Nayatel Tv Home & Internet Packages 2022

Nayatel TV Packages is famous for its services, and you will fall in love with the Nayatel Internet speed. Nayatel is a company that provides premium triple play, including Cable TV, Internet, and Phone. This article will detail Nayatel Net-flix, Nayatel internet speed test, Nayatel monthly packages, and Nayatel unlimited packages.

It comprises a high-speed infrastructure of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad. Nayatel TV Packages is offering triple packages with complete service support. It is a comprehensive Internet service provider (ISP), spread over 25000 corporate and home users.

We all know that no one is satisfied with the PTCL internet services as it keeps disconnecting. However, wireless internet has become famous among Pakistani internet users, but it provides limited data. And wireless is not appropriate for people who download videos and upload data.

While Nayatel will surprise you with its excellent customer service, the unlimited downloads and upload speed of this ISP are remarkable. Nayatel also offers installments and customers that have two connections on one ont need special approval. This company’s only drawback is that it is available in 7 cities. You can also get the joy app subscription but it’s necessary that you must have basic cable tv and internet service.

The Nayatel TV Packages are readily available and you can check the status of your internet speed through Nayatel (Pvt) Speed Test. It is number 10 out of 114 internet-service-providers in Pakistan.

You can check the internet speed test through this Link.


Broadband Speed Checker

A web browser that supports Flash of version 8 and JavaScript should be installed to use the broadband speed checker.

Disable the Firewall and Antivirus to run a speed test

If you have an antivirus and a firewall installed on your PC or laptop, which are not well configured, the speed checker may not run. So you have to disable the firewall or antivirus to run the speed checker. Once you are done with the speed test, do not forget to turn the antivirus on to protect your device.

Things that may affect the Speed Test

Before you plan to run the speed test, you have to temporarily disable all other applications running on the PC. These applications are as follows:

  • Software to check email.
  • Instant messenger and chat software.
  • Internet radio.
  • Windows updates.
  • Other downloading applications.

How does the Speed Test work?

The broadband speed checker will take files from the server and run them on your internet connection to measure the speed. It measures the amount of time and how long your connection will take to download that particular file.

Accuracy of Speed Checker

This Nayatel internet speed test will measure your internet connection speed, and if the network slows down at the time of the trial, this tool will report a slower speed.


The speed checker will take 20 seconds to complete your system’s Nayatel internet speed test.


Nayatel NDoctor

Nayatel is here with the solution to internet problems like slow internet issues, and it is named Nayatel NDoctor. This facility will help you resolve your internet problems while sitting at home and free of cost. NDoctor is a Nayatel application that will help you do a speed test by identifying your internet connection issues.

You will fall in love with this application. NDoctor not only resolves slow internet problems but also provides you with information about how many devices are connected to your internet connection.

It also helps to resolve these issues by providing accurate solutions to your problems. This facility is just one click away. All you have to do is share your internet status with the technical support team of Nayatel through either SMS or Email.

Nayatel is famous for providing Fiber optics technology along with complete and unstoppable services to users.


internet speed test


Features of Nayatel NDoctor

This application of Nayatel is free, and Nayatel internet connection users can have it on their Android and Windows-based PCs or Laptops. This app will work on Android 4. x.x and higher. While in Windows, it is available in Windows version 8 or higher.

You can cope with troubleshooting your Nayatel Internet connection while at home.

  • Slow internet causes troubleshooting steps.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Internet speed.
  • Comparison of neighboring Wi-Fi and your internet.
  • The number of devices connected to your internet.
  • The devices with this application contain Bandwidth.

Nayatel Net-flix

Nayatel is here with an unlimited bundle plus and speed of 30 Mbps. Internet users can download stuff through this Nayatel Net-flix unlimited bundle plus an offer from Net-flix, YT, Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangout, Chrome Play, and Chrome Drive.

Nayatel also offers a joy app subscription. The joy box is a revolutionary home entertainment device that brings HD tv channels, tv apps, games, vod service (video on demand). Joy box is basically the premium TV service offered by Nayatel. Joy app service is only available for Islamabad and Rawalpindi customers.




Terms and Conditions:

  • As per your current Nayatel Net-flix internet package, you will be charged PKR 449 per month (Govt. Tax Applicable).
  • 30 Mbps internet speed is only available for websites mentioned above and applications.
  • If an internet user faces a locked account, the Unlimited Bundle plus will also get locked.
  • In Nayatel Net-flix, the membership for Net-flix is not included.


Nayatel Unlimited & Monthly Packages

This is for the first time that Nayatel Company is offering another unlimited internet package, including Unlimited Volume providing 10 Mbps speed. This is one of the Nayatel Unlimited internet packages available for the selected sites, consuming 70% to 80% of internet volume.

You can access this unlimited bundle by subscribing to social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Crome Hangout, Google Play, and Google Drive. it provides its service in all 7 big cities of Pakistan.


nayatel internet speed test


Terms and Conditions:

  • As per your current Wi-Fi package, you will be charged PKR 225 per month (Govt. Tax Applicable).
  • 10 Mbps internet speed is only available for the websites mentioned above and applications.
  • If Nayatel customers of internet users face locked accounts, the Unlimited Bundle will also get locked.
  • In Net-flix Nayatel, the membership for Net-flix is not included.

Nayatel TV Packages & Internet

The Nayatel monthly packages will make you love this internet service provider. Nayatel monthly packages are mentioned below, in which they also offer a joy app subscription but live TV is not part of the joy app. You can avail and enjoy the best-unlimited internet with its all-monthly Nayatel packages.


nayatel packages with tv


nayatel home packages


nayatel packages with tv

Is Netflix Free on Nayatel?

Nayatel does not offer Netflix Subscription to its Users; Nayatel only offers 50mbps speed with Unlimited Downloads and Streaming for Net-flix. So it means that you should have your own Netflix Subscription. Nayatel is available in all big cities of Pakistan.

Nayatel Number

You can contact Nayatel Number by dialing +92 (51) 111 11 44 44 OR “99” from Nayatel Landline.

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