Phones with Removable Battery in 2023

Several years passed replaceable batteries were the ennobling age for all phones. It was because that enables you to get an extra power unit for your phones with a removable battery. Your cell or Mobile phone with a removable battery cannot die with that additional power unit. Now the norm of smartphones with a removable battery is ending. But if you still want to get one, there are options. So let’s explore android phones with a removable battery.

Best Phones with Removable Battery

There is not a plethora of cell phones with removable batteries. In recent times, most brands have already praised non-removable batteries and selling that type of phone. This does not let the buyer make a lot of mess with their smartphones. Even though mentioning here all the new phones with a removable batteries to make your purchase easier.


 LG V20

smartphones with removable battery

In 2016, LG V20 was the android device prominent because of its latest technology. It is still a quality device that can compete will all the handsets of recent times. It acquires a body made from metal aluminum. Its screen display is 5.7 inches, along with corning gorilla 4 and a secondary display of 2.1 inches for notifications. It has a Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 processor.

LG V20 Commercial

You can avail either 32 GB RAM or 64 GB of storage, along with 4 GB of RAM. Specs include three cameras, one on the front and the other rear. You can expand its internal-storage with the addition of a MicroSD card. It has a replaceable Li-Ion 3200 mAh battery. LGV20 is one of the best android phones with a removable battery


Moto E4

cell phones with removable batteries

In 2014, when Lenovo got Motorola, the first device, Motorola released Moto E4, the best android phone with a removable battery. This handset features an array of 2800mAh, an IPS screen display of 5 inches, a mediate quad-core processor, internal storage of 6GB, and 2GB of RAM. You can expand its storage to about 128GB with a MicroSD card. This phone is worth buying as it is low in rates too.


LG V10

lg v20

Another considerable device from LG is its LG V10. It is a durable model, primarily because of its reasonable price. It features a 3000mAh removable battery and increased storage capability of up to 256GB with an additional MicroSD card. Its processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa-core, the peak point processor until the Adreno processor runs graphics. It also has a secondary 2.1 inches display screen supported with corning gorilla glass 4. It is designed with a rugged look to make it for prolonged use. It also offers a fingerprint sensor. LGV10 is the cheapest android phone with a removable battery.



front camera

LG G5 is considerably one of the best cell phones with removable batteries. It also has some top-notch modular accessories, including a wide-angle lens, LG cam plus, and LG Hi-Fi Plus. It contains a replaceable battery of 2800mAh. Its processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core, and its 32GB internal storage is quite expandable for about 1TV with the MicroSD Card. It comes with a fingerprint sensor also. It is a considerable device to buy as a smartphone with a removable battery.


Samsung Galaxy S5

samsung galaxy s5

It is the last model in the Galaxy S series, one of the smartphones with a removable battery. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a feature of unique waterproofing technology. It has a battery of 2800mAh that is placed at its helm.

Its additional features are; a display screen of 5.1 inches super AMOLED, a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of expandable storage. It has two cameras, a 16 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front selfie camera. It is worth buying one of the phones with a removable battery because of its durability and sleek design. Samsung S5 is among the classical android phones with a removable battery.


 Nokia 2.2

5.7 inches

This is a device included in our list by a brand that made smartphones dominate the market. Nokia 2.2 is the best because of its latest technology in 2019. Regardless of its trending design, still, it has an excellent-looking design that features a removable battery.

Nokia 2.2 has an Helio quad-core processor, 5.7 inches IPS display screen, and 2 or 3 GB of RAM with 16 to 32 GB of expandable storage to almost 400 GB. Its battery power is a 3000mAh battery. It is a sleek and rugged design that is ideal to buy as a smartphone with removable batteries.


Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo

samsung galaxy j7

Samsung is always at a peak because of all its flagship models. But the image alters when it’s about entry-level to mid-range market. Then, Samsung begins to launch its phones with a removable battery. One of those devices is the Samsung Galaxy J series.

J7 Duo is the latest model in the whole J series by Samsung. It has an Android system of 9.0, IPS display screen of 5.7 inches, an A22 quad-core processor chipset, 16 to 32 GB of internal storage, and 2 to 3 GB of RAM. There is also a card slot to expand the internal storage up to 400 GB. Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the best mobile phones with removable batteries.


LG Tribute Empire

rear camera

Again mentioning here, LG. This is another unique model by LG, offering a replaceable power unit. Notwithstanding its odd LG Tribute Empire name, it is a recent launch by LG in January 2019. It has an 8.1 android running system. The display screen is IPS 5 inches screen and an octa-core processor chipset. It has 16 GB of internal storage along with 2 GB of RAM. LG Tribute Empire also has a card slot to expand the room to almost 32 GB. It is recent and worth buying one of the phones with a removable battery launched recently.


Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4S

samsung galaxy s5

This is another phone by Samsung offering to remove the power unit. Xcover 4S has Android 9. Its processor is an Exynos 7885 Octa-core chipset. Its storage capacity is 32 GB with 3 GB of RAM. You can also add an extra SD card as its storage is expandable up to 1TB. It boasts a mil-std-810 g certification for durability. It has just one single back camera along with a 2800mAh battery.

Introducing the Galaxy XCover Pro

Xcover 4S is an ideal device for outdoor usage because of its rugged phone design, easy gripping, and non-slip finish. It is potent enough to bear any harsh conditions. It’s one of the best mobile phones with removable batteries. Because of its strong chipset, it’s perfect for running normal apps and games. You can consider Samsung xcover pro also and can easily get them on Amazon.

Why Get a cell phone with removable batteries?

There are a lot of benefits that a phone with replaceable battery offers. It lets you do a hard reset whenever your device gets frozen or unresponsive. Removing its battery and putting it back will make your device work.

You can also have a charged extra battery for any emergency. It is a much more good option rather than having a power bank. Having a power bank asks you to wait for charging, but putting in an extra battery makes you ready to go instantly.

Phones with removable batteries also offer to minimize water damage. Anytime your device falls in the water, rapidly action and remove its battery; it will save your device.

Final Words:

Phones with removable batteries seem to be dying. It is because people are now too much into non-removable-battery phones. Both devices have their perks and flaws, making them reach the level. If you still want a removable battery device, get one from the above list. Please share your comments about the best mobile phones with removable batteries in the comments section below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which smartphones still come with a removable battery?

These days it is hard to get a smartphone with a removable battery. Some of the brands are providing mobile with removable batteries. The 9 best mobile companies have launched the mobile phone with a removable battery.

  1. LG G5
  3. MOTO G5
  5. Galaxy XCover Pro
  6. LG V20
  8. LG K8
  9. NOKIA 1
  11. Fairphone 4 (Google Honored)

Why Do phones not have Removable Batteries? 

A few reasons behind smartphones do not have a removable battery.

  1. Because of its slim and thinner design.
  2. The smartphone design is getting thinner; there is no more place for the battery, as non-removable-batteries do not need a back panel.

Can a Non-Removable Battery be Replaced?

Yes, it is easy to take to replace a battery from a non-removable phone. You need to open the screw of your smartphone from the backside, remove the old battery, and replace it with a new one.

Which is Better Removable Battery or a Non-Removable-Battery?

I prefer a non-removable-battery as compared to a removable battery. The non-removable battery makes the phone look slim and easy to handle, and you can even change the battery. In contrast, a cell phone with a removable battery has more risk that its battery gets swelled and even can blast. So non-removable battery phones are much better than others.

How do I know when my phone Needs a New Battery?

You can dial the code ##4636## from your android phone and then click on battery information to view the status and health of your mobile battery. You can find a battery in the settings of your iPhone, and there you can check the health of your battery.

Can Smartphone Batteries be Replaced?

It is not easy now to change the smartphone’s battery as most mobiles have a non-removable battery. The battery can still be replaced. You can replace your smartphone’s battery, but the process has gotten more complex than earlier.

How long Does a Non-Removable Battery Last?

The average battery life of a non-removable battery is usually 1.5 to 3 years depending upon the frequency of charging. The average charging cycle for a battery is 300-500.

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