Ultimate Volume Booster Apps for Android 2022

In this day and age where technology is progressing so rapidly, it would not be wrong to say that owning a smartphone has become much more of a necessity. Due to this fact, many cell phone companies have been striving to offer the best possible products to people. However, as the cell phone market is getting bigger and more saturated, it seems like the manufacturers have started to pay less attention to the speakers or the overall audio output of Android phones. This is a big concern for those who primarily use them for listening to music, making them want to search for different audio, speaker, sound, and volume booster for Android apps on Google Play Store. There is also some speaker booster for android apps or make music louder app available on the platform that may help.


Volume Booster for Android

Now, these audio boosters for Android apps may solve the problem, but unfortunately, the harsh reality is that most of them don’t perform as advertised. Plus, most of the sound booster for Android apps are loaded with annoying ads which makes the entire experience unpleasant. Keeping that in mind, I have made a list of volume booster for Android apps which will surely give you the result that you are looking for.


BlackPlayer Music Player – Make Music louder app

The first on my list is a music player that can work perfectly as a speaker booster for your Android device and it is none other than the BlackPlayer Music Player. This app offers a five-channel equalizer along with the feature of sound effects that will enable you to experiment with the audio output of your smartphone. It also contains the option of the Amplifier which is located in the sound effects menu. You can use this feature to increase the volume up to 4 dB which would enhance the sound quality.

Volume Booster for Android App

Moreover, the BlackPlayer Music Player allows you to adjust the bass, control the sound balance, and use a virtualizer. The app’s monochrome interface is also very appealing to the eyes. It even gives you the freedom to customize the look of the music player that matches your style. You should definitely give this app a try if you have offline tracks stored on your smartphone.

Price: Free

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Volume Booster Pro

Next up is Volume Booster Pro which the name suggests, boosts the overall audio output of your cell phone. This app is quite simple to operate as it consists of a large volume knob in the middle, which can be used to adjust the master volume, a boost toggle that amplifies the sound and three dedicated buttons that you can use to enhance the volume of alarms, calls and media playback.

Make music louder app

The best thing about Volume Booster Pro is that the settings you apply within this make music louder app are implemented system-wide. This means that it can boost the volume of any app that you choose for playing audio. The only problem with this volume booster for the Android app is that it sometimes shows annoying pop-up ads.

Price: Free

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 Boom: Audio Booster for Android

Another booster app for Android that you can get is Boom: Music Player with 3D Surround Sound and EQ. It not only offers customization to help enhance the overall sound output of your mobile phone but also includes a setting that amplifies the volume. Plus, this app includes the option of a 3D surround sound setting which will give you more granular control over the audio output.

Make music louder app

What makes Boom standout among another volume booster for Android apps is that it supports direct streams from services like Tidal and Spotify. It can also support online radio broadcasts as well as podcasts. However, please note that this app hasn’t been officially released on Google Play yet. This means there are some chances that you may encounter a few bugs whilst using the app.

 Price: Free to download but contains in-app purchases

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Volume Booster- Make Music Louder App

Volume Booster is probably one of the best audio boosters for android. The app’s interface is quite simple, having a single slider that is used for adjusting the volume. By selecting its default settings, you will be able to enhance the volume output by 48%. But, if that isn’t enough, then you can alter the maximum allowed boost according to your preference. audio booster for android

Volume Booster

One thing which makes Volume Booster such a great app is that it implements the boost setting across the system so you may enjoy high volumes using any app. This speaker booster for Android app is free to use and does a pretty decent job at what it does, so why not you give it a try?

Price: Free

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volume booster for android

In general, equalizers are the best way to improve the sound quality of your music. Using frequency sliders, you can control any distortion that may occur as a result of the increased volume. You won’t find a better or more user-friendly Equalizer than this one.

11 preset sound profiles can be selected with Equalizer. This feature is only available in the paid version. To activate the Sound Amplifier, press the Power button in the upper-right corner. Use the Bass Boost if you have high-quality headphones; however, it may reveal the limitations of your phone’s speakers if you’re listening to music on your phone.

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Equalizer FX

volume booster for android

This app is very similar to Equalizer, but it works with Google Play Music instead of your local music library. Many third-party audio apps don’t work with streaming services, or at least don’t work without a paid subscription option. Using FX is a breeze; it’s included as a standard feature and completely free.

If you’d like to increase the volume of your phone’s speakers, you can use the Bass Boost and Loudness Enhancer options found in the Effects tab.

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Precise Volume

volume booster for android

A volume app that has something for everyone is Precise Volume. There’s a sound amplifier equalizer as well. Presets can be activated when headphones are inserted, and you can customize the volume for each app separately.

The app’s namesake is the most popular feature for us. For Android, this app replaces the 15-step volume control with a 100-step option. With this app, you can fine-tune your phone’s volume to your heart’s content.

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VLC for Android

volume booster for android

Installing VLC is a quick fix if your low-volume issues are limited to music and movies. It’s a little difficult to find, but a popular media player allows you to increase the volume by as much as 200 percent.

You may first need to go to the Preferences > Video > Audio-boost option to increase the volume.

When you begin playing your media, select the Equalizer icon by pressing the Settings button. You can choose not to save a new Equalizer preset when prompted to do so.

The horizontal slider at the top of the next dialogue box can be dragged to the right to increase the volume. Whenever you exit the application, you can save your changes.

Music and movies are both excellent features of VLC on Android, unlike on the desktop, where only movies can be played. Consider this if you frequently download and store large amounts of data on your phone or tablet.

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MX Player

volume booster for android

It’s possible to increase the volume of your movies by up to 200 percent using MX Player, which is only available for videos. The app’s gesture-based controls make this one simple to use, but you’ll have to set it up first.

Go to Settings > Audio and enable “Volume boost.” Select the HW+ decoder from the Settings > Decoder menu (local).

Start watching a video now! Increasing the volume is as simple as moving your finger up the screen. The maximum volume setting on your phone is 15. You can gain another 15 points by swiping continuously. When you exit the app, the volume returns to normal.

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Podcast Addict

sound booster for android

Listening to podcasts can be a hassle even on phones with decent speakers. As a result, many of them don’t sound as good as they should and are often too quiet for your liking.

The best podcast apps all have helpful features. There is an equalizer built into Podcast Addict, which is why we’re recommending it. This allows you to alter the sound of your favourite podcasts so that the voices are amplified while music or audience noise is muted, enhancing your listening experience.

This has the potential to be more impactful than simply amplifying the volume of the entire recording.

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sound booster for android

If you’ve rooted your Android device, increasing the volume is much simpler. Viper4Android, a fantastic (and incredibly powerful) audio tool, is one example of an app you can use with it.

Non-root users can download an unofficial version of Viper4Android from the Play Store. It’s best to use it as a root app, Xposed Framework, or one of Magisk’s best modules to get the best results.

The eXtra Loud mode, which has strength levels ranging from Slight to Extreme, can be activated after installation. It’s also possible to optimize your phone’s built-in speakers using the Speaker Optimization tool.

You don’t have to settle for a single solution as a bonus. There are various options for increasing the volume of your headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

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Other Ways to Increase the Volume on Your Android

You can adjust the Android speaker volume further if you’re still dissatisfied with how loud it can get.

Make sure you know where the speakers are and keep them in view at all times. Speaker cutouts on most phone cases are small and prone to dust accumulation.

Using some simple acoustic techniques, you can achieve amazing results in a very short time. The sound will be amplified if you place your phone in a large glass. Alternatively, if you don’t have one of these handy, try aiming your phone at a hard surface instead. To direct the sound toward you, cup your hand around the speaker on the bottom edge of your phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase the volume of my Android phone?

To increase the volume of your Android phone, unlock your cell phone, and push the volume up the key which will be located on the side of your device. Keep pressing it until the display bar hits the maximum level. 

What is the best Android Volume Booster?

There are a number of Android Volume Boosters that do a decent job of enhancing the overall sound of your device. Some of such apps are, GOODEV, Black player Music Player, Volume Booster Pro, and Super High Volume Booster.

Is there a volume boosters for Android that actually works?

Yes, you should give Volume Booster Pro a try. It will help enhance the overall audio output of your cell phone. Above we have already shortlisted one of the best sound boosters for android.

How do I increase the volume on my Android tablet?

If you want to increase the volume of your Android tablet then simply push the up volume button and keep pressing it till it gets to the maximum level. 

Do Volume Booster apps really work?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. There are some apps that may not deliver the required result that they promise. However, if you try out the apps mentioned in this article, then you will certainly be able to amplify the overall volume of your Android device. 

How do I make my Device volume louder?

You can make the volume of your device louder by using different volume booster apps for Android. 

What is the Best volume booster App?

There are a number of volume booster apps that will give you the best results and among them are Volume Booster Pro and GOODEV both of which are highly trusted by the users and are one of the best audio booster for android. 

Is volume Booster safe?

If you plan to use a volume booster for a short while then it is fine and won’t damage your Android device. So, if you are looking to sound loud alarms on your mobile then volume booster apps will do a pretty decent job. 

How do I use the volume booster app?

It depends on which volume booster app you are using. It is highly recommended that before downloading a volume booster app from the PlayStore, read the description as it will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the application.

Why is the volume on my phone so low?

There are a number of issues which may be associated with the sound booster for android being low and it includes, an app is running in the background which may control the overall volume, your phone might be connected to another device via Bluetooth that plays the sound or ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is activated on your device. 

How do I amply the sound on my phone?

To amply the sound on your phone, open the settings of your device. You will then head over to Accessibility and tap Sound Amplifier. After that, tap Use Service and accept the permission by tapping OK. You can then plug in the headphones to your device and enjoy the amplified sound on your phone. 

How can I make my speakers louder without an Amp?

There are multiple ways to turn your speakers louder without using an amplifier and one of them is through a capacitor. You can use it to amp up the overall sound of your speakers. Plus you can download above mentioned Apps that are trusted speaker booster for android

Push Up the Beat with these Volume Booster Apps for Android

This concludes my list of the best volume booster or sound booster for Android apps. All of the above-mentioned applications can be used to make your smartphone sound louder. However, I will recommend you not to use these to make music louder apps frequently. The reason is that they might damage your Android device. Rest assured, these audio boosters for Android apps will work just fine and will make your listening experience awesome.

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