1TB MicroSD Card by SanDisk in Low Price of $166

1TB MicroSD card is the first-ever nail-sized storage monster card presented by SanDisk this year at a low price of $166. You can buy this SanDisk card online as the prices of this card have fallen too. Earlier, SanDisk revealed this 1TB microSD card, and it is finally out.

1TB microSD Card of SanDisk is Now Available 

This card is also available for prime delivery on Amazon in European countries like Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 1TB microSD card promises a speed of 160 MB/s and a write speed of about 90 MB/s. It offers an easier and simpler way of huge file transferring and faster load time than others. SanDisk’s Ultra microSD card is the best choice if you are willing to make a 4K video.

SanDisk has introduced the first-ever 1 terabyte microSD card and it has an Ultra High-Speed class of U3 and a video speed class of 30 (V30). It is ready to handle the 4K videos if you download them on your phone or any other device.

According to the company, this microSD card has been built to be X-ray, temperature, waterproof, and shock-proof. Moreover, a 1TB microSD card is ideal for smartphones, drones, and action cameras. You can also pair this card with an adapter as an SD format standard card.

SanDisk’s higher capacity 1 terabyte microSD card is the biggest ever card in history and is available online for $166. However, it still needs to be available in Pakistan retail. Still, soon SanDisk market will become active in these countries too. It is right now available in the store of SanDisk.

The rating A2 encrypted on this card means that applications will be installed on your device quickly and run well. Amazingly, you can store 4K movies on your phone offline and download hundreds of games for your Nintendo Switch.

Well, you can buy it now to be part of the race or wait a little longer to let the market bring the price down.

1TB memory card price in Pakistan

The price of the 1TB Memory card in Pakistan is Approx Rs 29990/- as per the fluctuation of the dollar rate.

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