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IMEI Code Checker procedure has been introduced by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) under the system DIRBS for Device Validity. This system is Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System. This system has been designed to identify and block the illegal phones which are not registered in Pakistan. These unregistered phones are identified through an IMEI code.

So whenever you buy any phone whether it is used or not, you have to check it for invalid IMEI code. Once you get to know that the phone you have buy is unregistered under the PTA system, there is a proper procedure for registration.

When you buy any smartphone do check if it is registered or not. For this purpose, PTA has introduced an IMEI check mechanism to enable the smartphone users to check if the device has valid or invalid IMEI.

You have to follow the instructions below to check IMEI number.

IMEI Code Checker

  • Dial *#06# from your phone pad.
  • Then 15 digit IMEI code will appear on the screen.
  • You can search phone or box of phone for IMEI number.
  • A proper method is “Go to Settings of your phone > About Phone > Status > IMEI information”.
  • For iPhone users, go to “Settings” > go to “General” > then “About” (IOS devices only).
  • You can also look for IMEI number of your device by removing the back cover of the phone and the battery. You will find an IMEI number inside the compartment.

How to check the Validity of IMEI number?

  • You can go to the Web Portal > Enter “15 digit number” > Press “Check”
  • Send your 15 digit number via SMS to “8484”
  • You can also download an Application DIRBS app on your Android handset. After downloading the app, open App and enter 15 digit IMEI number.

After following the above mentioned procedure, you will get one out of 4 responses from the DIRBS portal.

  1. Your device is “Compliant under PTA” rules. It means your phone is approved and legally imported into Pakistan.
  2. If the message appears on your screen that your device is “Non-Compliant” then there are two possibilities. Either your GSMA was unable to locate its number or the device may have brought into Pakistan through informal channels.  To make an auto registration under PTA in this regard, users are advised to make calls, send SMS and keep using mobile internet from their SIM(s) to get registered under PTA.
  3. If the option appears as “Valid Devices”, then it means that the IMEI number is approved under GSMA but not PTA registered/compliant. For an auto registration, users should use their SIMS for making calls, sending SMS and use mobile internet.
  4. The message “Device IMEI is Blocked” shows that the phone you are using is “Reported Stolen”.

Therefore, it is advised to buy only PTA Compliant and approved devices only. For further details visit




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