Is AliExpress A Legit Website?

Aliexpress is a website that sells a wide range of products. Some people think it is a legitimate website, while others think is Aliexpress a legit website? It isn’t easy to know for sure whether or not aliexpress is a legitimate website.

It’s no secret that China has become one of the world’s largest economies, and the country’s growth has been nothing short of impressive. The country’s economy is expected to reach $13 trillion by the end of the year. China’s rise as a world power has led to a boom in online commerce. With more than 400 million mobile users in 2018 alone, it’s clear that Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable shopping online.

The purpose of this article is to explain what AliExpress is. Is it safe and reliable to use this site to purchase goods? Are there any safety concerns? This is what we discovered after multiple purchases from the store.


What Is AliExpress, and What is the purpose of AliExpress?

What Is AliExpress

The online consumer marketplace for overseas purchasers is AliExpress and is operated by Alibaba (while TaoBao is for domestic Chinese). It makes it possible for small businesses in China to offer their products to clients in other countries.

The Alibaba Group owns and operates AliExpress, a Chinese eCommerce Business platform. It was founded in 2010 and consisted of small enterprises in China and other countries, such as Singapore, that sell their goods to worldwide customers online.

What is the purpose of AliExpress

AliExpress’ primary goal is to make it easier for small enterprises to sell to clients all around the globe. Sellers on AliExpress are entrepreneurial and utilize the platform to market their wares to customers.

It’s a lot like Amazon: you can find almost everything there. On the other hand, in contrast to Amazon, every single seller on AliExpress is a third party. AliExpress by itself does not engage in any retail activity. Said it serves as an Aliexpress online marketplace. That implies the quality of the encounter you get will vary depending on the vendor.


How Does popular Online AliExpress Work & function?

AliExpress Work & function

To begin using AliExpress, you will first need to create a free account by clicking on the link to create an account located in the upper-right hand corner of the main AliExpress website. You may sign up for a brand new account by entering your email address by hand into the sign-up form, or you can log in using your existing account with Facebook, Google, or VK.

After creating your first AliExpress account, you will be prompted to provide your first and last names, gender, date of birth, and nationality, in addition to selecting several shopping categories of particular interest to you. Some examples of these categories include men’s fashion, tech accessories, and consumer electronics.

Other information that is requested from you includes:

  • Your marital status.
  • The birthdays of your children.
  • The sector in which you work.
  • Your typical income.
  • An estimate of how much you spend while shopping online each month.
  • The names of any other online stores that you use.

After creating your profile on AliExpress, you can navigate the site and look for items using the search box at the top of the page. Clicking the “Buy Now” button on a product’s particular page allows customers to purchase, while clicking the “Add to Cart” button enables shoppers to place an item in their virtual shopping cart. The shopping method on AliExpress is comparable to that of the vast majority of other online businesses such as Amazon or Target.


Is AliExpress Online Shopping Suitable for All Users? 

AliExpress Online Shopping

AliExpress is a popular online website that offers products for sale from Chinese companies. The site Aliexpress was launched in 2010 and has earned a reputation for being a reputable and legitimate source of goods. However, some users have raised concerns about the poor quality of goods available on the site and the customer service offered by AliExpress. In this article, we will explore these concerns and advise whether AliExpress is suitable for all users.

Users may sign up for an account on AliExpress from any global location. It provides alternative language versions of its website and smartphone apps in English and many other languages. These languages can be found in the following countries: Russia, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Poland.


Is it Safe to Buy from Aliexpress with a Debit or Credit card?

Aliexpress with a Debit or Credit card

AliExpress, like any other worldwide marketplace, provides a secure payment option in which your private data are shielded from the risk of fraud. You may purchase on AliExpress without worrying about giving out your credit card information.  

  1. Don’t fall victim to fraudsters that set up phony Aliexpress websites to steal your personal information. Use the official mobile app to land on the legit website.
  2. Do not provide the specifics of your payment card to any of the AliExpress merchants or other site users who may request that you do so.
  3. Be very careful not to respond to any probable phishing emails that urge you to update or read your card information on AliExpress.
  4. You have the option of not saving the details of your payment method, in which case you will be required to input them manually each time you pay for an order. This provides an additional layer of protection for your personal information.


Dropshipping on AliExpress: What Are Your Options?

Dropshipping on AliExpress

Many drop shippers take advantage of the low prices offered on AliExpress, one of the best shopping websites in the world, to make a profit by selling items on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Having things delivered to your house is unnecessary before using the drop shipping technique.

Wait until a buyer places an order through your online marketplace or eBay store before making a purchase. AliExpress will ask for your customer’s details and the delivery address when you make an order after receiving an order.

After that, the goods will be sent straight to your customer by the AliExpress seller. Many merchants on AliExpress are open to the idea of dropshipping business, and as a result, they won’t complain if you do this; Indeed, they’ll be overjoyed at the prospect of bringing in yet another customer.

Your customer won’t be the wiser, mainly if the AliExpress seller allows dropshipping and doesn’t include any packaging showing the goods was sold on AliExpress. In this scenario, your customer won’t even know the Quality product was purchased on AliExpress. You won’t have to make an initial investment to get a markup from each sale, thanks to the fact that you may set the price higher on your site or eBay.


Why does AliExpress take so long to Deliver?

Why does AliExpress take so long to Deliver

The selection of a cost-effective transportation method is the primary justification for this decision. The China Post Air Mail service is by far the most popular choice. Purchasers in distant places may have to wait more than 60 days for delivery to obtain their packages. In addition, customers in the destination countries could not verify the delivery details. The worst-case scenario is that the package gets misplaced while being delivered.

Since delivery from China takes a long time, you could forget about your AliExpress order by the time it comes. All purchases on AliExpress have an estimated delivery time on the product description, generally ranging from 20 to 60 days.

You may wonder why the air mail is moving at such a snail’s pace. There are six primary explanations, which are outlined below.


Some unqualified parcels

Rather than unpacking the bag to inspect the individual items inside, China Post employees typically examine the contents of the whole bag at once. If the pack contains certain things that do not meet the requirements, numerous further processes, such as emptying the bag so it may be tested and then repacking it, will need to be carried out.

Because of the compact nature of postal parcels, a single bag may hold many items; however, unpacking the bag for examination and then repacking it again is time-consuming. This is another critical component that affects the time needed for customs clearance in international shipping & logistics.


Delay in Connecting planes

The vast majority of flights need the changeover. It will take significant time if it requires two or three conversions. In addition, the time it takes to transfer you will be extended if there is inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstance.


Airplane Logistics Warehouse

Because of the high expense of air transportation, logistics providers won’t deliver your package until other packages have used up all the available space on the aircraft. As a result, collecting the packages can take considerable time.


Customs clearance Time

It has been found that the postal collaboration between China Post or other logistics businesses and the postal companies of other nations is the most cost-effective technique of international logistics. Postal services deliver around 70 percent of all packages resulting from international e-commerce. Additionally, the public authorities of each nation are responsible for carrying out the customs clearance and delivery.

Many nations are hesitant to bring in more people to help with the customs clearance due to their restricted budgetary budgets. The immediate impact is that there will be a significant increase in the time required for customs processing and delivery, particularly for smaller mail shipments. If you wish to get through the customs clearance procedure more quickly, you may pick the more expensive particular line logistics option.


Customs checkpoint change

If one customs checkpoint unexpectedly states that it does not receive a significant quantity of foreign shipments, the items in question will be sent to another customs checkpoint. During this stage, there will be a few more challenges that come along with it. For instance, rescheduling the trip and clearing customs will consume significant time.


Major events, Holidays & Shopping Days

It is common practice for customs agents and others working in logistics and distribution to take time off around big holidays. As a result, operating customs clearance and delivering packages will take additional time.

After each shopping node, there will often be a significant accumulation of packages at the airport and the customs warehouse, which will, of course, cause the logistics process to slow down correspondingly.

In addition, most foreign flights were required to be canceled at the time of some international events, such as the worldwide COVID-19 in the year 2020, and many staff members remained in their homes. Therefore, if you purchased anything on AliExpress in February or March, you would have to wait quite a while for your packages to be delivered.

Many goods will offer free delivery. However, it could be a good idea to pay a bit extra for a faster shipping method with a business-like DHL or FedEx instead of having the seller send the goods through their local post office.


Why Does AliExpress Have Such Low Prices?

AliExpress Have Such Low Prices

In contrast to Amazon, most merchants that sell goods on AliExpress are based in China and get all of their stuff from Chinese manufacturers directly. These merchants source millions of products. This helps to keep expenses low, which enables them to afford to provide free or very low-cost shipping options as well.

online AliExpress Have Such Low Prices

While this can be a great way to save money, it can also be dangerous. You can buy something from a Chinese seller that is fake or a Scam seller. You may not know it at first, but it can take several weeks to realize that your item is fake. By then, you will have spent your money and will have to return the item to get your money back.

Additional reasons include a range of factors that have been shown to be reasonably expected.


No Middleman

There is a chance that you are purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer, which would reduce the overall cost of the sale to you. China’s manufacturing costs are far cheaper than those in other countries. The enforcement of intellectual property tax rules may also have a role.


Fake Goods

The second reason for an item’s low price might be that it is either counterfeit or discarded during manufacture, potentially due to failing to meet the strict quality standards set by the brand. AliExpress is not an exception to the general perception that China is a hub for creating counterfeit goods. If the brand in question is not a Chinese one, your chances of obtaining an authentic version of it on the platform are almost nil.


List Strategies

Some vendors may engage in questionable listing tactics to compete with the thousands of other sellers that offer the same goods at a comparable price. The most typical approach is to provide a minimal addon in addition to the principal product as an alternative purchasing choice. This accessory is often relatively modest. The price of the acquisition, but not the main product, is shown on the search page.

There are some great discounts on AliExpress; however, not all goods are legitimate, and the prices are seldom as low as they seem at first. There is a wide variety of counterfeit goods available, ranging from gadgets to apparel.

When purchasing from AliExpress, it is essential to differentiate between a legitimate offer, a dubious listing, and an evident attempt to cheat you out of your money.


Automatic Taxation in EU, UK, US $800

Automatic Taxation

To avoid paying taxes, retailers used to designate their goods as “gifts” with a minimal item value. Fortunately for the tax office, this loophole has been discovered, at least in Europe.

In July 2021, AliExpress will begin charging VAT on EU orders of less than €150. Customers in the United Kingdom haven’t seen this tax since January 2021. Add 20% to the product description page after you’ve entered your payment information and pressed the “Checkout” button.

Parcels exceeding €150/£135 won’t automatically apply VAT; the shipper’s service will handle it, and you’ll be responsible for the extra handling fee and import tax. In the US, purchases under $800 are tax-free. After that, the import tax is 25%.


How can you judge Aliexpress Products quality?

Aliexpress Products quality

Most of the time, the items you purchase will be identical to those found in the town center. On the other hand, there are situations when you can discover that you are dissatisfied with the merchandise. For example, the material thickness or the chosen colors could not be what you expected in the purchased outfit. In such instances, you must keep your expectations reasonable while communicating with the merchants.

Justifying a refund based on your dissatisfaction with your AliExpress purchases is not always possible, especially when a mistake in the product description is involved. What could you do if you’re not satisfied?  

  1. AliExpress would not assist you if the product was delivered and there is no mismatch between the product details and the photos. You got the value you bargained for and are happy with it.
  2. In retrospect, you may want to reconsider giving the product a one-star rating if that was your original instinct while writing the review. Ratings are critical and maybe your only trump card in a negotiation.
  3. You will not be reimbursed for the shipping charges if you return an item to China, which is typically more expensive than the original purchase price. China’s customs administration is notoriously unreliable when tracing things that have been imported back into the country.

Consider the actual cost of the item you’re acquiring before deciding. Watching some YouTube videos might give you an idea of what to expect regarding quality. “AliExpress purchase videos” have been quite popular recently. It’s also a good idea to keep a trustworthy retailer in mind for future purchases, and you can do this by tagging them to your “Like” list.


Scam and Fakes on AliExpress

Scam and Fakes on AliExpress

As far as security is concerned, AliExpress and AliPay are there for you! But no one can claim they are unbeatable–and they have a solid track record to back it up.” Your personal information is no more at risk on these platforms than on a more well-known one, just like Amazon and eBay. 

Never buy Brands on AliExpress.

Brands have extra legal protection in the vast majority of countries. Even if you don’t give a damn about whether or not anything is real, if you buy counterfeit goods and your package is opened, the contents will be confiscated from your possession. Customs inspectors will likely come knocking on your door if it seems that you have purchased a significant quantity of those products with the intent of reselling them to a third party. This guideline is broken, however, when it comes to Chinese businesses since they almost always have an authorized shop on AliExpress. In simple words, don’t buy from Aliexpress branded goods; there is a chance you’ll get scammed.


Before Buying, check Seller feedback.

There is a good chance that a seller’s comments and online reviews will include proof of the vendor’s history of committing fraud against customers. Be on the lookout for merchants who do not deliver or send goods of lower quality. Be aware of new shops that have been opened in the last half-year and have names like “shop123” or other generic terms in their titles.


Check your Parcel when it arrives.

Use the escrow method, which allows you to defer payment until you get your purchase, to guarantee that you receive the things that were paid for. Always double-check that the items you bought arrived, that they are precisely what you expected and that any brand-name merchandise does not seem to be a counterfeit. You may also want to tape the unwrapping procedure so that you have proof that your purchase turns out to be lacking anything.

There is a 15-day window after you have confirmed receipt of an item, during which you still have the option to file a dispute ticket over the products.


Refunds on AliExpress Shopping Site: How to Get One

is Aliexpress a legit website

If a package doesn’t arrive or there are other issues with the transaction, contact the seller and begin a dispute procedure. Once you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll find the “pleasant” Eva customer service bot at the bottom right corner of your purchases summary page. The bot will fulfill your orders when you choose the suitable choice from the list.

For most orders, the protection period has been stretched to 90 days due to supply chain and delivery difficulties. If your purchase is still inside the delivery date, it will be too late to launch a formal protest.

In cases when the delivery time has gone, Eva will ask you to confirm that you wish to register a dispute. Negotiations with the vendor may begin as soon as you intend to file a formal complaint.

You may provide evidence to support your statement if you need to. This option is available to you if the vendor denies your product claim or offers you another remedy, such as a partial refund. When both parties are pleased, the procedure will proceed. An AliExpress agent will intervene if a settlement cannot be achieved within 45 days (it is unclear how they estimate this deadline).

Although WE have had very few issues when asking for a refund, it is pretty evident from other users’ opinions that new consumers are handled differently than current customers. If this is your first buy on AliExpress, there is a good chance that any refund request you make will be denied since the company has no incentive to keep you satisfied customers.

 In such a scenario, submitting a chargeback via your bank card could be your only available choice.


Payment Method & Options Available on AliExpress

is Aliexpress a legit website

When making a purchase, there are a few payment options when using AliExpress. You can either use your debit or credit card, PayPal, or even a wire transfer. However, some users have been questioning the legitimacy of AliExpress as a website.

With this being said, it is safe to say that AliExpress is a credible website. The AliExpress buyer protection program reimburses you if your order does not arrive or is not what you expected.

PayPal is recommended as the most convenient way to pay on AliExpress. If you discover a vendor that accepts payments via PayPal, include all of that vendor’s items in your listing. Even better than PayPal is using a credit card with a discount on your purchases. Because of this, you will also be able to earn money from your purchases in the background by utilizing Cashback.


How to Identify Reputable sellers & Vendors

is Aliexpress a legit website

As can be seen, AliExpress places a high priority on ensuring the safety of its customers. The only possible threat comes from dishonest sellers who want to defraud their clients to make easy money for themselves. However, suppose you are familiar with the fundamentals of placing an order on AliExpress and how to prevail in a disagreement. In that case, you will never have to worry about the possibility of losing the money you have already spent. In a nutshell, you need to give careful consideration to the factors listed below:  

  1. The rating of the shop. You’ll find it at the very top of the store’s website or product page, just below the photos of the item.
  2. Before placing a purchase, review the customer’s positive reviews to ensure the product will meet your expectations and that it will arrive on time. The appropriate box may be found just below the “Buy now” button.


Customer Reviews on AliExpress

is Aliexpress a legit website

If you make a brief google across the web, you will quickly discover that AliExpress does not have the most positive evaluations. Complaints about the quality of the items sold on AliExpress and the absence of a customer service department are two of the most frequent. People who evaluate products often express the opinion that aliexpress is a scam as things are overpriced or believe they were the victims of a scam since the object they ordered did not come.


Is AliExpress Order Tracking Available?

is Aliexpress a legit website

It’s not too difficult to keep tabs on your AliExpress orders. Verify first what sort of shipping you choose; to acquire a tracking number for your transaction, you need to select a shipment with this function; therefore, check what cargo you set. Check out the following to learn how to monitor an AliExpress package:  

  • You may log in to your account on the AliExpress website by entering your email address and password.
  • To view your orders, go to “My AliExpress” and tap on the “My Orders” tab.
  • Find the item whose details you wish to view, then click the button labeled “View Detail.”
  • Make sure you copy down the tracking number.
  • Now copy the tracking number, and use either the web version of EBANX Track or the mobile app version of EBANX Track to monitor the status of your cargo.
  • Don’t forget to set the alerts so you can stay up to date on every shipment ;


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Is it Safe to make Purchases on AliExpress Legit Website?

Once you start searching on AliExpress, you’ll see that the prices of many things are lower than they would be if you bought them in the United States. That generates concerns and worries among purchasers. Many individual customers are curious about whether Aliexpress is legit or not?

For online shopping, AliExpress is safe to buy and a legitimate place to use. When you purchase on the platform, you have the opportunity to contact the seller, receive a tracking number, trace your products on aliexpress, and then get a complete refund on things that arrive damaged, late delivery, or not at all. These alternatives are available to you when you buy an item. Some sellers also offer free shipping.

 To make a good AliExpress buy, you’ll have to use common sense. One of the reasons why the things they offer are so inexpensive is because you are buying them directly from the manufacturer. However, another reason is that some of the items they sell are fake. 

Now you know that is Aliexpress a legit website but Before purchasing from AliExpress, it is essential to ensure that you have read the positive feedback left by previous customers and the seller’s rating on the platform. Doing so will help you avoid being dissatisfied with your purchase. 

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