Best Soundboard that Works with Discord

Soundboards are great tools for musicians who want to collaborate with other artists or share their music with friends. Discord has become very popular lately because it allows users to communicate efficiently through voice chat. Soundboards will enable you to record audio directly into Discord. This way, you don’t have to upload files to another site and then download them back to your computer. Instead, you can send audio from your microphone straight to Discord. Let’s Explore the soundboard that works with discord in this Article.


What Are Soundboards for Discord?

Discord is a voice chat software that allows users to connect via the internet. Soundboards are one of the many impressive features that Discord offers its users. A soundboard is a huge collection of audio files that can be played back on demand. Discord soundboards are typically used to enhance voice chat experiences by providing custom sound effects or background ambiance.

Many Discord soundboards are also compatible with other voice chat software such as Voicemod and Resanance. Some of the best soundboards for Discord are those packed with various sound effects and offer hotkeys for easy playback. When choosing a soundboard for Discord, selecting one compatible with your operating system and powerful enough to meet your needs is essential.


How does a Soundboard work?

A soundboard is a tool that allows you to play pre-recorded sounds, typically through hotkeys. Soundboards are often used for gaming and online communication, and many soundboard apps are available for free. Some of the best soundboard apps include Discord and Hotkeys.


What Is A Soundboard Bot?

A soundboard is an audio file that contains a collection of sounds, usually organized into categories. A soundboard bot is a Discord bot that allows users to play sounds from the soundboard on their server. Soundboards for Discord are often used to provide background music or sound effects during events or games.


Best Good Soundboards for Discord

Are you looking for a soundboard that works with Discord? If yes, then look no further. This article will also show you how to install SoundBoard on Discord.




how to use a soundboard for discord


This is one of the most potent soundboards we’ve found. This app is entirely free and offers tons of features. One thing we like about it is that it allows you to add sounds to specific discord voice channels, meaning no matter where you are in Discord, you’ll always hear the same sounds. Another cool feature is that you can assign custom keyboard hotkeys to certain sounds, allowing you to play them instantly.

Here are some of the features you’ll find inside Resanance:

  • Audio files may be converted from one format to another using various software.
  • Supports Over 70+ Audio Formats
  • Support For Most OS.
  • Adjust Your Output Settings to Your Preferences.

If you’re looking for something simple, this might be what you want.


Download Now




soundboard that plays through mic


Soundpad is an audio editing app that lets you record sounds, edit them, and add special effects like echo, reverb, and compression. It also includes a built-in Discord server where you can talk about music and share sounds.

The free app offers unlimited storage for up to 20 minutes of recordings. After that, you’ll have to pay $4.99 monthly to keep your files.

The app allows you to record, edit, and mix sounds into one file. The app supports various formats, including WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, APE, AU, MIDI, and SND.

You can use the microphone built into the phone or plug in external microphones such as the Blue Yeti USB Microphone. You can even use the speakerphone to make calls while recording.

This experience can be distressful. The normalization tool assists users of Soundboard in resolving issues associated with varying volume levels throughout their audio files.


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Clownfish Voice Changer


how much does a soundboard cost


Clownfish Voice Changer is one app that makes me want to return to my childhood. CVC is one of those apps that makes you want to go out there and try everything just because you know how cool it sounds. It lets you modify your voice in real-time, allowing you to impersonate anyone you like.

You can even make yourself sound like a robot, a cat, a dolphin, or a child. And since it supports all major file formats, you can easily import recordings into it.

In addition, Clownfish comes with an integrated media player that features playlists & audio control options, both of which may be used in the Discord rooms you share with your friends. In addition, there is support for hotkeys and a text-to-speech capability integrated right in.


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JN Soundboard


how does a soundboard work


If you are looking for a high-end soundboard application or are a fan of FOSS(free, open-source software), you should try out JN Soundboard. With it, you can easily add tons of custom voices and sounds to your keyboard and then configure it to play a random sound whenever you press a specific key combination.

Moreover, the app offers many customization options, such as allowing you to assign a different sound to each button and restricting hotkeys to work only when a particular program is in the foreground or background.

You can even use the app to make your hotkeys, export and import them with XML files, and add text-to-speech features & support.


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how to get a soundboard on discord

Voicemod is one of the best modern soundboards out there. It offers many amazing features that most other soundboards don’t. For example, Voicemod supports both preset and custom soundbanks. This way, you can easily switch between different sounds whenever you want. Also, Voicemod keeps track of what sounds you’ve used already, so you won’t end up having duplicates in your library. And finally, Voicemod integrates seamlessly with the Elgato stream deck, so you can quickly access your soundbank while streaming. All in all, Voicemod is worth checking out.


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Voxal Voice Changer


how to get soundboard to play through discord


Voxal Voice Changer is another excellent voice changer tool for Discord. This one comes packed with a ton of features and options. From changing your voice into different voices like robots, girls, boys, animals, and even clowns, to applying those changes on audio files and even creating custom sounds, there are plenty of things you can do here.

Voxal stands out because it allows you to change your voice within apps. So, say you’re playing a game and want to switch to a robot voice. Just start recording your voice, and then select “Robot.” Now, you’ve got yourself a robot voice. If you want to make it even more remarkable, you can add some effects, such as pitch shifting, echo, reverb, delay, and compression.

You can also record custom sounds and save them as.wav sound files. These files can replace sound clips in games, movies, TV shows, music, etc.

Similar to Clownfish, Voxel Voice Changer also works system-wide, meaning you won’t experience any drop in FPS while gaming. Also, since it doesn’t require root access, it’s easy to install and use.


Download Now



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EXP Soundboard


how to add a soundboard to discord


EXP Soundboard brings most of what you’d expect in a typical soundboard app, including many of the same basic features found in other powerful soundboard apps like Mixer, Shazam, and Spotify. With over 200 million downloads worldwide, it’s no surprise why people love it.

The app includes many features, such as custom hotkeys, multiple channels, volume controls, and even a built-in mic injector. There are lots of different ways to customize your discord experience, too. For example, you can choose whether or not to mute the channel you’re listening to while playing music. You can also set up custom hotkeys to control everything from volume to skipping tracks.

In addition to being able to play music through either your speakers or headphones, you can connect your microphone to the app via a virtual audio cable. This lets you listen to your voice through your computer speakers without having to plug in anything.

If you want to change things, you can do that, too. If you don’t like the default layout, you can easily switch it around. You’ll find many options to make the app exactly how you want it.


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AV Voice Changer

how much do soundboards cost

AV Voice Changer is a compelling application that lets you alter and modify almost every aspect of your voice. This application offers many tools and features that make editing your voice on Discord easy. You can easily change your voice pitch, speed, volume, and many other things. In addition, you can record yourself speaking into the microphone, edit your recording, add effects, and apply filters to make your voice sound better.

Apart from being able to edit your voice on Discord, AV Voice Changer can also help you with creating fake voices. This is the perfect app if you ever want to pretend like someone else on Discord. This app can select another person’s voice and make changes! Your voice sounds exactly like theirs.

If you think this app is too complicated, don’t worry because a free version of AV Voice Changer is available. However, most people prefer paying $99.95 to unlock all the premium features.


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Morphvox Pro


how to download soundboard for discord


Morphvox Pro is another paid app that offers much value for money. The app costs $39.99. You get access to over 1,500 sounds and 300 voice packs. In addition, some great features like the ability to record your voice calls, add background voice and even morph your voice into different ones.

This app is a very popular soundboard among gamers because of the high quality of the audio files. Many options for filtering out unwanted frequencies, such as bass and treble filters. The fact that the software is entirely designed for gaming is a significant advantage, and it also has digital modes & intelligent smart modes for cutting-edge noise suppression. The app is compatible with Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms.


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Podcast Soundboard


does soundboard work


Podcast soundboards are perfect for those who prefer having a better audio experience while playing games. They allow gamers to listen to music while enjoying their favorite game. But most apps don’t offer much beyond basic controls. This one does.

The app includes many options, including looping, multi-shot, and color-coordinated sounds. You can even configure the duck button to lower the volume whenever you press it.

There are many other features, including the ability to play MIDI instruments. Look no further if you’re looking for something to replace the default soundboard app on your phone.


Download for $4.95


Jingle Palette


how to use a soundboard for discord


Jingle Palette is one of those apps for Discord you never knew you needed until it came along. This free soundboard app allows you to quickly add many different sounds to your audio projects without digging around your library.

The app works by letting you choose from over 20 palettes of sounds and loading them into your project. Once loaded, you can drag and drop the sounds onto your timeline to start playing them.

You can mix multiple sounds manually or automatically via Auto Mix mode. If you want to repeat individual sounds, there are options too.

If you don’t know where to find sounds, you can use the built-in search tool to find anything you might need.

In addition to playing sounds directly from the app, you can save them to your device or export them to popular formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, M4A, AAC, FLAC, and AIFF.


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soundboard that plays through mic


Mixere is a Discord app that allows you to mix music within your Discord server without downloading anything. You can add up to 10 songs per track and even set different effects for each song. Other themes are also included, such as green, red, blue, etc.

The app doesn’t look fancy but offers some pretty cool features. For example, you can mute individual channels, mute specific words, change the volume, and much more. The most important feature is that you don’t have to download anything. You can also assign hotkeys to specific commands. For example, pressing Ctrl + D lets you mute a channel, while Ctrl + S enables you to unmute it. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that Mixere supports both MP3 and FLAC files. So, if you want to upload music from your computer, you’ll be able to do so.

While Mixere might not be the best choice for someone looking for a simple soundboard, it still offers plenty of features that make it the perfect soundboard for DJs and musicians.


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Are Soundboards Safe?

Soundboards are safe to use, and there is no need to worry about any harm to your computer or device. You can set up a soundboard using soundboard software, free online. This software allows you to input your audio files and apply voice effects to them. You can also use multiple devices to create a soundboard for Discord, which can be helpful if you want to have different voices for different characters.



How to keep Discord running without problems?

Discord is a great voice and text chat app for gamers that lets you quickly find, join, and chat with friends. You can use Discord in your browser, desktop App, or mobile device. To keep Discord running without problems, make sure to use the latest version of the app and to pass into the virtual audio input when using voice in any app. You can also use bots for Discord to help manage your server and keep things running smoothly. Finally, consider using a soundboard or voice changer app to add some fun and personality to your Discord chats.



How to Use and setup Soundboard for Discord?

Soundboards are great tools for servers because they allow players to easily chat about topics without typing out long messages. However, setting one up isn’t easy. It requires quite a few steps. Let’s go over the process now.

First, you will need to download a virtual audio device, like VB-Cable (download, Mac OS X, and Windows), and ensure it is installed correctly. Next, select “Virtual Cable” and choose the name of the cable. You’ll see a list of devices, including “virtual.” Choose Virtual Cable, and hit Save Changes.

Please note that the installation packages for apps like Resanance and Soundpad already contain VB cables. Using either Resanance or Soundpad does not need you to attach the VB-cable differently than you would normally.


  • Launch Discord and locate the “cog” symbol next to your username in the lower left corner of the screen to access the User Settings menu.

cog symbol

  • Navigate to “Voice and Video” under the Settings menu.

video and voice

  • After that, pick “Cable Output” from the submenu that appears when you click the dropdown arrow next to “Input Device.”

voice settings

  • Now, go to the “Settings” menu on your computer and click on the “System” option.

computer system setting

  • In this section, pick “Microphone” as the input device by clicking on the “Sound” button. Now, choose “Device Properties” by clicking on the link.

microphone array

  • Select “Additional device properties” with the mouse.

additional device properties

  • Select Cable Input from the menu labeled “Input.” A checkmark titled “Listen to this device” will display as soon as you begin playing music via it.

default playback device

That wraps things up; the soundboard app you downloaded for Discord is now available for usage. Have fun!



As we approach the end of 2022, it’s time to start thinking about the best soundboards for Discord. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a soundboard for Discord.

First, you need to decide what you’ll be using it for. If you want to use it for your Discord voice chat, you don’t need anything too fancy. However, you’ll need something more robust if you use it for other purposes, like creating bots or voice changers.

Second, you need to decide whether you want a stand-alone soundboard or one that also comes with a voice changer app. Voice changer apps can be great for adding extra features to your soundboard, but they also come with problems.

Finally, it would help to decide whether you want a soundboard that you can use in any app or designed explicitly for Discord. Both options have pros and cons, so it’s up to personal preference. If you’re looking for the best soundboard that works with discord, I recommend checking out some of the options listed above. 

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