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We are living in a modern age, where our liberty is defined by banknotes in our pocket. The expenses of modern age require work.  So every man has to work to earn his living. But in Pakistan, there is a scenario almost everywhere that a house has a single breadwinner. Starting a business in Pakistan is easy. Innovative business ideas and woman business ideas are not abundant, but enough to keep the women busy. Many are looking for the best small investment business. So here, we bring business ideas for females in Pakistan. To strengthen the household economy, every woman must contribute by working. We bring home-based small business ideas. So every woman can earn money. Here is the list of innovative business ideas in Pakistan.

Best Business Ideas for Females in Pakistan

1. Beekeeping

One of the innovative business ideas  in Pakistan is beekeeping. Women dwelling in rural areas must start this business.

Beekeeping requires little attention and labour. Rural areas of Pakistan has plenty of space for beekeeping ventures. Some organizations already have initiated programmes for rural women.

One colony of bees can produce more than 25 kg of honey in a year.  This business requires only a one-time investment, and there is no recurring cost. A woman can easily handle the operation of beekeeping along with household chores.

Beekeeping business can be started by only 50000 Rs, and one beehive costs around 4500 Rs to 13000 Rs depending upon the species of bees.

business ideas for females in pakistan

2. Mushroom Farming

This business is best suitable for rural areas, but if a woman has space in the urban areas, then it can be done in cities too.

Mushrooms are called fungal gold mine. Almost 90 tons of mushrooms are shipped to Europe from Pakistan every year.

Mushroom farming requires hay and cow dung to grow mushrooms, which are available at the cheapest cost. One kg of mushroom is sold at 400 Rs to 1300 Rs in retail. But a producer of mushroom can get 200 Rs per kg in a wholesale.

A mushroom farmer can produce 1000 Kg mushroom in a year by using a space of 30X30 room.

A woman can easily manage a mushroom farm along with other responsibilities.

Mushroom farming is the best small investment business.

starting a business in pakistan

3. Lunch delivery to corporate offices

Lunch delivery is one of the most profitable woman business ideas. Generally, this business is suitable for big cities, where corporate offices are abundant. Every office has workers, and they need to eat for lunch.

Normal vendors of food cannot guarantee quality. So if a woman markets her lunch services, then she can get more than enough customers. And the corporate clients tend to pay generously for quality food.

This business also requires an extra pair of hands for cooking and food delivery. Lunch business does not require heavy investment. A woman can start with printing a leaflet that shows the menu and rates. Then a survey of corporate offices will only cost time. A good marketing approach to businesses can actually work. It is the most profitable and one of the best innovative business ideas in Pakistan.

Many women business ideas in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are already doing the same technique for their financial problems, and earning an handsome amount.


4. Beauty salon

Beauty parlour or salon is one good idea among business ideas for females in Pakistan.

Starting a business in Pakistan always require capital investment. Beauty salon also requires some investment, but it’s not much. First of all, a shop or place is required for setting up a salon. The rent of the place would be a recurring cost.

The accessories of the salon will also add up to monthly expenses. And according to the workload, some workers are also required.


A woman can offer multiple deals for her customers. A beauty salon can become running by the investment of 5 lac rupees. But the profit margin is huge. A single customer can give a benefit of more than 1000 Rs. And a salon can earn 5000 Rs per day, excluding the expenses.

innovative business ideas in Pakistan

5. Selling clothes through social media

Every woman should reap the benefits of social media and online connectivity. Many women already have invested in businesses that run on social media. The plus point is that you can reach millions of people.

For this business, social media accounts are required, and which are free to avail. Then promotion is required, which can be done by paid advertising or sharing your content on various pages and groups.

If you want to start an online business, then you must create a Facebook page. After that buy your inventory, take pictures and videos. Post them on your FB page along with your contact details. You can also pay Facebook to promote your page. By paid advertising, you can get many customers.

women business ideas

6. Event management

Multiple task management is always a speciality of women. And there is a business behind it. People need event management specialist for birthdays, parties, weddings, funeral receptions, and baby showers.

An event planner takes the burden from the host. People pay handsomely to event managers.

Starting a Business in Pakistan of Event management, you need to advertise in the newspaper and spread handouts in posh localities. Two events in a month will cover all your expenses.

Event management for women

7. Baking business

People are fond of bakery items due to taste and variety. And women are good aT producing mouthwatering edible items. Any women can set up a baking business from her kitchen. She can make cakes, pastries, patties, brownies, and confectioneries.

The outgoing of the production can be done with a deal with a bakery owner. And bakery owners easily buy quality products. Many women are doing the same. Actually, baking products can pull a woman from poverty.


8. Tuition centre

Education of kids is the priority of every parent, but coaching is always required along with school. A tuition centre provides the necessary coaching to the kids. If you are an educated woman, then you can use your education by tutoring.

You can spare the evening time for students. By displaying a signboard of tuition centre on your house, you can attract students. And believe me, you will find more than enough students to coach for.

With a minimum fee, you can earn around 20000 to 30000 Rs a month, if you have 20 students. But, starting a business in Pakistan is not easy sometimes.

Tuition Centre

Here’s What to Do Next?

Pakistan is a developing country, and inflation rises every month. Single income in a house had become insufficient. So the women of every house must participate in the economy.

It is not necessary to do business outside of your house. Nowadays, a business can be done while sitting in your home. Social media businesses are the best examples of that. You can sell anything through social media. So buckle up, brainstorm ideas, and go get the bounty. The business opportunities are waiting for exploration. Maybe you can hit a goldmine.

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