How to Check IMEI Number in Pakistan with PTA

IMEI Code Checker procedure has been introduced by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) under the system DIRBS for Device Validity. This system is Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System. This system has been designed to identify and block illegal phones which are not registered in Pakistan. These unregistered phones are identified through an IMEI code. With the help of PTA, IMEI blacklist check code you can have information pertaining to your mobile so Let’s explore how to check IMEI number in Pakistan with the Help of PTA.

So whenever you buy any phone whether it is used or not, you have to check it for invalid IMEI code. Once you get to know that the phone you have buy is unregistered under the PTA system, there is a proper procedure for registration.

When you buy any smartphone do check if it is registered or not. For this purpose, PTA has introduced an IMEI check mechanism to enable smartphone users to check if the device has valid or invalid IMEI.

You have to follow the instructions below to check IMEI number.


IMEI Code Checker – How to check IMEI number


  • Dial *#06# from your phone pad.
  • Then 15 digit IMEI code will appear on the screen.
  • You can search for a phone or box of the phone for the IMEI number.
  • A proper method is “Go to Settings of your phone > About Phone > Status > IMEI information”.
  • For iPhone users, go to “Settings” > go to “General” > then “About” (IOS devices only).
  • You can also look for the IMEI number of your device by removing the back cover of the phone and the battery. You will find an IMEI number inside the compartment.


How to check If your Device is Blacklisted or Stolen?

pta imei blacklist check

  • You can go to the Web Portal DIRBS > Enter “15 digit number” > Press “Check”
  • Send your 15 digit number via SMS to “8484”
  • You can also download an Application DIRBS app on your Android handset. After downloading the app, open App and enter the 15 digit IMEI number.


After following the above-mentioned procedure, you will get one out of 4 responses from the DIRBS portal.

  1. Your device is “Compliant under PTA rules. It means your phone is approved and legally imported into Pakistan.
  2. If the message appears on your screen that your device is “Non-Compliant” then there are two possibilities. Either your GSMA was unable to locate its number or the device may have been brought into Pakistan through informal channels.  To make an auto registration under PTA in this regard, users are advised to make calls, send SMS, and keep using mobile internet from their SIM(s) to get registered under PTA.
  3. If the option appears as “Valid Devices”, then it means that the IMEI number is approved under GSMA but not PTA registered/compliant. For auto registration, users should use their SIMS for making calls, sending SMS and using mobile internet.
  4. The message “Device IMEI is Blocked” shows that the phone you are using is “Reported Stolen”.

Therefore, it is advised to buy only PTA Compliant and approved devices only. For further details visit and share your comments below about the PTA IMEI blacklist check code & your thoughts on how to check the IMEI number PTA process.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my IMEI is PTA approved?


To check whether or not your IMEI number is PTA approved you need to dial *#06# and you need to then send a text message of each 15 digit IMEA number to 8484.


Is PTA blocking Phones?


Yes, the rumour that was spread sometime before that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is blocking phones, they have claimed to block more than 3 million phones that were found to be illegally sold or in use, most of the blocked phones that are claimed to be blocked were the phones smuggled illegally out of the country and those blocked rather than that case were the phones that exceeded time limit that was 5th January 2019 in order of noncompliance of changing their phones to be registered.


Can a blocked phone be unblocked?


Yes, a blocked phone from PTA can be unblocked both legally and illegally. Of course, the better option for you will be selecting a legal option that is unblocking your phone from PTA itself it is very easy and it will set you tension-free, you will have to give tax money to get your blocked phone unblocked. The illegal way would be considering local mobile shops to get your phone unlocked at a cheaper price but they won’t guarantee you that it will be again blocked or not.


Can an IMEI be unblocked?


IMEI blocked! No worries IMEI number can be unblocked all you have to do is to make an FIR copy from a nearby police station and send your phone to the service provider it will forward it to the Central Equipment Identity register’s main office where your blacklisted IMEI will be removed from the blacklist and you would be able to get your IMEI registered.

What happens if a phone is not PTA approved?

The reason behind using a phone that is not PTA approved would be maybe your phone is not legal or the seller did specifically buy it from an illegal source. So, if you continue to use PTA not legalized phones then you have to live with the fear that your IMEI number would be blocked anytime.

What will happen if IMEI is blocked?

If in the case it happened to you that you get to know that your IMEI is blocked, You cannot unblock it until you make it unblocked from PTA  itself, so it’s simple if in the case PTA IMEI  is blocked you are unable to use your phone. 


How many mobiles can I carry to Pakistan?


Travellers according to the law are allowed to carry only one smartphone that is perfectly per year free of traveller’s duty according to the personal baggage rules. 

But under different circumstances, a person can also bring as many as five smartphones if they have already duty-free.

What happens if you put a SIM in a blacklisted phone?

If you put a SIM that is blocked by PTA, the wireless carriers will not allow access to the cellular networks. Even if you put in a valid SIM card you won’t be able to use it either. Because smartphones are blocked by their IMEIs.


Can you jailbreak a blacklisted phone?


The specific way to jailbreak a blacklisted phone is to only let it unblocked by PTA blacklist but the other way is through a third-party user.

Can I use a blacklisted phone in another country?

We have certain experience on this question in few cases it works and in few, it doesn’t, if you sell a blacklisted phone it might work there if there is no complaint issued regarding it such as the device is being stolen or illegally imported, it will work.

But in the case, if it is registered as blacklisted or an FIR regarding it is considered then the phone will partially work and will be regarded as illegal.

I hope you like our article pertaining to PTA IMEI blacklist check & Frequently asked questions, Please share your comments below.

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