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A credit card is one of the easiest and safest ways to make payments. A credit card is a thin rectangular shape slub of the plastic issue by the different banks. The credit card got global acceptance. The credit cardholder has to use this card and at the end of each month, they have to pay this borrowed money to the bank. In recent days credit cards in Pakistan are used by most of people. A credit card in Pakistan is issued by bank Alfalah, MCB Bank, UBL, Bank Al-Habib, and many more.  Mostly all the financial banks are providing the best credit card in Pakistan. Their terms and condition are different and easy to afford for all types of people. Plus in this article, we will also discuss how to get a visa card in Pakistan.




Types of Credit Cards

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In Pakistan, several banks are offering different types of credit cards depending upon their benefits and networking. These types basically depend on the reward provided on every purchase. Here we will discuss the different types of cards depending upon their reward system. The few of these types are as follows:

Balance transfer credit card

It is an easy way to transfer the money to another cardholder account. With the help of a balance transfer credit card, the person can transfer the money to anywhere in the world. The banks are providing the facility of 0% interest or minimum interest rate on using balance transfer credit cards.

Cashback credit card

While cashback credit cards offer the incentive for the users that on using this card they can get some reward. The banks designed this card in a way that will give value-added service to their consumers. On using this card their annual charges will below. This type of credit card in Pakistan attracts more people’s attention to the issue of this card.

Reward credit card

This is one of the interesting credit cards while using it the customer gets some sort of rewards points in return. This credit card is valued for those people who do shopping daily. The reward credit card will help you in saving the domain. Mostly all the banks are providing this credit card facility the consumer should have a good look at the term and condition, even the rewards programs which they are offering will be helpful for you in making a good decision.

Discount credit card

This is one of the favorite credit cards for shopping lovers. On this card, the banks are providing a discount on a different product. This credit card holder should look at all the bank’s offers and choose the best to avail of the good discount opportunity. 

Travel credit card

The travel credit card provides facilities to their customer to travel from one place to another. They are not supposed to take a huge amount of money with them during traveling. A travel credit card makes your journey tension free.

Credit Cards in Pakistan

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In recent times almost every bank is providing credit card service throughout the world and the same is the case in Pakistan. The competition among banks for being the best has risen in Pakistan due to the increasing demand for credit cards. The banks are providing different types of facilities to attract customers and also making criterion easy for them. You should know about the different cards before making the decision and we will help you to choose the best credit card for yourself. We will discuss the details of the 5 best credit cards in Pakistan in this article along with our recommendations to make the choice easy for you. The details of the best 5 credit cards in Pakistan are as follow:

Bank Alfalah credit card

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Bank Alfalah is one of the largest private banks in Pakistan and it is providing the whole range of credit cards. The range of credit cards includes Visa Platinum card, Visa Gold Card, Visa Classic card, and Mastercard Titanium card. Bank Alfalah is providing different facilities to credit card holders like the Jetsetter travel reward program with global acceptance. The program includes airline tickets, bookings in the hotel, and airline ticket class upgrades which makes it the best credit card in Pakistan among many other cards. Bank Alfalah is providing credit cards of Visa and Master card which makes it possible to use a credit card worldwide carrying the Visa logo.


MCB credit card

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You can avail MCB credit card from the wides variety of credit cards in Pakistan.  MCB is currently providing two types of credit cards which include Classic/Gold credit card and Platinum credit card. The MCB credit card provides excellent services and a reward program along with many other facilities to make your credit card experience outstanding. MCB is providing Visa card Pakistan which is accepted globally and make your experience even better. MCB provides intelligent balance transfer for making payment of your other cards and vise versa. You can also pay this bill through easy installment with the period of your choice. I shop is another valuable addition by MCB to enhance your shopping experience online.


UBL credit card


When it comes to being reliable there is not a better choice than UBL among all the banks. The three types of credit cards from UBL are most reliable than any other credit card. The bank is providing a UBL credit card, PSO Auto credit card, and Visa Platinum card. UBL credit card had the opportunity to introduce a chip in Pakistan. The UBL credit cardholders enjoy many facilities from the bank such as cashback reward of 5% on PSO auto card on every fuel purchase, 1% cash back on every other purchase, Airmiles reward point, airport facilities, and many others. UBL is providing his services through VISA which makes it usable around the world. 


HBL credit card


HBL credit card is another card that provides amazing offers to its users. Credit Card of HBL has different options according to your needs which are Platinum card, Gold card, Green card, and FuelSaver card. HBL has a reward program that is more useful than any other credit card. You can use your reward points to purchase things or redeem against the bill and annual charges. HBL also provides a 5% cashback on the FuelSaver card. HBL credit cards can be used worldwide and it offers a discount on online purchases as well. You can make the installments of one transaction for easy payment of the bill. The 1000 reward points of the HBL credit card has the value of Rs.500.


Faysal Bank credit card


Faysal bank is another esteem bank of Pakistan that provides credit card services. The Faysal Bank has a family of credit cards consist of 4 members that include World credit card, Platinum credit card, Titanium credit card, and Blaze credit card. You can choose the type of card according to your need. Faysal bank provides a great reward point system which you can redeem for free air ticket of Airblue. You get double reward points on international spending. It provides Airport lounge access in many countries. It also provides Valet services at key locations. You can get a discount of 25% on Faysal bank credit card in many restaurants. Faysal bank provides many benefits internationally.


Credit Card payment Networks

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In Pakistan mostly two payment networks are available for credit cards that are Visa card and MasterCard. Both Visa and Master cards have stiff competition among them but in Pakistan, people prefer a Visa card over MasterCard. The reason behind preferring a Visa card is that most banks are relying on the Visa card which makes it even popular in Pakistan. The question arises here is now “how to get visa card in Pakistan”. In Pakistan, almost every bank is providing a credit card with a visa logo and you can simply apply for your card through banking helpline. You can also visit the branch of any bank for applying a credit card which is through visa. It is not difficult to get a visa card in Pakistan as every bank has made its criteria easy for everyone. You can get your card within 10-15 days if you fulfill all requirements.

Best Credit Card in Pakistan

We have explained the details of credit card types and the 5 best credit cards of Pakistan in this article. The question now is which one is the best credit card. You can choose your credit card according to your requirement and that will be best for you. The criteria of being the best changes with every other person’s requirements and we have provided the details of the cards which cover almost everything one can need. We leave it up to you to choose the credit card that you feel is the best. 

My Personal Recommendation

 In our point of view after considering every aspect i.e. programs offered, payment methods, payment network, utility in different countries, and online utility. We recommend that you should choose the credit card from the range of Faysal Bank credit cards for your usage. In our point of view, the Faysal Bank credit card is the best credit available in Pakistan.


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