Air Conditioning Tips to Save Energy in 2023

While most of us wish to get relaxed in summer and hot in the winter, power charges are soaring every 12 months. Whether you are purchasing a portable air conditioner, a window/wall unit, an Inverter, a roof, or a heating system, There Are several Methods to use your air conditioner efficiently to control your monthly cooling bill and get the best ac temperature for sleeping. In all probability, your air conditioner may be the largest energy consumer at your residence or office. Suppose you are using it regularly in winter and summer for heating purposes. In that case, you probably see substantial energy bills every month. But, there are some secrets or air conditioning tips to save energy. The following are a few of the best AC energy-saving tips and ac temperature settings that may achieve lower utility bills by the end of the thirty days.


Tips To Reduce Electricity Consumption of an Air Conditioner



How to Choose an Air Conditioner?

Before Buying a new Ac Unit, you should access the below-mentioned points to get the best energy efficiency payout for your Home or Office. These tips will help homeowners who want to consume less energy, thus reducing their electricity bills and energy costs over time.


 best ac temperature for sleeping

Assess How much Energy that it uses

Evaluate the cooling/heating input signal and output power consumption of diverse models that will be measured in kilowatts (kW). Also, think about how big is your room, house, or office.

Always Choose an Inverter model with Variable Speed Drive

An inverter air conditioner (e.g., Split up systems) features a VSD on the fan motor, automatically changing the compressor’s speed. Therefore, it operates at a total rate once you have to home cool fast, plus it works at a slower pace of cooling isn’t required urgently.


Pick the Right size

You must pick the right air conditioner size for your room to get the best results. If it’s too big for your place, it’ll have short cooling or heating cycles because the compressor would switch on and off frequently, which uses up a lot of energy. It’ll have to work harder to cool down or warm up the place when it’s too small. It would be best if you asked an expert or company representative before buying to access the heat and cooling load calculations for your house or business to find out whether the air conditioning equipment is the correct size before you get it.


Comparison of Energy Rating labels

These tags include an energy star score from 1-6 stars, such as cool and heating efficiency. The more stars an air conditioner has, the more energy-efficient the Ac unit will be. Super-efficient air conditioners May Have a Score of 7-10 stars.


Heating and Cooling Tips

home energy auditBelow are the best heating and cooling tips for using ac system while saving more energy and less electricity.

Close Doors and Windows

This can prevent non-air-conditioned air, cold or hot, from flowing into the living place and prevent your air conditioner from running continuously, thus saving energy consumption.

smart thermostat


Difference Between the Indoor and Outdoor Temperatures

No matter what the temperature is out, do not cool off the area’s temperature to less than 8°C below it. Additionally, the smaller the gap between the outside and inside temperatures, the lower the heating costs will probably be. Do so by placing your smart thermostat at a higher speed and please also ensure your humidity control, if you feel or need

air conditioning tips to save energy

Temperature Depending on the season

Place your thermostat at 24-26 °C in the summertime and 18- 20 °C in winter. For rooms that are not used frequently, the temperatures should be 16°C in winter.

Thermostat Control

Do not place your thermostat at colder temperatures compared to typical normal. Your residence won’t cool any more rapidly and also could cause overcooling.

Zoning Options

You should utilize the zoning selections feature for those with a central heating system. Using the Zoning feature allows air into some areas of your home.


energy savings

Energy-Efficient lighting

Always use energy-efficient lighting for your room or office, as it won’t exude too much warmth. For light, utilize compact fluorescent lighting bulbs.


Use Timers for Air conditioners

You may lower the range of hours that the air-conditioning system works due to using timers. The method may activate if someone enters the room and then pull off whenever they abandon the room. This is one of the best air conditioning tips to save energy.

air conditioning tips to save energy

Programmable Thermostat

This Is Very Good for Industrial buildings, as it Will Switch the Air-conditioning system for 30 minutes before people arrive and Then turn it off Half an Hour before They leave by the End of Your Day.



Insulation of the Home or Building

Insulate roof spaces, walls, ceilings, and pipes to decrease heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer months. Cold air and hot air ducts must be well insulated.


Double-Glazing windows

They’re Also Able to significantly Lower the Quantity of Heat Lost Through the Winter Months plus, on the opposite side in summer, reduce the amount of heat that enters from outside.


Questions Frequently Asked

What is the Most Economical Setting for Air conditioning?

Putting your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit could be your most effective setting for the air conditioner during warmer weather. Lowering your house’s temperature, such as setting the temperature to 72 degrees, can boost your cooling costs by up to 47 percent. This is one of the best ac temperature settings. 

What is the Best best Ac temperature for Sleeping?

For many people, the temperature needs to be perfect to get an ideal nighttime sleep. Generally, the proposed bedroom temperature should vary between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the best ac temperature for sleeping. But you can Experiment as per your room size & share what the best ac temperature is for sleeping in your room.

 Can I Run the Air Conditioner with Solar Power?

You can run your air conditioner using solar panels. But it will demand a great deal of energy. A few air conditioners need 2.5kW. Thus, your solar panel program would Have at least 3 kW to power the Air-conditioning.

 What Uses the Most Electricity in my House?

Heating and cooling: 47 percent of energy. Hot water geyser: utilizes 14 percent of Electricity. Washer and dryer: 13 percent, Electric toaster 4 percent.

 Does TV use a lot of Electricity?

Many TV use approximately 80 to 400 watts, based on technology and size. Utilizing an example cost of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour and five hours of watching each day, that is $1.83 to $9.13/mo. ($22 to $110 per year).

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 What is the average house temperature in the summer? 

House temperature depends on the place you’re living in. If you live where summers are scorching, your house temperature will be according to that. But studies have shown that 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees celsius is the most comfortable house temperature. 

 What is the average house temperature in winter? 

The house temperature in winter also depends on how cold it is outside. The average winter house temperature in the UK is around 18 degrees C. 

 Does keeping the AC on save energy?

Yes, keeping the AC on saves energy. How? The house temperature becomes hot and humid if you turn off your AC. You are turning it back on means the appliance will have to work harder to lower the temperature. The AC won’t need extra energy or power if the temperature is already excellent. Hence, one air conditioning tip to save energy is to keep it running at a comfortable temperature. 

 At what temperature does an AC consume less power?

Research has shown that if your AC runs at a slightly higher temperature, like 25 or 26 degrees C, it will consume less power. 

 Is it economical to leave an air conditioner on all day?

Keeping an AC on all day is cheaper if you set the temperature to a higher number. 

 Can I run my AC 24/7?

One of the air conditioning tips to save energy is not running your AC 24/7. The reason is that it will put pressure on your unit and use up a lot of Electricity. 

 How long does an AC take to cool the house?

If your AC is functioning well, it should take around 3 to 4 hours to cool an average-sized house by 10 to 12 degrees. 

 How much Electricity does an AC use?

A simple split AC of 1/1.5 tonnes uses around 1.5 units of Electricity per hour. However, an inverter AC uses 0.91 units of Electricity per hour. Our air conditioning tip to save energy is to invest in an inverter AC. 

 What is the quickest way to cool a room with AC?

To quickly cool your room with an AC, you should: 

  • Close all the windows and doors. 
  • If it’s daytime, then cover the windows correctly. 
  • Keep the ceiling fan switched on, so the cooling effect is more rapid. 
  • For an hour or so, keep the AC temperature to a lower level.


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