Android Microphone Not Working – How To Fix ?

Android market is growing, but sometimes you face issues related to its microphone. Have you ever stopped listening to your friend on the phone as your Android microphone not working smoothly? You end up opening Android microphone settings to check your microphone volume Android. This article is based on the hacks and tricks to check your Android microphone settings and do Android microphone tests if your microphone not working on an android device. Additionally, you will be able to know how to amplify your microphone volume Android anytime you want.

Once you face microphone problem during your meeting calls, group call from your office or while talking to your family, you search for an app to amplify the voice. Even you test microphone at your own end but the issue stays. Android Microphone Settings is another way to carry out the Android microphone test. Let’s have a look at reasons how and why your Android device microphone stop working.


Android Microphone Not Working

We all get annoyed when we feel interrupted during our important calls due to microphone volume Android issues. Even you get more frustrated if the caller says that your voice is inaudible and they cannot hear you properly. This results in ending up a call so that you make another try to conclude your conversation started by anyone of you. Anyhow this situation may arise due to mic damage if you have accidentally dropped your phone.

Android Microphone not working due to a number of reasons. So, before you start getting more irritated, let’s have a look at some of the possibilities.

  • While on a phone, you may feel an obstruction in the voice. May be your hand has covered the microphone.
  • There could be a possibility that you have not cleaned your phone in ages. So, the dirt accumulation in your phone mic causes glitches while talking.
  • You may need a software update as your microphone may not be amplifying your voice properly.
  • Another reason could be a Third-party app consuming microphone feature.

How to turn on a microphone on an Android phone?

If you want to turn on your microphone on Android smartphone, then go to your Android settings. After this step, look for the Apps option and then click on Google Play Services. Now press Permissions and find the Microphone button and slide the slider shown.


Android Microphone Not Working During Call

Android Microphone Not Working

Sometimes your microphone stop working and even after you undergo an Android Microphone test. So, you can try other tricks to make your microphone work. Moreover, Android Microphone settings need to be checked properly along with other techniques. If you want to fix your microphone issues which may occur during the call, then follow the below-mentioned steps.


Sometimes your phone gets stuck if you have been using your phone for a long time. So, in order to give it a break, you can switch off your phone for 10 to 30 seconds. Resting your phone and refreshing its software may solve your mic problem. This can be an issue if you are an excessive internet user. So, restart your phone for the Android Microphone test and fix your audio issues.

Microphone Cleansing

You start looking for your phone the moment you don’t find it anywhere in your vicinity. Therefore, you either keep your phone in the pocket or bag. Dust or fiber may get stuck in the microphone and you complain about the microphone not working on the Android device.

Thus, continuous usage of mobile phones makes them vulnerable to dirt, water, or accidents like coming in contact with sticky material. So, you can clean your microphone with the help of a pin to listen to your friends and family carefully. All you have to do is to clean the hole near the USB connector of your Android handset. Blow it to remove the dust particles from your microphone to make it work.

Turn Off Noise Suppression Feature

In some Android devices, you will find a noise suppression feature to decrease the noise interruption while you are on call or making a video. It is the coolest feature that helps you lessen the unwanted background noise. However, enabling this option may affect the microphone efficiency and you may not hear the voice of a video recording or on phone properly.

In order to search for the noise suppression feature in your phone, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open your phone Settings
  • Go to the Call Settings in your Android handset
  • Now search for the option of Noise Reduction and turn it off or disable it
  • Restart your phone and check your microphone volume Android
  • You can carry out an Android microphone test by calling someone or recording your own voice

Third-party Apps Culprits

There may be a possibility that your third-party apps are using microphone and hindering its consumption for other purposes on your phone. Therefore, you should disable these culprit third-party apps. Firstly shift your phone in a safe mode and disable all the third-party apps for better results.

In order to check for the reason for the problem, carry out the Android microphone test. Mic test can be done through the microphone test call. You can also test the recorder for microphone checking confirmation.

If you find everything okay after this step, then it means that there are some third-party apps using your Android microphone. This may be the reason that your microphone performance gets impaired.

In order to deal with this issue, it would be a headache to check all the apps one by one for the problem. You can disable all the third-party apps temporarily to disrupt their microphone usage. Creating a backup of your phone data and resetting your device may prove helpful.

For this purpose follow simple steps:

  • Go to your phone Settings
  • Then click on Apps
  • Go to the App Permissions
  • Then open Microphone Permissions
  • You can turn off or on Microphone Permissions for number of apps present in your phone

One Microphone at a Time

Sometimes when you left open so many features like Bluetooth connection, your phone mic may stop working. So, if you have connected your smartphone with any other Bluetooth device, then it is obvious that Android Microphone stops working properly.

This interruption may lead to hindrance of built-in microphone efficiency. In order to get rid of this issue, disconnect your phone from other devices. After this check, if the Android microphone settings problem has been solved.

Bixby Voice

In Samsung Galaxy S9, if you are facing the same Android Microphone problem, then it may be Bixby Voice. So, to get rid of the microphone problem, just go to the Settings of your phone. Now go to Apps, select Bixby Voice, and disable this feature. Check that if your issue has been resolved.

Phone Doctor Plus

If you want to keep eye on microphone system, then you can use a toolkit offered by Phone Doctor Plus. This tool can handle up to 30 smartphone hardware. You can test your earphones and stay engaged with their efficiency.

Microphone Amplifier

Microphone Amplifier

To download another amazing app named Microphone Amplifier, open Play Store in your Android device. Now in the top search bar write Microphone Amplifier. You will find a free mobile app studio named Microphone Amplifier in the dropdown.

This app with an orange and black color icon is a Microphone Amplifier. Now press the Install button to proceed with the download. After this step, a new window pops-up on your phone screen to allow the app access to your phone media and microphone modes. Select “ACCEPT” to confirm this app access to your media and microphone. After confirmation, the Microphone Amplifier will be installed on your phone.

Press Open to directly enter into the Amplifier. This step leads you to the microphone settings of your phone. You will see the Audio Gain option there.

Now slide the slider of Audio Gain towards the right in order to increase the audio of the microphone. This will raise the audio level of certain modes present inside your phone. However, if you increase the audio gain too much, your sound quality may suffer. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the slider in between 15 to 25 for ideal audio.

Click on the power button to boost your microphone audio for the best video recording and calling purposes. You can turn off the power button anytime you want.

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What is Audio Manager in Android?

Audio Manager manages the microphone volume Android and ring of your Android device. This tool helps you adjust the ringing and volume modes present in your smartphone. Android Audio Manager is a controlling tool to fulfill your requirements of vibration, notification, ringing, loud or silent modes, etc.

How do I use Audio Manager on Android?

  • The android device comes with Audio Manager Class to help you reach out to the ringing modes like silent, loud, and vibration. For this purpose, you must create an Audio Manager object through the getSystemService() method. Its syntax is mentioned below:

Private AudioManager my audio manager;

my audio manager = (AudioManager) getSystemService (Context.AUDIO_SERVICE);

  • After this step, you can now use a set ringer mode method to select the ringer and audio profile in your device. Its syntax is as follows:

my audio manager.set ringer mode (AudioManager.RINGER_MODE_VIBRATE);

  • Moreover, set ringer mode comes with three different parameters to let you set the Android audio modes.
  1. Ringer_Mode_Vibrate is to set your phone on vibration mode
  2. Ringer_Mode_Normal is to set your phone on Normal/Loud mode
  3. Ringer_Mode_Silent is to set your phone on silent mode
  • Once you select a suitable model for your Android device, the next step is to getRingerMode(). This procedure is going to help you in Android volume control and other modes. The said mode can be achieved through syntax.

int mod = myAudioManager.getRingerMode();

  • Additionally, you can also address other modes available on your phone including volume controls.
  1. You can adjust the volume of the relevant stream through “adjust volume(int direction, int flags)
  2. To go back to the current audio mode you can use getMode()
  3. If you want to boost the volume of any stream then the syntax will be getStreamMaxVolume(int stream Type)
  4. Whereas, going back to the current volume mode for the stream requires you to use getStreamVolume(int stream Type)
  5. isMusicActive() is the syntax used to check whether your music is actively working or not.
  6. To start SCO Bluetooth audio connection use startBluetoothSco()
  7. On the other hand to stop the Bluetooth audio connection, use stopBluetoothSco()


Best Microphone App for Android?

You will find the number of best microphone apps for Android on Google Play Store. If your microphone not working on Android properly, you can try different microphone apps for better audio. Some of the best microphone apps for Android are listed below.

Pro Microphone

android microphone settings

Pro Microphone is the best microphone app for Android users. This app is specially designed for the singers working on beautiful melodies. Moreover, this app is helpful for beginners for rehearsal and making the sound louder than ever. So, if you want to create a clear digital sound, then Pro Microphone offers a variety of mics depending upon your mood. These mics are studio mic, dynamic mic, and condenser mic with vibrant sound effects. You can select any one of them for free and enhance your Android microphone efficiency.

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Microphone by Wonder Grace

microphone not working on android

Microphone by Wonder Grace is another microphone app for Android. It allows your Android device to act as a microphone. Moreover, this microphone app consists of features like an amplifier, mono/stereo, widget support, and equalizer, etc. so, you can change your Android device mode from an ordinary device into an amazing microphone without spending a single penny.

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How to increase Bluetooth volume Android?

  • If you want to increase your Android device Bluetooth volume, then go to your Settings.
  • Then move to the “About Phone” option and click on “Build Number” seven times.
  • You can go straight to the “Developer Options” in your phone settings.
  • Now scroll down to the “Networking” section.
  • Now enable the slider next to “Disable Absolute Volume”. Doing so will separate the volume system of Bluetooth and the phone system.
  • You can maximize the microphone volume Android levels respectively as per your choice.

You can boost Microphone volume Android through the Android microphone test and above-mentioned techniques  pertaining to android microphone settings

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