How to Close Apps on iPhone 11-Ultimate Guide 2020

Apple users are seemed to worry about how to close apps on iPhone 11. It is because the home buttons have been replaced by a new gesture. After reading this blog, you will surely learn how to close apps iPhone 11. We will also deal with how to clear apps on iPhone 11. Moreover, the iPhone 11 close apps feature is different from its previous version. One can clear all apps from the app switcher. If the app is not responding, you can also force iphone close apps.

How to close Apps on iPhone 11

iPhone 11 How to Close Apps!

Closing apps on iPhone 11 and later versions are easier ever than before. Here are a few steps to force or quit apps on iPhone11.

Swipe up on Home Screen

close apps iPhone 11

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold it for milliseconds. The recent apps that run in the background will be appearing on the home screen. Now, again swipe up, holding your finger in the upper direction. The app on which tapped will be disappeared. It’s up to your choice if you want to close certain apps or all the apps.


The 45 Degrees Gesture

If the app switcher is consuming a lot of time, then slightly move your smartphone on to 45 degrees. This gesture will cause the app switcher to appear on the home screen immediately. You can now repeat the above-mentioned steps.


Just one swipe away!

how to close apps on iPhone 11

The question arises about how to clear apps on iPhone 11. So here it is. Swipe any of the app cards. This process will be force closing a certain app. With the latest operating system, comes the new functionalities. The function of multi-touch is enabled in iPhone SE, iPhone 11 pro or 11 pro max. For instance, a user can use 2 fingers to open 2 apps at a time.

Closing apps in iOS vs Android

There are many users who have a shift from Android to iPhone. It is quite a belief that closing apps frequenting optimize battery life. In the case of Android, it is true. However, in the case of iOS 13, it is not true. Force close again and again will result in the glitching of the app switcher. Also, it is suggested not to close the apps frequently. You can do whenever the app is stuck or not responding.

People think that swiping up to close an app on the iPhone might clear memory and makes the phone faster to work. iPhone 11  close apps won’t work this way. Well, it happens with Android cell phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is closing apps without a home button on the iPhone possible?

Yes, it is possible. Go to settings -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch -> Enable Assistive Touch. It will turn green. Apps can be closed without a Home Button. In the latest version of the iPhone, the gestures have taken place of home buttons. We have mentioned methods to close the apps above. iPhone 11 close apps are not difficult at all.

How to clear apps on iPhone 11?

First Go to the home screen, then swipe up. The running apps will be displayed on the screen. Hold one app card, swipe it up. This is how you close apps iPhone 11 and its squad.

How to clear tabs on the iPhone?

Tap on to Safari -> hold the tab button at the lower right side of the screen -> Tap close all tabs. The cleared Safari browser will be displayed.

Is it possible to turn off the background app refresh on iPhone?

Yes, it is possible. First Go to settings -> then General -> then Background app refresh -> Disable Background app refresh.

If there are any further queries about close apps iPhone 11 or iphone close apps, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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