Free Minecraft Accounts and Password Guide 2020

Where you will find plenty of games, Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by a Swedish designer named Markus Notch. This article is for the game lovers who look for a free Minecraft account and password list. This is the best offline and online game which comes with a free Minecraft premium account. You can easily gain access to the Minecraft usernames and password list for free. You can play this Minecraft game on your Xbox One, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, PCs, and Linux successfully. In order to create Minecraft accounts free, we have designed a complete and free Minecraft account and password guide 2020 for you.

According to global Statista, the number of gamers for the year 2020 has reached to around 1.5 billion gamers in the Asia-Pacific region. It has been forecasted that they expect this number to jump up to 3 billion gamers in the year 2023.

So, this figure shows that games bring positive energy and it is a real source of fun for gamers. Besides this, the revenue from the game market has also been estimated to reach to the point of dollars $165 this year 2020. If we consider Minecraft game earnings then it has earned the best of around $110 million dollars.


Free Minecraft Premium Accounts Features 2020

Accessing Free Minecraft accounts is a great success for game lovers. And this opportunity can only be availed through a free Minecraft account and we give password lists below.

So, let’s have a look at Minecraft account features:

  • First, begin with the new characters
  • Second, you can apply a customized mask on that specific character
  • Now funds will be sent to the developers of the game
  • Next step is saving your Minecraft game to any level you want
  • And in the end, a free Minecraft premium account/ version will be achieved

Minecraft server is another way for the game players. This is a player-owned or multilayer business owned gameplay. A server provided by Mojang or hosting provider may help you create a Minecraft server for unlocked games.

Minecraft Classic was another Mojang launched a game that is available to play for free to game players. Previously, Minecraft Classic was accessible through the aid of the Minecraft client. But now you can search for this classic Sandbox Minecraft right from your browser. Isn’t it the best way to spend your weekend?

For the above Minecraft features, there is a onetime payment of US dollars $26. Note that this amount will not cover the in-game features. However, if you want to grab these features without paying actual money, then you find that magical way in this article.


How to Create a Free Minecraft Premium Account

free Minecraft account and password

It is easy to create Minecraft accounts for free. Let me help you with how to create a free Minecraft account. Just follow these simple steps to create your free Minecraft premium account.

1st Step- At first you need to open your browser from your device and go to the official website of Minecraft through this link

2nd Step- Click on the login button present on the top right corner.

3rd Step- If you have not yet created your Minecraft account, click on the ‘Register One Here!’ button present at the bottom.

4th Step- When you click on Register one here option, a new page with some empty fields will appear on your screen.

These options include:

  • Enter your email address in the required space
  • Enter your password
  • Repeat your password to re-confirm
  • Now enter your date of birth

Don’t forget to complete the required information carefully and write it somewhere safe to remember.

5th Step- After you fill the required fields, click on the button ‘Create Account’ below these filled fields.

6th Step- In the next step, you will be asked to verify your account by answering a simple question to confirm that you are not a robot.

7th Step- A code comprises 4 letters will be sent on your email for verification of your Minecraft account.

8th Step- Now enter this code in the required area of the ‘Verification Code’ to complete the process of Minecraft account creation.


Other Methods

There are several other methods that will help you create a free Minecraft premium account. They may not be the easy one, but you will definitely get access to the premium edition and features of the Minecraft account.


Third-Party Website

free Minecraft account and password

Creating an account through a website is a good option as it saves you from the headache of downloading files, apps, or software. This will eventually save your system from malware and protect it from capturing bugs or viruses.

A website named NULLED helps you to get your Minecraft account for free. It is an unexpectedly useful website for gamers and Minecraft players. To proceed with the third-party website option, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Begin with creating a Minecraft account by visiting the NULLED official website. Now click on the Create Account to proceed to the next step.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your personal information like username, password, and email address
  • Check your email to confirm your account information and creation by clicking on the link sent to you
  • After completing the registration of your NULLED website, log in to the website with the same username and password.
  • Now go to your NULLED website homepage
  • From the menu go to ‘Games’
  • You will find a plethora of Games here
  • Now scroll to find your desired game Minecraft game and click on the link to proceed further
  • After clicking on the Minecraft game link, the NULLED website is going to send you a list containing a free Minecraft premium account.

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Giveaways in Games Forum

A giveaway event is another best way to earn a free Minecraft premium account. Forums, blogs, social media sites, and groups are some of the best platforms to collect your giveaways events. So, you can get Minecraft accounts free from online portals as we can consider it as a handy way for the newbies.

Start Survey Sites

Here is another best opportunity for you so that you can avail gifts from iTunes. You can get these gift cards for free from the below-mentioned survey sites.

  1. Vindale Research
  2. LifePoints
  3. SurveyJunkie
  4. InboxDollars
  5. Swagbucks



Let’s move on to another tool named Minecraft account generator which assures to benefit you. However, before using a Minecraft generator, make sure that you have installed a free Minecraft premium account.

After this step, you will proceed to the third party website. From there, you can then confirm security details from your web browser.

We are well aware of malware that unauthentic websites may cause damage to your system software. Therefore, in order to prevent the attack of viruses and bugs, most of such websites save cookies and caches from your device.


Free Minecraft Account and Password

Are you tired of accessing free Minecraft premium accounts, then you can end your hunt. This article is specifically for those looking for Minecraft accounts free on different online platforms.

So, let’s have a look at a free Minecraft account and password which you can use to successfully access premium Minecraft accounts for free. Yes, that’s not a joke.

If nobody has previously changed the passwords, then you can access Minecraft accounts free through Minecraft usernames and password lists. So, let’s explore the Minecraft usernames and password list to create a premium account and play the Minecraft video game.

Developed by Mojang Studio, Minecraft video game supports single and multiplayer. Not only this, but Minecraft video games are also ranked as the best seller sandbox game. Minecraft usernames and password list can help you in your gameplay on your device. You can now access the premium features and modes of Minecraft sandbox with no worry.


Passwords SyN1PSES dd102680 22686746 900426 pinkylee13 Love2016 plumber81 Juice350 0703dudqja Choo@t irena2534 elite123 Miata691 1craznut denden64 Hem01ant henry123 arnold99 Jugga$124 morici0820 runner kugel37 hate0443 aggregate23 cr3895 Saraswati5 h09817167d Jj4425152 02blue10 yc9330 viper21 Friend11 gizzzy123 Hej50465002 sausagex3 sailboat2 Sold!er15 Rm9p28hruf sylvia2381 pong9999 ChuchuRicky1 15jweiner bryan2004 Fatman007 LadyenWilly keegan33 Rm9p28hruf Nobelguymur2761 snooze123 franko10 jinriku523 Ab175021343 boogerboy1313 sk618212 panda100 Love77life dietcoke1 BigRed07 chong143 lylien12 durant


The above mentioned Minecraft account list is a way out to experience the best game ever. This Minecraft usernames and password list are all active and functional. So, you can use these free Minecraft account and password to have fun on your gameplay.

The good news is that you can explore access all premium features of Minecraft gameplay. What else a gamer want?


Wrap Up

Minecraft is a game that not only helps you boost your IQ level, creativity, but it also enhances your gaming ability. Sandbox games like Minecraft offer you a free trial, the moment you logged in to this website.

Unfortunately, the free trial doesn’t bring you genuine joy as most of the game features need only premium accounts to access them. This is a sad reality, but this article has come up with a solution to your problem.

So, if you want unlimited access to those Minecraft premium modes, then you can now get a free Minecraft account. Whether it is your survival problem during single and multiplayer mode or you want to craft and unlock new weapons, a premium Minecraft account is here to save you.

You can now explore, survive, create, and access all those features which were abandoned on you during the trial account. Therefore, the above ways can help you get a premium account and better access to Minecraft unblocked games in no time.


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