12 Best Games Like Clash Royale to Play in 2020

Clash Royale is a classic game produced by people and the programmer team from Supercell. Thus allow me to ask you a question? Have you been really a lover of Clash Royale? But precisely, would you love to try out different games like clash Royale? Which can be very similar to Clash Royale? We’ll aid you with the list of games, which can be very similar to Clash Royale or in simple words are Best clash Royale alternative games or clash royale type games. To play these games, you just need some opponent on the internet to play and conquer.

Clash Royale has been enjoying its peak among the very well-known games on mobile phones. It unites the goodness of all card games using a little strategy to generate something more exciting and unique to the online gamers. The game provides a more exceptional deck building and also card battling system which produces it far more exciting for players and perhaps even seasoned card game players.

Such games such as Clash Royale are extremely different, nice, and unique and hence it’s hard to find games like clash royale. It’s regarded as one of the very cloned games out of google play store. But most cloned games, that are made are not as per the standard. However, nothing to stress, you’ll find lots of other comparable games in the market by very big publishers such as Gameloft, which will be similar adventures and regarded to be the most useful clash Royale alternative games.

Android Requirements to Play Games like Clash Royale

  1. RAM: 500 MB (1 GB recommended for a far better experience).
  2. Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  3. OS: Android 4.0.3 or greater
  4. Internet Connection is mandatory

Games like Clash Royale

The principal benefits of these online games would be, a number of them are able to be played offline also. The games that are mentioned below have also become very popular for Android phones and are readily available, played, and downloaded. Let’s explore clash royale type games more in detail


Hearthstone Battlegrounds Announce Trailer

Hearthstone is really a card-based strategy game and can be a true substitute game like clash Royale, in which you collect cards to generate an effective deck. Your purpose is to produce a roster and then take charge of a lively battle. The game also enables you to throw magical spells for your own friends to make a disorderly atmosphere.
Hearthstone features heroes like Lich king, Thrall, and Illidan. During the Game, And even in the event that you’re not someone who enjoys engaging in online games, then it is also possible to enjoy rich single-player assignments. In general, Hearthstone is really an excellent card-based strategy game, that will hook you for long on your Android device.

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 Good Game Empire – Game similar to Clash Royale 

Goodgame Empire Trailer

Goodgame Empire can be a top game like clash Royale in terms of strategies at which you are able to build the best fortress, grow military, and generate an ideal market so you can conquer your enemies.
It comprises features that virtually all gamers would love to use in this specific genre in addition to plenty of possibilities to improve your army and make a better environment through troop equipment, alliances, and diplomacy choices.
Empire isn’t simply a normal game with this genre as it includes amazing images and high-graphics worth compared to other related games you could download at no cost.

If you strike other players, then the concept is to divide forces to different fractions so that you could fight back and also to generate compelling defensive mode. There’s an important quantity of additional tools and troops you could use to restrain your offensive moves. You’re able to strike a high quantity of castles and computer commanded outposts, but in addition different players directly.

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Mighty Battles

Mighty Battles Stone via in game replay

This is just another game similar to clash Royale that provides you the exact same connection with Clash Royale and comprises a few real-time conflicts with the competition, that can undoubtedly be online.

This game won’t demonstrate the top-bottom perspective while in the arena, and it will reveal only the face-on perspective The enemies march towards you in a normal time period, alongside some extra enemies that are revealed by the competitive player. This game comprises weapons such as Bombing runs, rocket-launcher, MG Turret plus far more. The mighty Battles game has a number of matters similar to clash Royale like battle decks and rewards, clans, quests, etc.

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Urban Rivals

UR Classic: 2019 - New Clan

Urban Rivals can be an awesome combination of classic card games along with role-playing games. This game combines the elements of those genres to deliver the very best experience for casual end-users. Unlike other trading card games, Urban Rivals include a lower learning curve, so perfect for casual mobile gamers. You can find just 8 cards demanded at a deck to compete in this game that provides every user to make it old or new, the same opportunity to compete against each other. Make every single card stronger giving it experience points and unleash upon your own opponents. Fight your way through the toughest competitors and eventually become the winner within this mobile game like clash royale.

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Brawl of Ages

Brawl Of Ages

This game defines outlines between tower-based conflicts with collecting cards and also that which is most crucial, it’s totally free to play. In this game like clash Royale, you’re able to enjoy one on one fight, which can be eased through a matchmaking system and endorsed by ladder positions so you can play people who have similar stats, similar to you.
Another fundamental feature you’ve had to take care is through decks of 10 cards that may provide you another level of strategy.
In this game, you don’t have to pay to buy skins or weapons like other games in order to upgrade yourself or stage, in this strategy game you have to fight to become better so that you could upgrade yourself to the next level.

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Castle Crush

Most Insane Battle I BIGGEST Storm Elemental I Castle Crush

The Arena stadium of Castle Crush is the sideways and maybe not really a top-bottom Arena. It’s somehow like Plant vs Zombies. All the components in the game are positioned in three lanes.

Unlike Clash Royale, the components Castle Crush into one single definite lane so does not really interact directly with each other. You can find castles across the side of those layers, however, they don’t really shoot arrows.

Yet another great thing about the game is that it includes daily rewards, and hence to unlock the characters that are permitted to be played online with other players on the battlefield.

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Card Wars: Adventure Time

Card Wars Kingdom - Adventure Time Card Game - iOS / Android - Gameplay Video Part 7

If you have been a fan of a humorous series, Adventure Time On Cartoon Network then you’ve seen the animation characters Jake and Finn play the remarkable card game.

The game will appear easy and simple in the animation, but while playing, you have to play with strategy to match your competitors in order to win the greatest card game battle.

Choose various factions in each of your lanes, so each faction works along with the different factions in a tactical manner and also you need to find out an ideal combo. Play against competitive other players and be the Greatest card warrior. Cards Wars is a game similar to clash Royale in the form of the Strategy.

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Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest April 2018 Update

The most important notion of Tower Contest will be always to summon units and manage tools to fight the opposite force. You can find five fractions from which you have to choose 70 specific characters, towers, and heroes, which means you need strategies to acquire those characters.

The gameplay is addictive and excellent since it revolves around players using the mana pool which players utilize it to summon units along with also other characteristics in the field of battle. Once you summon units, they are going to automatically attempt to crush competitor’s towers. Usually, the person who summons the tower first is the winner.

It’s a great clash Royale alternative game, in which you’re able to summon units that have particular powers and attacking capabilities that’ll provide you an advantage.

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Cards and Castles

If you’re interested in finding a card game that doesn’t expect a great deal of thinking and strategy, then you definitely play Cards and Castles because this game is developed for casual mobile gamers who love to play games all day.

The game delivers a lighthearted cartoon theme where you build your castle kingdom and combat against other players in card fight. Utilize your powers and abilities to conquer your opponents in exciting and busy card battles. Get prepared to battle with your opponents in single-player or multiplayer from all over the globe. Bring your army in the shape of cards and then go to the battlefield. A mobile game like clash royale and cards & Castles are great for online gamers that need warfare adventures in the shape of cards.

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Spellbinders Cinematic Trailer

Spellbinders is one of the popular game in which you’re linking the war of Titans while they struggle for bragging rights on the battlefield. You merely need to pick your Titan with ancient power so you can confront opposing Titan at a three-lane battle.

This game is similar to clash Royale since it is going to supply you with a shorter time frame to get session playing, however, it stills very addictive. It’s actually a strategy game which integrates both multiplayer and also single-player components. It’s a classic Clash Royale alternative if you are bored and tired of the card collecting games.

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Deck Heroes: Legacy

Deck Heroes: Legacy - Android Gameplay HD

If you want to play mobile games like clash Royale using a storyline, then this game is for you. Your aim in this game is always to attempt to assemble a kingdom.

You’re going to face various competitions, and you need to deploy heroes and powerful creatures to safeguard your kingdom.

The graphics and animations of this game are very good. If you want to get more cards and powers, play this game for a longer period so that you could enjoy more opportunities.

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Tribal Mania – Clash Royale like Games

Tribal Mania Cinematic

Probably one of the very renowned games would be Tribal Mania. This game has a number of similarities such as Clash Royale that also comprises an identical layout of the interface and also the same battle personalities.

If you are addicted to Clash Royale and wish to get something similar, then Tribal Mania could be your match.

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What type of game is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a strategy game, in which the players have to destroy the towers of the opponent team. You win the game if you destroy the King’s tower. Clash Royale type games are immensely popular among mobile game players. 

Is Clash Royale the best game ever?

With a 4.3 star rating and more than 100 million downloads, Clash Royale is one of the top-rated mobile games. 

How can a game like Clash Royale be made?

There are hundreds of Clash Royale type games available on play store, but original settings and gameplay make Clash Royale stand out. 

You should be aware of Java programming to make a game like Clash Royale. You should know the basics of using 3D animation software. Also, knowing how to create music is important. Other than that, understanding of android apps is also quite necessary. 

Get the know-how of all the above things, and you’re ready to create a Clash Royale type game. 

Is Clash of Clans better than Clash Royale?

Although Clash of Clans and Clash Royale have the same developer, Clash Royale is considered to be better as it has additional features. 

Is Boom Beach better or Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a strategy game with a huge player community. Boom Beach, on the other hand, is similar to Clash of Clans, but because of the difference in settings and slow progress, players get bored while playing it. So clearly, Clash of clans is rated better than Boom Beach. 

Is Clash Royale a card game?

Clash Royale is one of the best and most popular card games. You get to collect and upgrade cards based on characters from Clash of Clans, which can be used to fight with other players. The cards also feature defensive spells, knights, princes, and baby dragons to up your game and defeat the opponents. 

Above mentioned games were the best alternatives to Clash Royale in terms of gameplay and other features. If you feel we have missed out on some games, please share it with us by commenting below. In Next Session, we would like to cover the remaining games like Clash Royale.

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