Best Voice Changer App For Android During Call

There are many call voice changers for Android that can be used during Call. It is now possible to call someone on your phone without them knowing who is calling! These apps allow you to change your voice during Call, which is excellent if you want to prank call someone or protect your identity. Other features like effects like robot or helium voices, background noise filters, and more. Have fun with these call voice changer apps today!

We all enjoy some nice pranks, and we must have played them on our pals as youngsters. If you’re still searching for something to do in your house these epidemic days, we’ve got you covered.

What if we told you that you can prank your friends by calling them via a voice changer app that’s already on your phone? If you’re wondering how to alter your voice when making a call, the answer is in this Article.

Changing your voice over the phone is instead an act of joy or safety. People used voice changers in the past to hide and prank people. But voice changing can be good practice for those who want to stay anonymous. Most people use voice changer online to enhance their effectiveness of communication. It is proven to be useful in certain situations.

That’s why our research told us that a free voice changer app, prank calling app, voice changer, celebrity voice changer app, a voice changer app for pc, and the best voice changer app are the queries people search in the search engines. Our team has worked and brought you a list of free voice changer app you can find on the app store.


Best Voice Changer App For Android During Call

It is possible to make prank calls to your friends using a variety of apps on the market nowadays. Please see our list of the top voice changer applications for Android below.


Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer App For Android

You can find this app on Google play easily. Voice change effects of this app will make your day. This app allows you to record your voice and modify it. You can choose the effects of 35 different categories. There are also preset like helium, robot, telephone, and much more. One of the desirable features of this app is sharing on social media. You can put your recordings on any social media platform.

Typically, there are no charges to use this app, but you can purchase different functionalities.

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Robovox Voice Changer

Robovox Voice Changer

Mikrosonic develops this app. There are two versions of the app, one is free to download, and the other has a price. But the paid version costs only $1.49.

This app uses vocoder technology to record and modify the voice. Vocoder technology transforms your voice into scary, funny, evil, serious, robot, music, and much more. The mentionable feature is the presence of 30 modes of voice change. It means that this app allows you to choose the function from 30 voice filters.

The paid version allows you to control your voice on the x-axis and y-axis.

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This app is one convenient app to use in real-time. It also has unique functionalities. You can use it on multiple platforms. Voicemod allows users to transform and modify the voice on Bebo, Skype, Discord, and many other platforms. You can change your voice into alien, robot, aphonic, baby, spirit, ogre, and more. This app is also available for PCs and Macs. Voicemod is one of the best voice changer apps for pc.

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Darth Vader Voice Changer

prank voice

If you want to amuse your family and friends, look no further and download Darth Vader’s voice changer. It is the best prank calling app voice changer. This app functions with voice recording. You have to record your voice, then modify it into funny voices like Darth Vader and Sith Lord.

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It is also a social app, allowing you to send multimedia messages. After recording messages, you can put different filters on the voice like celebrity voice changer, etc. Snapchat has multiple modes to transform the voice. But your messages will remain on the feed for a concise amount of time. But you can save them on your mobile phone for later use. It is also a celebrity voice changer app.

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Voice Changer

voice changer

This app is free but has in-app purchases. It lets you record your voice. After the recording, you have to use the voice modulator, which allows you to transform your voice into wild animals like squirrels and wolves. The app design is sleek, and you have plenty of choices in filters and effects.

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Morph Vox – voice changer for pc

celebrity voice changer app, voice changer apps for pc

It is effortless to use this app, and its software is also available for windows. The functionality of this app allows you to transform your voice into anything you desire. You can turn your voice into a baby, woman, older man, any celebrity, and more. The user interface is quite admirable. You can use this app in any chat room. Morph Vox is an app that works in real-time. You can use it on mobile calls, Skype communication, messenger calls, and more.

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This app is designed only for fun. You can prank your friends with it. It allows you to transform your voice into a funny character voice. Your identity is secure with this app, and you have the option to choose from a scary voice, deep voice, funny voice, and high pitch voice. It is one of the voice changers for pc.

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call voice changer

Magic Call is an excellent voice changer app for making calls on both Android and iOS. It might be a hilarious prank call software that allows you to make calls to your pals while using a variety of effects. Magic Call is simple to use, with pre-installed background sounds and voice modifications.

In the voices category, you have Male, Female voice, Girl voice, Elderly Male, and Robot voice. The background has been divided into Rain, Concert, Traffic, Birthday, Racecar (which is where they go racing), Mount Everest. You may also utilize Clap, Gasp, Punch, Kiss, Laughter, etc., as calling sounds in the extra sounds with emoticon section.

You must make a phone call and pick any of the options to “male,” “female,” “boy,” or “cartoon” while adding background noise. During a Call, the altered voice will be heard by the receiver, making it enjoyable to prank one another.

Although the accessible version of the app only allows for limited calling, the pro edition enables you to make more calls. The finest aspect of the program is that it rewards you for changing your voice on the phone.

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Prank Dial

call voice changer

Prank Dial is a very popular voice changer app for calling. It’s also available on Android and iOS. This one has a twist since pre-recorded phrases are played during the Call.

So, if you’re feeling like a prankster, use one of those pre-recorded voices to call someone. Simply make the hilarious records and wait for your friend’s responses. This call voice changer software also allows you to record phone calls. You can save it or play it later or share it with your friends on social media.

You also get free calls each day to make it even more convenient. The Prank Dial software’s automated responses make it seem natural. Users can pick from a variety of prank call situations. Hear the shocking voices and preserve the call history.

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call voice changer

Another of the call voice changer applications for Android is FunCalls. You may use it to prank your pals with a variety of voice alterations. This can also be used to make international calls using the premium version of the software. The app offers different subscription options for you to choose from.

They charge you by the minutes, and you can select a plan based on your needs. Call voice effects include Helium, Male, Funny effects, and Scary. The background voice effects, on the other hand, include Cat, Dog, Cow Wolf noises.

The ability to record a demo call is one of the best voice changer apps’ most appealing features. It lets you make a free call to yourself, so you may hear all of the sound effects. This software is quite simple to use, in terms of function.

The app’s home screen has all of the features necessary to place calls. The app also contains useful information and a tutorial video for the user’s assistance.

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Voice Changer Prank Calls

Voice Changer Prank Calls

Call Voice Changer Prank Call is one of the greatest apps for changing your voice on the phone. Previously known as Call Voice Changer.

Here you have a variety of distinct voices, including Darth Vader. Otherworldly voices that are not male to female or child. Background noises in this clip include – Airport sounds, birthday songs, cat meowing, and dinosaur roars.

You may also add even more effects to the mix, such as ghosts, wind, and so on. Plus, you may test all of these features before using them in the Call.

The voice changer app while on the Phone also gives you free minutes, and you may win more minutes from sponsors. The simple program is an ideal choice for a quick prank call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Voxal free?

Voxal can be used to add a variety of sound effects in your sound files. It is a free voice changer software that is available only for non-commercial use. You can download it for free if you will be using only at home. 

What is Voxal Voice Changer?

Voxal voice changing software is a free voice changer for PC. It can easily edit the voice recordings and add special effects to the audio file. You can disguise your voice for any game or application efficiently with this, as it has many voice changing options.

What is the best free voice changer?

You can find many best voice changer apps and free voice changer online. You just have to learn their options and play with them to edit your audio files. Some of the best options are Clownfish, MorphVOX, VoiceMod, Voxal Voice Changer, and All-in-One Voice Changer.

Can you change your voice in discord?

Yes, you can definitely change your voice in discord. For this purpose, you must have some good best voice changer software downloaded. One of the best and popular voice changer that can work well on discord is said to be Voicemod. This program offers you a lot of options for changing different voices as well as it is elementary to use. 

What is a clownfish Voice Changer?

Clownfish voice changer is one of the best voice changer app. It is an application that can completely change your voice on any device that uses a microphone. It is free software that works with any microphone application, so you can use it with a lot of devices and applications. 

 Do clownfish work on discord?

After you have installed a Clownfish voice changer, you can use it on discord. It is quite easy to use, and you can also use it with other voice communication apps other than discord. Such as Skype, Steam, Hangouts, Viber, and TeamSpeak.

Is it safe to buy Voicemod pro?

Voicemod pro is safe and works like a pro. People find it easy to use and enjoy the overall app experience. It is a safe application to download and use on a variety of other communication apps. 

Is there an app that changes your voice during a phone call?

Yes, many apps can change your voice during a phone call. You can change your voice to resemble like a robot, alien, zombie, child, ghost, and even some apps are celebrity voice changer. They may include sleek calls, fun calls, allogag, prank dial, and more.


Conclusion:  All the voice changer online apps mentioned above are free. But some also have paid versions. You can use them to fool your family and friends. Your experience will be a comedic experience.

call voice changer apps are also good tools to hide your identity. You can get information from the people who know you. Moreover, you also acquire privacy using voice changer online Apps. So Share your experience with a free voice changer app

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