15 Fashion Dress Up Games For Adults (Android & iOS)

Were you looking for fun fashion games on your phone or tablet? Look no further! We’ve collected the 15 best fashion dress-up games for adults, all available on Android and iOS devices. These games keep you entertained for hours and are a great way to improve your fashion designing skills. So put on your designer hat and prepare to create a perfect outfit!

Playing dress-up might be a lot of fun for both children and adults. However, it can be complicated because you’ll need a closet to dress in. Fashion may be costly – especially if you want the top brands. That’s why some individuals seek out the best dress-up games to satisfy their needs instead of going out in public.

You’ve undoubtedly played dress-up games where the overall mood was downbeat. Still, the genre is geared toward children. As a result, everything isn’t appropriate for adults. Game graphics are soft pink and bland, with primary and simplified mechanics. Also, if there’s no such thing as good enough – you must create your own fantastic and high quality.

Do you want to know what it takes to mimic the model exactly? Learn the principles of style and practice mixing components of your wardrobe. Do you enjoy recreating popular characters in unusual costumes? This list will assist you in selecting the perfect dress-up game.

What Are Dress-Up Games?

Fashion Dress-up games are essentially role-playing activities in which players may alter the appearance of characters. While some focus on current trends, others attempt to re-create the looks of ancient times. Regardless, these games allow players to pretend to wear designer clothing they could never afford.

If you’ve ever played mobile games before, you’ve probably heard of the category “simulation games.” Simulations are games in which players can pretend to be indifferent to situations or live events via the game’s environment.

The Sims, for example, is a game that allows you to play out everyday activities on your PC or smartphone. There are, however, other mobile games that offer a similar experience to real life. Many more games like this simulate a portion of what life offers. We’re referring to “dress-up games” as one of them.

On the other hand, players also use these games to practice their sense of fashion. However, relying on the most up-to-date fashion ideas may be more beneficial. It’s only possible to keep up with the latest fashion trends using even the greatest dress-up games.

Dress-up Games for Adults Online

Our top 15 recommendations for the best dress-up games of 2022 have been rounded together for you.

  1. Covet Fashion
  2. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
  3. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena
  4. Fashion Fantasy
  5. Glamland
  6. Superstar Family
  7. Fashion Empire
  8. Fashion Superstar Dress Up
  9. Fashion Fever
  10. Super Stylist
  11. College Girls Team Makeover
  12. The Sims: Mobile
  13. Nikki UP2U
  14. Mystic Prince Dress Up
  15. Dress Up Azalea

Covet Fashion

fashion dress up games for adults

The game Covet Fashion allows you to develop your distinct style. The primary feature of this game is virtual shopping. Join forces with other fashionistas or go shopping with friends to learn about new brands and unique outfits that will assist you in developing your favorite style.

This game focuses on enhancing your fashion capability. You may use this to help you put together a beautiful wardrobe. Every day, you’ll be given a new fashion challenge. One must collect a specific photo and demonstrate your talents. You may also rate other players’ pictures. You will get helpful gaming bonuses if you save the images together.

The game includes genuine brands. Calvin Klein accessories and Rachel Zoe’s clothing are two examples of actual products found in the game. There are over 200 high fashion labels to choose from in the game.

You’ll need to organize various events, such as photo shoots or cocktail parties. For this, you may choose from many trendy garments and accessories. You can also choose the right makeup or hairstyle for yourself.

One may also try on other people’s outfits. Is this clothing worth five stars? Alternatively, did the player fail to meet the goal? You must choose and demonstrate your fashion sense.

Other features come with the service, including a chat function and the opportunity to play games with friends. Do you want to get advice or celebrate success? You may inquire about your friend. To perform this, first, register or join Facebook.

One of the game’s most appealing aspects is purchasing real-world clothing. In-game clothes are real clothes, and your character wears them. After assessing it in the fashion world, you can tell if you should buy it. This not only saves time; it also aids in the discovery of new brands.

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

fashion dress up games for adults

If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you’ll want to check out Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, based on the series. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a tremendous fashion-inspired dress-up game.

The game is impressive since it’s both a fashion and role-playing game. When you first start the game, you play as Kim Kardashian’s assistant, and you get to try on a range of different looks.

The game is engaging, especially if you’re wary of other dress-up games. A goal is achieved here, resulting in less boring and repetitive gameplay. Of course, the aspect of putting together a costume is essential. Makeup and hairstyles are just two examples of many possible hairs, cosmetics, and clothing combinations. Some extras were also inspired by Kim Kardashian’s actual outfit and used to create the amenities.

This is a safe bet if you’re looking for a fashion game for adults! However, this is a good option if you’re looking for a high-quality fashion game to pass some time.

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Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

fashion dress up games for adults

Lady Popular: Fashion Arena is a fun game for fashionistas and stylish females of all ages. The following are the primary themes of high fashion: celebrities and famous models.

You may select your race and nation at the start of the game. You then get a finished figure with an appropriate face and form. More than 160 items of clothing will be available to you. Dresses, shoes, jewelry, pants, skirts, and more are just a few examples.

Choose a hairstyle and some cosmetics you like. All apparel is available from the start of the game. You may alter your character to reflect your style. The following scenery options are also available:

  • Magazine cover girl for a fashion magazine
  • Hollywood Outdoor advertising Scenery
  • fabulous Fashion show & Red Carpet
  • Making a shopping list with the celebrities
  • The finest beauty business

Every girl wants to be perceived as better and more attractive than she is. After all, each woman deserves the finest in everything.

Only some can afford to invest in expensive designer clothes and accessories, and even though they wish to do so, they cannot always do so. Everything in this store is completely free. You may acquire lovely contemporary items. In this boutique, you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true. It will also assist you in developing your sense of style.

You must select items under the model’s face and skin color tone in this activity. The image should be flawless. Choose the camera icon in the screen’s top right corner to snap a picture. You may congratulate yourself on your achievements before girlfriends by sharing your abilities and flair for dressing up fashion model.

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Fashion Fantasy

fashion dress up games for adults

Fashion Fantasy is one of the finest dress-up games on mobile if you’re searching for a game with a sense of advancement. That’s because the game stimulates players through their creative side. Completing these activities unlocks additional chapters and reveals more of the narrative.

A narrative offers the game more appeal than simply dressing up random individuals. However, the game also includes additional features that make it more enjoyable than its competitors. The ability to build one’s custom styles, styling challenges, a fantastic Fashion Boutique store, and so on are all examples of this.

The game includes an in-game chat area where you may interact with other players about style and other topics. If you’re interested in fashion fantasies, this is an excellent way to build a community. It’s also entirely free to play by default, so you may grab it whenever you like. For starters, the free version gives just a limited number of features. You’ll need to spend money on IAPs to acquire them if you want different things.

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fashion dress up games for adults

Glamland is a fantastic way to spend time if you enjoy fashion. We have to pique your attention with Glamland since it’s the perfect location for you if you like style. You can visit numerous places, improve your fashion stylist abilities, mix and match clothing, participate in events, and earn points in this game! To begin playing after installing the app, either log in with your Facebook account or go as a guest. Then everything will happen quickly.

So, picking clothing is relatively straightforward. The app always assigns the job of developing a distinctive outfit. You should choose the best dressing pieces to complete the assignment.

Tops, bottoms, shoes, hair, bags, and jewelry are some options. Click on the app for each required area to assemble your outfits. When everything is in place, hit the Complete button. The app calculates how much work you’ve done and offers you rewards at the end of the process.

Click the Tips button if you still need to remember your planning occasion. Your model’s skin tone may change, and there’s also an automatic translation feature. As you construct various outfits, you will earn coins. These coins can be used to purchase new clothing items.

Glamland, meanwhile, includes a built-in Spin section. Try your luck here. Push the Spin button to receive valuable rewards. We liked the game’s bright colors as well. The colorful graphics will immerse you in the game’s unique atmosphere.

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Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion

fashion dress up games for adults

Most top mobile dress-up games feature female protagonists in their teens and twenties. These dress-up games, while entertaining, may also be restricting. What about trying out Superstar Family-Celebrity Fashion, if you agree?

The unique feature of this Android game is that you get to dress up four different avatars instead of just one. The people, however, are not the same; they are a married couple and their two young children. This adds to the game’s mystique since you can design unique menswear and kids’ wear for each character.

In addition, a wide range of clothes & items is used, such as comfortable clothes, jewelry, and even cosmetics. Pets, fireworks, and other environmental adornments may be added to your family’s look. Several backdrops are available before you take a picture of your favorite spot. One of the best free-to-play games on the Android Play Store lets you unleash your creative juices.

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Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

fashion dress up games for adults

In Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim, you’ll find the most fashionable clothes for your wardrobe. You may choose to style your model for six events: prom, a worldwide beauty competition, shopping, a marriage, a concert, or film awards. For each occasion, you may select from a different wardrobe. Dresses and skirts are abundant; tops and jackets can be found; comfy shoes and costly accessories are available; and much more.

When making a character, you can change a variety of attributes, such as the color of their skin and eyes, the shape of their lips and nose, the length of their hair, and more. You may also establish the shape of your body and concentrate on specific areas. There are several options for personality traits that you can select.

Show off your skills as a stylist and clothing designer to the world. Develop your photography skills by working for a famous actress, singer, fashion blogger, or supermodel as their photographer.

Immerse yourself in the world of film and theatre. Furthermore, you have a chance to become a celebrity woman, showcasing your abilities as an actress, singer, or top model. You may also make it big on YouTube as a video blogger. As a result, communicate with your followers about style and attractiveness.

You may join an international beauty pageant. The win will allow you to be known and develop relationships. This may be where you’ll meet your future spouse.

If you’ve started a relationship, you can propose marriage to them. Then comes the wedding planning period. You can choose a stunning outfit and the most magnificent accessories for this occasion.

This can help you look like a movie star and the most stunning and fashionable bride. The most excellent stylists in the world will assist you in bringing out your elegance.

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Fashion Superstar Dress Up

fashion dress up games for adults

In the game Fashion Superstar Dress-Up, you get to design your original take on today’s hottest fashions and then try them on. This is a complete platform for creativity, with many possibilities available to construct your distinct look.

Create outfits and collections. Add a unique pattern to your clothing, select a hue, and add text to complete the design. Express your individuality by using your saying, logo, or favorite picture to inspire your clothes.

The design of Clothes is created in every style and type imaginable, from T-shirts to gowns to sweatshirts. Try on the items you made. Play with a cloth. Make many distinct collections by mixing and matching different pieces of clothing. Experiment with new haircuts and hairstyles. Change your hair color if necessary. Create a trendy appearance by combining various articles of apparel.

Select traditional, exquisite dresses and shoes that match and pair them with fashionable tops and trendy skirts to finish your outfit. Add vibrant accessories to bring it all together. Make your model seem like a celebrity or a real fashion icon or diva goddess by attempting to emulate her.

You can also store pictures of your creation. For this, you may select from a variety of settings and postures. Photos may be archived in the gallery or shared with friends. Make an effort to dress your model well. Use it to have a good time with friends, on a date, at a dance, or shopping.

You may use either play money or premium cash to purchase some great outfits, shoes, and accessories. You can also complete a variety of fashion-related missions. Wearing clothing or money will be rewarded if you win the match.

You’ll have a great time playing this game since it allows you to act as an idea. Choose a wardrobe for yourself based on your favorite photograph.

Have you always dreamed of being able to create trendy looks with your cosmetics and choose attractive, trendy clothes for yourself? This free software will be an excellent option for you. You may become a fashion designer or the most fabulous stylist in the world in the future by playing these fashion dress-up games for adults.

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Fashion Fever – Top Model Dress-Up Game

fashion dress up games for adults

When it comes to games that involve dressing up characters, the undisputed champion is Fashion Fever on Android. As a result, gamers may follow their dream of becoming fashion models from the comfort of their own homes. However, many people know your company because of the distinctive and unusual designs you create for the world’s top models.

You may customize your top model’s clothing throughout the game. Do you want to create a summer outfit for a magazine cover? Please do! How about making a stylish winter look? Yes, sure thing! You are free to do anything you want in the game and have complete control over your chosen style. You may even assume the role of a famous fashion designer and create clothing just for A-listers worldwide.

Similar to other fantastic virtual dress-up games, Fashion Fever is available to download and play for free on Android. On the other hand, some things are behind a paywall to ensure that the app continues functioning. Furthermore, the app is packed with advertisements, which may be off-putting to some. If you wish to relive your childhood and play dress-up games, you should give it a chance at least once.

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Super Stylist

fashion dress up games for adults

Super Stylist is a fashion design and stylist game where you can demonstrate your talents as a designer and stylist of clothing. You may select the appropriate wardrobe and create your unique model in the game. Interesting places like a wardrobe, store, beauty salon, and workplace are available in the game. It’s important to note that there are also male characters in the game.

You may customize your Simurgh avatar’s appearance to include tats, piercings, and other modifications. You can even pick the tattoos that you want for your game character. Natural body features such as muscle relief and scars are also available. For example, there is a section dedicated to muscular reduction and scars.

You may also pierce any area of your body. Attach the adornment to a different location. There are no limits in this instance. Piercings can be done on the face, ear, neck, chest, or belly.

The game regularly introduces new locations throughout the year. Here are more game properties and different objectives that will be added. It will aid you in raising your character’s level. A seasonal market is also available within the game. Thematically suited clothing collections are available at this time of year.

You may also start your clothing line. You’ll be able to add items of your design to your shops. They will be available for all players. This will allow you to demonstrate your creativity and style talents.

Tools like erasers and color filters can be used in clothing design. Outlines can be smoothed out with an eraser. Using this method, you may create a seamless gradient or blend many colors into one piece of cloth.

You can also alter the form of your trendy hairstyles. Colour filters are used to make clothing black and white. It opens up color palettes for colorful clothes, hair and makeup.

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College Girls Team Makeover

College Girls Team Makeover

If you’re looking for a stylist training tool, go no further than the College Girls Team Makeover android game. Players may alter the entire appearance of 5 college girls, including makeup, clothing, hairstyle, and skin tone.

You will not have to go through a registration procedure once installed. The only thing you need to do is turn on several permissions. College Girls Team Makeover includes approximately one thousand items that may be utilized to create several looks, such as a businesswoman’s, a party girl’s, and so on.

After you’ve opened the program, you’ll go straight to the editing screen. Here you may notice five college girls. Choose a model that is appropriate for you to begin with. You’ll find various options for creating a stunning appearance on the right side. Each model has about 200 items in its wardrobe. As a result, you can mix and match different clothing pieces, select shoes, apply cosmetics, add accessories, and so on.

The players may also pick a beautiful background, such as a classroom, school corridor, or other location. You may even take a photo of your creation in the last stage. Just right-click the image and select “Save Picture As” to store it in your smartphone’s photo library.

This game for girls has excellent visuals as a whole. All of the provided activities are expertly designed. This program has no extra features, which is why it runs smoothly and quickly. On the other hand, we must emphasize a significant shortcoming: there are many advertisements.

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The Sims: Mobile

The Sims: Mobile

The Sims is one of the most popular simulation games in the world. Since its debut in 2000, it has become a fixture in the gaming business. It provided the same experience to mobile as it did to computers.

Like the previous games we’ve discussed, The Sims doesn’t strongly emphasize fashion. The Sims is a huge game, and there’s no way we’ll be able to cover it all here. However, because you may develop a sim — and their wardrobe — based on your tastes, it’s good enough to make a list. To further your experience, you may also play as your sim character and experience their daily routine.

For anyone searching for a fun time, it’s undoubtedly one of the greatest online dress-up games (and simulation games as a whole). Furthermore, it’s free to play (with advertisements and in-app purchases) for folks who don’t want to spend a penny.

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Nikki UP2U

Nikki UP2U

Of course, the aesthetics of Japan have had an impact on Western society. The influence of anime may be seen in many aspects of modern media. If you enjoy anime and are looking for a fun dress-up game, go no further than Nikki UP2U.

It’s true that the aesthetic appeals to a specific demographic. No matter what kind of art you choose, you may play it as a dress-up game. The game’s primary goal isn’t to dress up an anime character. Instead, the dress-up element conveys a fashion story in the game.

You may play the game for free to avoid paying any money. It also focuses on the dress-up aspect so that you will get everything. Many different designs and combinations are available. The game allows you to express yourself while also overcoming obstacles freely. Finally, it’s a free-to-play title with advertisements and in-app purchases that may irritate some users.

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Mystic Prince Dress Up

Mystic Prince Dress Up

Most of the best dress-up games on this list target teen girls. That being said, males may enjoy using male avatars, too! Mystic Prince Dress Up is the perfect game for you if you’ve ever wanted to dress up like a magical prince.

The male avatar may wear several costumes throughout the game. You may also dress like an elf in the shire or a samurai from Japan in the game. The skin tone, facial features, expressions, and overall size of your avatar may all be customized. In other words, it is the most adaptable dress-up game for smartphones!

In Mystic Princess Dress Up, one of the greatest dress-up games available, you may develop your characters. If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons or any tabletop RPG fan, you’ll love how easy it is to create a unique character in this popular dress game. Whether you want to use the game’s features, it’s one of the best places to show off your imaginative cosplay. Finally, the game is entirely free and only includes advertisements.

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Dress Up Azalea

Dress Up Azalea

Azalea, a dress-up game for Android, is one of the most popular games. Children will like the game’s humorous graphical style. The game’s appeal to adults may be a factor in its popularity.

A pretty young lady with long black hair must be dressed in Azalea the Dress-Up. Azalea’s profile states that she is awestruck by all things sweet and wonderful. A few examples of things she could appreciate are flowers, cats, and shiny fabrics. It’s your job to dress Azalea in her favorite outfits, so she’ll be delighted.

Hair, makeup, and clothing may make Azalea happier. Combining and matching three color palettes is possible with the game’s various customization choices. Even though Dress Up Azalea is more accessible to play than its competitors, it’s still a lot of fun.


If you’re looking for a fun fashion game to play on your phone or tablet, we’ve got the perfect solution! Whether you want something simple and casual like My Little Wardrobe, or something with more of an edge, such as Hipster Girl free Dress Up Games, there’s plenty to choose from. And don’t worry; these games are available for Android and iOS devices so everyone can enjoy them! So put on your designer hat and get ready to create some amazing outfits in one of these 15 best fashion dress-up games for adults!

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