service provider as well. It has become the largest telecom network in Pakistan with around 60 million subscribers. Being the most reliable and affordable mobile and internet service provider, Jazz has converged a huge fan base.

Amazing Call, SMS, and 2G up to 4G internet offers are the reason behind a huge number of subscribers. Moreover, you will find their bundle offers low prices and affordable. Jazz brings a variety of jazz free internet packages to its postpaid and prepaid customers in order to facilitate them in the best possible way.

We have distributed Mobilink net packages into several other categories and they are:

  • Jazz daily bundle offer,
  • Weekly and monthly internet package Jazz,
  • Jazz 3-days bundle offer,
  • Jazz 4G Data SIM bundle offer.
  • And Jazz 4G postpaid bundle offer


Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Under Jazz daily internet package, you will see amazing social packages. These social packages comprise social media bundles so that you stay connected with your friends and families. These daily Jazz free internet packages include Jazz Daily, Daily Social Package, Daily SMS WhatsApp Package, Daily Social Recursive Package, Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak), Daily Browser, and Internet Hourly Extreme.

Therefore, you can easily socialize by availing Jazz MBs internet and you will find it affordable as well. A lot of people prefer to avail daily internet package because it suits them.

Let’s have a look at these daily social package details. Jazz brings a daily internet package with 50 MBs. In Daily Social Package, you will get access to Facebook and WhatsApp with 500 MBs of internet. Daily SMS WhatsApp package is here to provide you 10 MBs to use WhatsApp only.

With Daily Social Recursive Package, you can avail 200 MBs of internet for Facebook and WhatsApp use. Thus, it will connect you with your social circle throughout the day and you will feel relieved.

Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak) offers you 24 hours internet access in 100 MBs along with 1100 MBs from 2 am to 2 pm. Daily Browser is another Jazz daily internet package that provides you an opportunity to avail 50 MBs per day. You can look for the affordable rates, codes, and further described in the table below.

Daily Social Package PKR 7 500MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only 1 Day Dial *114*5#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle PKR 7.2 10MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMS 1 Day Dial *334#
Daily Social Recursive Package PKR 5.98 200MB for Facebook & WhatsApp 1 Day Dial *455#
Daily Peak-Off-Peak PKR 24 100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM) 1 Day Dial *117*4#
Daily Browser PKR 11.95 50MB 1 Day Dial *117*11#
Internet Hourly Extreme PKR 20.32 2000MB Next 2 Hours Dial *846#


Jazz 3-Days Internet Packages

jazz brings you a 3-day offer as well. In case, you are going on a long trip with friends or family and you want to keep posting updates about your journey, then you should avail this bundle offer. People love to socialize through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social networking sites. Therefore, this internet package will help you stay connected with your loved ones.

Jazz 3-days internet bundle offer comes with two bundle offers. One is 3 Day Browser, and the other is 3 Day Extreme, and they are offering 100 MBs and 500 MBs, respectively. At a low price, you can browse web pages and watch videos while on a road trip. Look for Mobilink net packages further descriptions, codes, and prices in the table mentioned below.

3 Day Browser PKR 25 100MB 3 Day Dial *117*1#
3 Day Extreme PKR 18 500MB 3 Day (Valid Only for 2 AM to 2 PM) Dial *114*14#


jazz weekly net package

Jazz weekly net package is here to save you from all the fuss being faced while downloading, uploading songs and videos online. You will find it an affordable catch, if you want to remain connected with your social circle and your family members.

All the jazz weekly net packages will be accessible on the internet devices’ handsets. These Jazz packages are going to run on handsets including 2G 3G and 4G.

In the weekly bundle offer section, there are six Jazz internet packages to be availed of immediately. They include the Jazz Weekly Browser Package with 300 MBs of the internet for 7 days. In the jazz weekly net package, the Jazz Weekly Streamer bundle is here with 700 MBs of internet.

Weekly Premium and Weekly Mega Jazz, package brings you internet bundles of 2000 MBs and 7000 MBs, respectively. Then comes Weekly Mega Plus, which offers you 20000 MBs of the internet to help you stay connected with the world. And Weekly Extreme is here with 2500 MBs.

We mention all the relevant information pertaining to codes for activation and affordable charges below.

Weekly Social PKR 60 5 GBs (24 Hours) IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook 7 Days *660#
Weekly YouTube PKR 80 5 GBs Youtube Data 7 Days *570#
Jazz Weekly Streamer PKR 95 1GB Data 7 Days *117*7#
Weekly Premium PKR 147 3GBs 7 Days *117*47#
Weekly Mega PKR 200 7GBs 7 Days Dial *159#
Weekly Mega Plus PKR 250 Total 20 GB (10GBs Only from 2AM–2PM Only) 7 Days Dial *453#
Weekly-Extreme PKR 71.7 2500MB (Valid for 2:00 AM – 2:00 PM) 7 Days Code changed, for now, will update
Weekly Plus PKR 210 12GB (6GB from 2 AM–2 PM Only) 7 Days Dial *157#


Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Although daily, 3 days, and weekly Jazz internet bundle offers are affordable, you will be required to subscribe to them after we will consume them. However, with the Jazz monthly internet package, you will get your freedom and enough internet MBs for the entire month.

Imagine life with enough data volume of the Jazz network. It will help you stay online for an entire month. There are six kinds of Jazz Monthly Internet Packages on the list and you will find them attractive and affordable.

You will find comfort with the Jazz monthly internet bundle as it will set you free for straight 30 days. You can enjoy plenty of MBs throughout the whole month without any tension.

The Mobilink net packages include Jazz Monthly Browser Package, Jazz Monthly Mega Package, Jazz Monthly Premium Package, Jazz Monthly Supreme Package, Jazz Monthly Extreme Package, and Jazz Monthly Mega Plus. For 30 days you will be able to enjoy internet MBs ranging from 4000 MBs up to 20000 MBs.

You can look for more details regarding these amazing monthly internet bundle offers like prices and subscription codes, etc.

Jazz Monthly Browser Package PKR 215 4 GB (2GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Day Dial *117*77#
Jazz Monthly Mega Package PKR 375 8 GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Day Dial *117*31#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus PKR 600 12 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Day Dial *117*30#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package PKR 885 20GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Day Dial *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package PKR 120 5000MBs (2AM-2PM) 30 Day Dial *117*34#


Jazz 4G Data SIM Internet Packages

If you are looking for Jazz free internet packages, then here are some details related to what you want. With the help of the below-mentioned codes, you can easily subscribe to your desired bundle offer on your Jazz internet devices.

Let’s find out further details about Mobilink net packages. Basically, there are three monthly internet packages in the list of internet packages 4G. Monthly Internet Basic Package, Regular, and Heavy bundle offer.

You can then enjoy the Mobilink net packages in GBs with these aforementioned packages. The rest of the information regarding activation codes, Prices, and internet GBs are mentioned below. The three Jazz internet packages 4G will remain on your device for 30 days upon activation.

Social PKR 150 6GB (Facebook & WhatsApp Only) 30 Days Dial *117*45#
Monthly Internet Basic Package PKR 999 25GB (15GB 1am-9am) 30 Days Dial *117*71#
Monthly Internet Regular PKR 1500 60GB (30GB 1am-9am) 30 Days Dial *117*73#
Monthly Internet Heavy PKR 2500 150GB (75GB 1am-9am) 30 Days Dial *117*74#
Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM Package PKR 600 15GB (7.5 1AM – 9AM) 30 Days Dial *117*35#
Monthly Internet Mega PKR 2000 100GB (50 1AM – 9AM) 30 Days Dial *117*36#


Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages – 4G

Monthly Streamer Package PKR 250 2GB 30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Premium Package PKR 500 5GB 30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Supreme Package PKR 800 14GB 30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Mega Package PKR 1200 24GB 30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Ultimate Package PKR 2200 50GB 30 Day Dial *446#


Please share your comments below pertaining to the jazz weekly net package & Mobilink net packages. Waiting for your comments pertaining to jazz net packages.

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