How to Check Zong Number? Zong Number Check Code

Zong is a mobile phone service provider in Pakistan. The Zong number check code will help you to know the Zong number of your mobile phone. It’s a very easy and quick way to find the Zong number of any cell phone with Zong network coverage in Pakistan. If you’ve misplaced your Zong sim number or discovered a new one somewhere but have no idea how to check the Zong number, don’t worry because we’ve got some things for you to do. To discover your Zong number, follow the instructions below.


How to Check Zong Number without Balance


How to Check Zong Number? Zong Number Check Code

If you can’t remember your mobile phone number, there are a few methods to verify the Zong number.


1 Method :

  • First, launch the phone dialer on your phone. After that, use *8# to dial from it.

zong number check code

  • After that, your Zong number will instantly display on the screen of your phone.

Note: There is no charge or balance required for this service. If you’re still having trouble with the code, try *2#.


2 Method :

To begin, open the phone dialer screen on your phone.

zong number check code

  1. Dial *100# from your zong number and the corresponding zong number will be displayed on your screen.


3 Method :

  • Begin by opening the text message app on your phone and composing a fresh text message.
  • Make sure to type MNP in the message and send it to 667.

zong number check code

  • After a while, the service will send users a text message with information about their Zong number, including activation date and Sim owner name.

Remember this: Zong will charge you for this service. Hope that Number have some balance to use this method


4th Method:

You may also call 310 and speak with an operator over the phone. Then he/she will provide the customer with all of the information, including Sim Owner and Zong Sim number. This is the most straightforward and best approach, but it may incur fees.



About Zong

Zong 4G is one of Pakistan’s most popular telecom mobile operator. It’s an ambition for Zongo to facilitate a fully connected environment by providing a technological edge with their 4G LTE service while offering customers world-class products at affordable prices that are second-to-none!

As you can see from the passage above about Zong’s goals and ambitions -we believe that they rely heavily on China Mobile Communications Corporation’s research & experience when creating cutting-edge technologies that will make your life easier as well as more enjoyable.

Please share your comments about How to Check Zong Number or Zong Number Check Code, Have you tried the methods?

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