8 Top Courier Service Providers In Pakistan – Ultimate Guide

A company that transfers your packages, parcels, documents, mails, and other similar items from one place to another is termed as a courier company. Courier Companies are known for their secure transportation, impeccable tracking services, and speedy deliveries. Several courier companies are providing economical, reliable, and fast courier services in Pakistan. Some of the courier services in Pakistan are renowned for their standout services. This article will enlist some of the best courier services in Pakistan. Also, you will get to know about some of the cheapest courier services in Pakistan that may prove beneficial for you in the future.

Best courier service in Pakistan

8 Top Courier Service Providers In Pakistan

Alright, let’s get started with some of the best courier services in Pakistan.



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When we talk about the best courier services in Pakistan, the first name that pops up in our mind is TCS. TCS is known as one of the most trusted and super-fast courier services in Pakistan.

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The company is providing its services at the national and international levels. TCS has more than 3500 branches worldwide. Its head office is camped in Karachi, handling a huge chain of branches. Whether it is your private documents or business-related products, you can easily trust TCS to deliver anything safe and sound across the world. TCS has added the latest service known as TCS Hazir that will pick up your courier from your doorstep and deliver it to the required destination. You can avail TCS Hazir service by just calling at (111-123-456) and book your parcel that shouldn’t be more than 25 kg.  

For more details, you can visit.

Link: https://www.tcsexpress.com/




Federal Express, known as FedEx, is an American delivery services company having its head office in Memphis. FedEx is offering its services in almost 220 countries and is famous for delivering parcels overnight. FedEx Courier Company is surely trustable, but it is expensive. However, they deliver your packages with sheer safety because of their unparalleled “FedEx tracking service.” If you want to deliver your parcel from Pakistan to the USA or any other country, FedEx will be one of the best options for you.

For more details, you can visit

Link: https://www.fedex.com/ 


Leopards Courier


The Leopards courier service is one of the best courier services in Pakistan and an economical one. Leopards Courier Company is the fast-growing courier company with 2200 global branches. The company facilitates its customers by offering “same-day” and “overnight” delivery. The Leopards courier service is expanding its operations at the International level and providing these services at economical charges. So, If you want reliable, convenient, and quick solutions for your business and domestic needs, Leopards courier service can be a good option.

For more details, you can visit.

Link: http://leopardscourier.com/pk/


DHL Courier Service


DHL is an international courier company that offers courier services all over the globe. Whenever you send your product through DHL, you are delivering it through specialists in international shipping. DHL facilitates its customers with DHL Tracking that enables you to track your parcel.

To track your parcel, you can visit:

Link: http://www.dhl.com.pk/en/express/tracking.

Go to the link and enter your parcel tracking number that the company has provided to track your delivery. Moreover, DHL is also one of the cheapest courier services in Pakistan, satisfying its clients with premium quality services.




The SpeedeX is PIA’s (Pakistan International Airlines) courier service. SpeedeX is a fast-growing company and is currently offering domestic and international courier services in Pakistan. With its extensive network, couriers of all types and sizes are delivered timely and securely at your doorstep. If you are looking for reliability, affordability, and speedy delivery, SpeedeX has got all of them. Moreover, SpeedeX offers a lot of flexible options regarding the delivery of your courier. To track your parcel and get further information about SpeedeX, follow this link:

Link: https://www.piac.com.pk/corporate/business-units/cargo/speedex/pia-speedex 


Pakistan Post

parcel from Pakistan to USA

When you enlist the cheapest courier services in Pakistan, Pakistan Post stands at the top of the list. Pakistan Post may not be famous for faster delivery, but their unbelievably low rates suit the common man in Pakistan. Pakistan Post works under Pakistan’s government, and the best thing about them is their courier services in rural areas. Other courier services rarely offer this feature in Pakistan. Pakistan post works locally and internationally. Moreover, Pakistan’s post has introduced “urgent mail service” (UMS) that ensures better and faster delivery of your parcel at slightly higher prices. However, their charges are still very reasonable as compared to other courier services in Pakistan.

Link: http://www.pakpost.gov.pk/



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When it comes to courier delivery services, DCS is another well-known and trusted courier service in Pakistan. DCS is becoming one of the leading courier services in Pakistan and growing day-by-day due to its reliable and customer friendly services. People are enjoying the company’s courier delivery services at affordable prices. Moreover, DCS offers the following services:

  • Reliable, fast and in-time delivery 
  • Business-to-business ground package delivery
  • Overnight and same-day delivery
  • Cargo Services
  • Custom Clearance

To track your parcel and to know more about DCS you can visit 

Link:  http://dcscourier.com/



cheap courier service in Pakistan

Paradise Courier & Logistics also stands in the list of best courier services in Pakistan. PCL is relatively new in the market, yet it is effective and proliferating. Although PCL is a new entrant, its parent company (PBD) is very well-versed in this field. PCL is gaining a reputation for its quality transportation service of couriers. The company makes sure that your valuable and urgent shipments reach their destination in due time with a reliable tracking facility.

By using PCL Gift Service, you can send gifts to your loved ones quickly, safely, and efficiently at a very reasonable price. Moreover, PCL offers to deliver your package almost anywhere in the world. It does not matter if it is a document or a piece of heavy machinery, PCL has it covered for you.

To get more information about PCL and its services or to track your parcel you can visit:

Link: http://www.pcnl.com.pk/

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