Best Pedometer Apps & Step Counter Apps For Android 2020

Everybody wants to stay fit and healthy in this busy world, but it always needs the right instrument to track your activities. Otherwise, you lack the motivation to strive for your goal to become strong and healthy. Pedometer records the number of steps you take depending upon the distance to help you stay fit and motivated. Well, it takes a huge amount of courage and motivation to get out of your bed and go for a long run. Once you decide to jump out of your couch and run, the next step is to track your whole exercise. For this purpose, you require an accurate measuring instrument. So, in order to clear the air, we have listed the best pedometer app for Android which counts your steps to help you track your healthy routine. These best step counter apps for Android include Google Fit, Runkeeper, Pace Health Pedometer and, etc. Plus these Apps will also monitor your calorie intake, so you can also call them Calorie counter Apps



You do not need to purchase new hardware to measure your steps accurately. That is a pretty expensive way to track your steps. If you select another device other than a phone, you have to charge it and connect it with your phone for synching. However, this method is not less than a headache to keep both devices up to date and manage your things smoothly.

Therefore, if you are a fitness freak, you need a proper step counting app Android to improve your lifestyle effectively. So, without any further delay let’s move on to some of the best step counter app for Android.


Best Pedometer App for Android


Google Fit – pedometer app android

Google Fit

Google Fit is the best step counter app for Android which helps you to stay healthy by recording your heart rate through phone sensors. This app uses your Wear OS by Google smartwatches or Android sensors for recording your activities. So, Google Fit is capable of recording your steps are taken, pace, time, speed, route, and many other things. 

Besides, tracking your workout through phone or smartwatch, Google Fit ensures that you challenge yourself daily with a new goal. Moreover, this pedometer app for Android tracks progresses based on your heart points and steps so that you live with a healthy mind and body. 

Google Fit gets easily connected with other apps and devices so that you never miss any chance to track your progress. These apps and devices include Xiaomi Mi bands, Lifesum, MyFitnessPal, Nike+ and, etc. This feature is never going to allow you to distract from your selected goal. 

Google Fit pedometer tracks your every single move, even if you run, bike, walk, and count every step you take. Thus, Google Fit is a complete coaching free app for Android users that give credit to your every activity.

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Step Counter Leap Fitness

Google Fit

Here comes another pedometer app for Android and works well for the minimalists. Step Counter has a sensor built-in to measure your number of steps, with no GPS tracking system, less battery consumption, and no sign-in requirement. So, as far as your privacy is concerned, this calorie counter does not intend to save your personal information. 

If you have been looking for the right tracking tool, which even measures your walking distance, time along with your burned calories, then this pedometer is the best. You can pause and resume this step counter, whenever you want. 

Designed by the Google Play Best of 2016 winning team, this app has an easy to use interface. Other amazing features include graph reports to track your walking, attractive colorful themes, followed by backup and restore the data so that you may not lose your calorie count record.

All you have to input correct data in your Step Counter app and press start to record your movements. Even if your phone is in your bag, pocket, armband, or hand, you can rely on this app for calorie counting. So, download this calorie counter app and improve your fitness and health.

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Pedometer – best android pedometer

best step counter app for android

A pedometer is a simple yet easy to use step counting app Android. This app measures the number of steps you take with the number of calories you burned. All you have to do is to press the Start button and start counting your calorie burns based on distance, walking time, and speed per hour. This is no doubt the best pedometer for Android, as it automatically records your number of steps, even if you put your phone in your bag with you. 

Moreover, you can view your steps walked from the information graph provided by this Pedometer app. Thus, in order to use this app accurately, you need to insert your correct step length, weight, age, and gender in the required section.

Additionally, you can check your information based on the date and time from the graph. If you ever get bored, change the theme of the app anytime.

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Zombies, Run! (Free) – best pedometer app

step counting app android

Zombies Run is an award-winning pedometer app for Android. This is a running game which requires you to get up, wear your headphones and just start jogging, running or walking anywhere you want.

The moment you jump out of your comfort zone, this pedometer starts telling you a story where you are the hero. With every movement, you hear zombies following you and blood pump through your veins with pressure and heart pumps as you run fast. 

Thus, Zombies adventurous runs keep you motivated and you stay healthy and fit in the end. The twist in this one of the best pedometer app for Android is that you always look for the other part of the tale so you keep running to complete the adventure.

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Runtastic Steps – Step Tracker & Pedometer

best pedometer for android

This is another best version of step counting app Android which helps you lose weight and allows you to check your activity level. So, Runtastic Steps increase your enthusiasm level to achieve your fitness goals. You have no need to purchase expensive hardware to track your daily steps, calories burned, walking distance, and activity time. Runtastic Steps is the right platform to track your every activity smoothly. 

Other features include Google Fit integration to track your steps, activity overviews based on your daily, weekly, and monthly progress to set your daily goals and, etc.

Moreover, with the Runtastic Steps Premium version, you can work on 3 mind-blowing activity levels like 30 Day Activity Boost, Step it Up, and Walking for weight loss. Unfortunately, you have to take Runtastic membership to avail of these amazing features to lose weight in no time. 

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Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Google Fit

Here are the most popular and the best step counter app for Android where you join a community that forces you to go outside and start running. So, this pedometer tracks your every activity whether it is running, walking, jogging, or even bike riding. Moreover, Runkeeper coaches you with your goals like weight loss, race with a focused pace in mind. 

This step counter helps you to stay motivated towards your goals by fitting your fitness plans into your busy routine. Well, the fun part is that you can share your fitness achievements and rewards in return for completing an exercise challenge with your friends.

Moreover, Runkeeper is the best step counting app Android with top features of Running Groups, Audio Cues, Training Plans, Bluetooth Connectivity, Stopwatch Mode, and Social Sharing.

You can connect your picture with your activity and create memories related to your workouts. With a built-in music button, you can listen to your favorite playlist while walking, jogging, and cycling. 

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Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight

pedometer app for android

If you are determined to lose weight, then you must try this new pacer app named Walking & Running Pedometer. This app turns your phone into your proper calorie counter device which tracks your health and weight 24/7. Even if you have your phone in your backpack or purse, this pedometer tracks your activity accurately by automatically counting your steps. 

You can track your complete activity history, exercise plans on a routine basis, and explore new challenges along with your weight to keep you healthy. You will get daily exercise power plans to stay fit and active through audio and video tutorials

Moreover, this app allows you to burn your calories while accompanying our friends and family. If you participate in events, you get more motivated to achieve your weight loss goal. In this way, you adopt healthy habits of walking daily, losing weight, and improving your health.

So, download this amazing weight loss tracker and lose weight by simply following their fitness plan for you. 

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Walk with Map My Walk

best step counter app for android , Calorie counter App

Another step counting app Android is Walk with Map My Walk which keeps you motivated, tracks your healthy lifestyle. You can remain active by staying at home and achieving your fitness goals. Moreover, this app provides you with coaching tips to lose weight along with training plans. 

If you have been looking for a perfect pedometer app Android with GPRS location tracking, then this app can be a good catch to measure your activity. You can easily track and map your workout detail like running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross-training, and yoga.

If you want to get access to premium features like audio coaching, personalized training, and live tracking, then you can purchase a subscription version.  

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OEM Pedometer Apps

step counting app android , Calorie counter App

Many smartphones have introduced a health and fitness app like Samsung Health. This app helps you to record all the information about your food intakes like caffeine, water, and your daily meals. In this way, you can easily track your diet and lifestyle in the form of a bike ride, walking, jogging, outdoor and indoor activities. 

Moreover, this in-built health app also records your sleep timing and tracks your whole routine on a daily basis. You can also enjoy exercise programs for free where you will be able to avail opportunities to build muscles, weight loss mechanism, running, balance training along with training to increase your endurance. 

Samsung Health app protects your private health data so you do not need to worry about your privacy, as its one of the best calorie counter apps on Android

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Fitbit- Your fitness Band’s App

Google Fit , Calorie counter App

Fitbit is another best tracking app that counts your calories and tracks your activities, sleep, workouts, stress, and nutrition. Not only this, but you can also track your heart rate 24/7 after your cardio and workouts. Fitbit helps you keep your calories in check like water, protein, fat, carbohydrates consumption.

You must try this free Fitbit app to schedule your bedtime through alarm so that you can see your daily sleep routine through graphs. Similarly, to keep track of your steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, floor climbed, just pair your smartphone with Fitbit. 

Workout from home has never been this easy before, but with Fitbit, you can record cardio, your strength, yoga and, etc. 

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Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker

best pedometer for android , Calorie counter App

Then comes another best step counter app for Android named Argus Calorie Counter Diet. This is an all-in-one app for your health and fitness. This app provides you with an opportunity to track your calories like micro-nutrients, food, carbs, proteins, and fats in a super-easy way. 

Another amazing feature of this step counter includes a bar code scanner to scan your food accurately and arrange a chart to show you how many calories you should burn and eat. Moreover, you can easily monitor your heart rate during workout sessions easily, track your sleep, track your steps 24/7, and GPS tracker.

Now you can get video workouts, arrange social networking to share achievements, and challenge your friends and family to motivate each other. 

So, lose your weight by checking your daily insights of charts and analysis. Download this amazing multi-activity pedometer app for Android. Argus is the best Calorie counter App on Android.

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Pros of Pedometer Apps

  • These pedometer apps help you measure your activities like workouts effectively. 
  • Pedometer apps are easy to use and remove the need to stop counter devices. 
  • You can easily get qualitative and quantitative information. 
  • Unlike stop counter devices, pedometer apps are free to download and for the premium version, it is cost-effective.
  • You will be able to count your steps, distance, workout activities along with monitoring your heart rate.

Cons of Pedometer Apps

  • Despite so many benefits, it is a fact that not all the pedometer apps are reliable when you want to measure the distance covered.
  • Some of the step counter apps do not provide accurate results of your workout activities like jogging, running and cycling, etc.
  • Unfortunately, most of these pedometer apps assessment is based on walking movements only.
  • Another major drawback of a pedometer application is that there may be a chance of tampering of results by participants in challenges.
  • It is a fact that these highly functional step counter apps may not prove useful for the people of every age group.


Besides a few disadvantages of pedometer apps, they still play an important role to keep you healthy and motivated. We have mentioned all the top-notch step counter apps selected from the Google Play Store. You can download any one of the above-mentioned pedometer apps on your Android device to change your lifestyle.

Sometimes laziness overpowers our goals and these step counter apps play an eminent role to keep you focused. However, the goal of burning your calories through a proper workout is the best way to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

So, install any of your favorite pedometer apps on your Android phone and track your steps while jogging, running, walking, and cycling. I hope you like our efforts in putting up the best Calorie counter App for you in this Article. 

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