Zong Balance Check Code 2019 -Balance Query

Zong is a no.1 data network provider and it gives you the opportunity to place a balance check request. This article will provide you information about how to check the balance through Zong Balance Check Code free which are applicable in 2019.

Zong Balance Check 

The Zong users can use that USSD code and they can then dial it through the smartphone. The Zong Company then redirects the message in the form of an automated response to tell you about your balance.

Zong, a China Mobile Pakistan (CMP) is basically a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation. It is providing mobile phone services to a substantial number of customers, especially Pakistani mobile subscribers. Zong has around 26 million subscribers which is a huge customer range. This company has also awarded with the PTA no.1 data network award for being the operator number one in voice and data services.

This company is in competition with many other telecommunication giants who are offering many internet services. While, Zong is providing these services through cutting edges 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity. Moreover, it’s Zong 4G network has spread to more than 100 cities.

Continuing to our comprehensive Manuals Concerning the telecom services and their pricing in Pakistan our this Informative Article will inform You How You Can Set a balance check with Zong Balance Check Code

 Zong Balance Check Code Free:

Zong code will help you inquire the remaining balance against your subscription. The option will be available in the Zong Prepaid and you have to dial the code to get an automated message about the remaining balance on your mobile screens.

Check Price Subscribe
Balance Minor Company Charges *222#
  • This Zong code is applied to all the prepaid users, irrespective of which tariff or package you hold through your Zong network.
  • Zong Balance Check Code prices are excluding all the taxes. Moreover, Standard taxes may apply on all the transactions being undergone.
  • The Zong Balance check code mentioned above can be changed by the Zong Company and they will notify you through their prescribed SMS service.
  • Terms and conditions of Zong Company may apply to these transactions. You can go to the Zong website to extract more details.
  • Click on the link of Zong website to look for more details.


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