This new razr phone 2019 is the one of the new iconic phones that will be again in the market with an innovative look. As Motorola is a competing company so it follows foldable phone example of Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei folding device. Motorola planned to launch razr flip phone 2019 in November 2019, this makes people think that the new Motorola razr with bendable screen will be worth the money. Motorola razr flip phone most probably will be the sensible version of bending phones in market yet. Here mentioning all the details we know about new Motorola razr phone.

Updates about New Motorola Razr Phone:

The leaked images of new Motorola flip phone seem to be very attractive and unique in look. The Motorola Company has sent invites to people for their press event on November 13. That invitation poses a line, an original unlike any other. This seems to be the set to launch of new razr flip phone.

new razr phone 2019

Release Date and Price of Motorola Razr 2019:

Initially, we get to know from a report that the January will be the month when Motorola razr flip phone will get release. But after some days, Motorola file a patent that comes out to show the design and could be quite potential.

But now, 13 of November seem to be the final date of release for new Motorola razr phone.

We get to know from the wall street journal report about the pricing of new razr phone 2019 that it would be ranging from $1,500. It will be a mid range razr smartphone. And it’s price could be low than Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.

Still and all, it is okay that this foldable screen will demand much higher price in comparison to all other standard flagship models.

Working of Razr Flip Phone 2019:

The assumption of Motorola razr would be the razr from the past year. But we are actually looking for one of the folding phones that shows edge to edge display inside. The leaked images of this fordable display shows that the razr flip phone 2019’s screen will be tuck in the clamshell. This will be another feature that will be a smaller notification screen on its exterior side.

All its rumors showing its potential designs were spread in the whole year 2019. The thing appears on SlashLeaked shows a phone that resembles the awful look of razr from 2000. But its small screen and keyboard is exchange with an AMOLED panel that actually folds. Its leaked images also show some of the accessories that come along with the razr flip phone 2019.

As now here we are quite close it the rumored launch of the new Motorola razr, we are going far from just leaks into the actual phone. All the leaked images showed the new Motorola razr from each and every angle. For this, praise is for the leaker Evan Blass.

This leaked images resembles like a classic razr just with the change of bending screen. There is a circular camera outward side on the top of the panel with a small size display next to it.

Expected Specs of New Moto Razr:

The expected specs according to its designs could be a mix of classic and cutting edge that’s considered as it is powered by its old generation Snapdragon 710 processor and a small battery life of 2,730mAh.

The upcoming Motorola razr flip phone has a large 6.2” screen that will differentiate it from the ancient razrs with a plastic flip on top. It has a modern RAM of 4GB to 6GB and the storage capacity ranges from 64GB to 128GB. Its patent sketch also arise the expectations of fingerprint scanner.

Camera and Software of Motorola Razr 2019:

Another apparent thing on the new Motorola razr phone is its single camera. The rumor is that the phone is small in size with secondary display screen. That screen will make the camera double functioning for normal and selfie images.

Talking about its software, it’s observed that the new razr phone 2019 will be a normal phone when unfolded. However, it limits the functioning when the device is folded. Functions like media control, Google Assistant interaction and notification will be only accessible from outer screen.

This foldable device Motorola flip phone 2019 is a new level device and makes it higher level because of its shrinking capability. Its overall size will be preferable for some of the new tech fans.


Final Words:

Whatsoever, it is still remaining to observe that whether this Motorola razr v4 price with mid range specifications will make it the serious choice for the people having Samsung and iPhone else in the market.

We will get back to you after its final launch with deeper details about Motorola moto razr 2019.

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