Best IT Companies of Pakistan To Work in 2022

Well, software and computer-related business offer new horizons for energetic youth. Many youngsters are getting an education in the field of software and IT. Their main goal after education is to work with the Best IT companies in Pakistan because the financial benefits of the IT industry are related to their skill level. As the skill of the person becomes great, the salary increases accordingly. The list of IT companies in Pakistan is limited as few IT houses are working throughout Pakistan, But in this article, we will try to list the best IT companies in Pakistan to work for. IT software companies in Pakistan are on a Boom as Technical IT resources are graduating from top universities of Pakistan and are providing online services to customers directly through social media channels.

For people who have programming skills, IT companies are their solace. IT companies of Pakistan hire talented people without regard to professional degrees.

If you search On Google, you can easily find a list of IT companies in Pakistan. If you are a BIT, BSCS, or BCS student, then you should know about the biggest IT companies in Pakistan because your destination lies there. IT software companies in Pakistan and the best IT companies in Pakistan should be your search query.

We have solved the problem of finding IT companies. Keep reading this article to find out more.

Here is the list of its companies in Pakistan, according to their ranking in the Pakistan software export board.


NetSol technologies

It is one of the best IT companies in Pakistan. Net Sol is the only Pakistani software development company that is registered on NASDAQ. In 2015-2016 it crossed the $20 million export milestone, and every year it crosses the benchmark. The company was founded in 1999. And now, it provides software and consulting services for clients in more than 30 countries.

The target niche of NetSol is finance and leasing. Other than that, it provides cybersecurity services, information handling services, independent software review services, and software products for a large services companies and businesses with big data. Net Sol also launched NSPIRE, a business and software incubator.

Net Sol employs more than 2000 professionals and has offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. It is also ranked as one of the best among the Pakistan IT companies list.

it companies of pakistan


Systems Limited

Systems Ltd ranks second in the list of IT companies in Pakistan. The company is a leader in the next generation of IT services. It mainly focuses on computing strategies and problem-solving for private and government organizations. The services of Systems Ltd include BPO services, outsourcing services, consultancy, and IT solutions for industries. It has clients in the United States, Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East. The company generates $10 to $20 million annually through its high-quality services. It employs a workforce of more than 2500 professionals.

List of it companies in pakistan


S & P Global Pakistan Pvt Ltd

It is not a Pakistani company, but a global organization with headquarters in New York, United States. The company has offices in Pakistan, and it employs more than 1000 persons. This company is commonly known as SNL financial.

S&P Global has clients all over the globe. Last year the Pakistani branch exported $20 million worth of software. The main expertise of the company is to provide business intelligence. The company collects the data in real-time, analyze it, and produce an IT solution. Its clients include both private limited companies and government organizations.

S & P Global is ranked third in IT software companies in Pakistan.

If you want to get a global experience in the IT industry, then apply to this company.

biggest it companies in pakistan


TeraData Global

Teradata is famous among IT companies in Pakistan. This company has a vast portfolio. Mainly telecom and digital companies are the clients of Teradata. It offers business analytical solutions, hybrid cloud products, architectural consultancy, internet of things, and IT solutions.

This company is continuously generating more than $10 million in revenue every year. It has more than 1400 clients all over the globe. The company employs more than 1000 professionals and always looking for talent.

Famous customers of Teradata include Philips, eBay, Paypal, Volvo, and many others.

it software companies in pakistan


TRG Pakistan

It is one of the biggest IT companies in Pakistan. It is also a resource group that owns an investment holding company. TRG specializes in business processes, service outsourcing, and development. This company provides capital, human resource, and technological expertise for ventures.

TRG has received a gold award from P.S.E.B. If you want to work for TRG, then you must acquire the relevant skills, and hone them to perfection, because TRG has a reputation for unmatched professionals.

TRG employs more than 2000 professionals around the globe. Its main office is in Karachi, but the regional office is also present in Lahore.


Medical Transcription Billing Co

It is a US-based firm with a subsidiary branch in Pakistan. This company works in the health sector by providing IT solutions to medical institutions. It has received a silver award from P.S.E.B. The revenue of the company is more than $10 million in a year. This company has 8 offices worldwide, and it employs 1600 people.

The main focus of the company is to provide the most convenient solution to the problems faced by the health industry. Many medical institutes are using the billing software of MTBC. This company has a solid client base in the US.



Ovex Technologies

Ovex technologies have offices in Islamabad and Lahore. This company is the largest business solution outsourcing provider in Pakistan. The company employs more than 700 highly qualified and trained persons. Its clients are based in the US and Europe.

Ovex technologies won the best company award in 2016. This company claims the best IT solutions to the problems. The clients of this company include En Pointe technologies, PCM Inc, din Cloud, Premier BPO, and Collab9.

You need to be an expert in software development if you want to become a part of Ovex team. Ovex offers quite handsome salaries to their employees.


I2C Pakistan

This company is generating more than $10 million in a year. It also has received a silver award from PSEB. I2C works for financial institutions and big brands that involve monetary transactions. The company provides differentiated debt, credit, and prepaid solutions to brands. This company provides all services that include financial management and security.

The mission of the company is to provide the best e-commerce and digital experience with integration.

This company mainly hires experienced professionals, but it also takes interns as per regulations.

it companies of pakistan



LMKR is a petroleum technology company with vast exploration, giant IT solutions portfolio, and software development services. This company has a portfolio of information management and geoscience solutions. The portfolio of LMKR also includes modeling and analytical software, E&P services, mobile technology solutions, and consultancy services. LMKR has a proven record of excellent delivery. That is why its clients include many fortune 500 companies.

LMKR hire professionals from different technologies, but petroleum engineers, software developers, mechatronics engineers, and electrical engineers are the main preference of the company. LMKR is doing business in more than 80 countries including DC, and UK.



Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics is a leading company of electronic design automation software. All the industries in the world are going towards automation because it requires less labor. Due to automation, productivity increases. Mentor graphics are one good solution provider to industries. This company works for the companies which build electronic industrial products. The services of Mentor graphics make companies to develop product faster and accurately.

Mentor Graphics provides engineering design solutions like FPGA, ESL designs, automotive EE designs, embedded software, and mechanical analysis. The company also does consultancy services.



What do you need to get hired by top-ranked companies?

You have reached here by searching for IT companies. And it is obvious that your goal is to work in the best professional environment with rewarding work. It is desired by every graduate.

Let me tell you some insights to get hired at the top-ranked companies.

First of all, you need a solid professional degree. Without a professional degree, forget all about the above-mentioned companies.

The preferred qualification for initial fresh hiring is BCS, BSCS, BE (Electrical), BE (mechanical), BS (software), and BE (mechatronics). If you are an intermediate student, then aim for one of the above professional degrees.

If you have the required qualification, then it is not enough. You also require skills other than a professional degree. You must have time management skills, basic computer skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and some programming skills. Nowadays, coding skills are considered a vital skill along with a professional degree.

The companies hire fresh graduates, but it happens very rarely. You also need some experience. So if you have graduated, then go to any organization to work. Spend at least a year or two. This investment of time will reward you in the future. Working in the organization will enable you to handle professional situations. This will also hone your interpersonal skills. And believe me, you need a lot of practice to become good professionally.

When you have managed to get enough experience and skills, then drop your CV in the offices of companies. It will take some time to get a response from the company, but companies are always on the look for new blood. And if you have matched their criteria, then no one can stop you from working in a top-ranked company.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many IT companies are in Pakistan?

Well, there are quite many IT companies registered in Pakistan. Considerably, more than 1,500 IT companies are in Pakistan. Some of the renowned IT companies of Pakistan or list of it companies in Pakistan are Net Sol technologies, S & P Global Pakistan Pvt Ltd, and Teradata Global.

Which is the biggest company in Pakistan?

Pakistan has many big companies operating in South Asia. It is a developing country with a lot of potentials to become the largest economy. Several notable companies are present in Pakistan, such as A. F. Ferguson & Co., Adam Motor Company, Adamjee Group, and many more. While some big IT software companies in Pakistan are Net Sol. S & P Global Pakistan Pvt Ltd., TRG Global, and Ovex Technologies. Some of them have reached RS.

What does an IT company do?

An IT development company deals with the operations of computer-related tasks, programming, and products related to different soft wares.

 How do I make an IT company?

Any company needs an idea to be established first. Planning and strategizing business is important. Then, comes the building of a product. Based on this, the staff and specialists are hired, the product is marketed and then a small business in the IT industry is ready.

What does an IT person make a year?

IT persons are high in demand everywhere. They can earn money based on their skill, education, years of experience. So, we need to look at specific IT jobs to know the earnings per year.

What is an IT technician’s salary?

An IT technician can earn up to $ 14,000 to $ 160,000$, with an average of 66,211 annually.

What is an IT job salary?

Different IT jobs have different salary packages, depending on the skills level and years of experience. Similarly, IT companies in Pakistan offer salaries depending on the job title and skills required. For example, an Information Technology (IT) Manager may make between 75 thousand PKR to two million PKR.

Which IT jobs pay the most?

IT jobs do offer lucrative pay because it is purely skill-based work. The more expertise you have, the more you will be paid. However, these IT jobs pay more than the others do: Database manager, Data security analyst, Software engineer, Senior web developer, and Systems engineer.

Last verdict

All the above-mentioned IT software companies in Pakistan are tried and tested companies, which are working with an aim. Their generation of revenue is also a source of income for the Pakistani public in the form of taxes. It is also a good sign that top IT companies in Pakistan are generating millions of dollars through services and digital products. The example of these companies would pave the way for investment from local capitalists. And it is also happening. Many startups have been funded by local investors in the last year.

This culture of digital ventures can boost the Pakistani economy. Because IT services like SEO, app development, blockchain, web design, web development, mobile app, mobile app development, UI design, product development, software solutions, digital marketing, etc are required worldwide. Companies and software houses in Pakistan can provide services to clients anywhere in the world. Let us all expect a digital transformation in Pakistan.

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