The 12 Best Auto Clicker For Android Without Root

Do you want to get more out of your Android device? If so, then you should check out auto-clicker apps. These apps allow you to automate specific tasks, saving you time and energy. Many auto clickers for Android without root options are available on the market, but not all of them are worth your time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 12 best auto clicker for android without root apps!

Auto-clicker and automation applications are programs that automate various activities, procedures, and operations on your Android phone. Auto tapping feature generally needs a mobile or floating control panel to operate; you may start, stop, and pause your clicks using them. Automation apps can perform automatic clicking or tapping and can be programmed to execute any function your device is capable of achieving.

Automation apps can assist you in getting the most out of your mobile phone or tablet by allowing you to automate various functions and activities. Without requiring root access, these auto-tapper applications can help you perform tasks like gaming actions, system maintenance, and practically any other operation or action that your device may execute.

To ensure that these applications function on your Android device, go to Settings > Accessibility and turn on permissions for the app you want to use after downloading. However, apps nowadays typically request access to your device automatically when you download them.

Auto Clicker For Android without Root

  1. MacroDroid
  2. Click Assistant
  3. QuickTouch
  4. Auto Clicker
  5. AnkuLua
  6. AutoInput
  7. E-Robot
  8. Automate
  9. Droid Automation
  10. Blue Point
  11. Game master
  12. Auto Clicker Lite



MacroDroid is macro-based automation software that enables you to automate everyday chores and operations. The MacroDroid allows you to fully utilize your device’s capabilities while reducing input efforts by providing more than 100 pre-coded actions.

MacroDroid can automate various functions, including reducing battery usage, managing data connections, and generating custom sound profiles. Scripts, plugins, and user-defined variables are available for more customization for more advanced users. The program has a free basic version with a five-macro limit and an unrestricted Pro edition.

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Click Assistant

Click Assistant

Clicking or touching your screen repeatedly might get tiresome after a while. It’s possible to save time using Click Assistant to automate this process.

Click Assist is the automatic clicker app that doesn’t simply automate clicks but includes pinch and curved swipe automation. You may also customize the period between these gestures, how long each tap will last, and how long the loop will run.

You’ll find it simple to use and don’t have to root your phone to use it. You may automate your gestures using scripts. Additionally, Click Assistant is equipped with a floating control panel that allows you to manage other apps while using this one. This functionality makes it simpler to position the pointer at precise locations in a game.

One of the additional features of the Click Assistant is its anti-detection feature. Although I’m unsure if it can bypass all games, you may turn on this option to click at random intervals on a scale you can alter.

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auto clicker for android without root

Another mobile app that enables fast, precise auto-tapping is Quicktouch. The app has a floating panel as its start/stop controller, which can be positioned wherever needed for mobile games that need quick, repetitive tapping. As required, change the click delay, duration, and timeout period.

The QuickTouch app is compatible with Android 7.0 and up, is free to download, and offers a Pro edition for a low price.

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Auto Clicker

auto clicker for android without root

If you’re searching for a simple solution, the Auto Clicker software is ideal. This program can handle everything from repeated clicks to multiple points and different swipes.

Setting up settings won’t be complicated with a straightforward and user-friendly design. You may also create a global timer that sets the app to run for a long time.

Auto Clicker does not need root access because it is Android-based. Ensure you have at least an Android 7.0 and that the app has Accessibility permissions.

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auto clicker for android without root

AnkuLua is a framework that automates actions you’d take using an app or game. You don’t need to write any code or understand any programming languages; all you have to do is record your activities and establish any other criteria you want.

The game developers of the AnkuLua game provide a community forum where app users can post scripts and suggestions and receive assistance. The app is free to download and works with Android 4.0 and later versions. A-Pro version containing more features is also available for purchase, with prices varying based on the license length you choose.

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auto clicker for android without root

Another Android auto clicker that does not require a rooted device is AutoInput. There is, however, a condition. Because this is simply a plugin for Tasker, you’ll need to have it installed on your phone.

To fully use this software, you must be familiar with various Tasker profiles and how they function. After downloading both programs, go to Settings > Accessibility and enable AutoInput and Tasker.

Although Tasker isn’t free, the good news is that you can try out this plugin for two weeks with a two-week trial of the software. There is also a seven-day trial for AutoInput, so you may test whether this is what you need or not. Users have praised the app plugin, and I’m sure you’ll also enjoy it. Although learning AutoInput might be difficult initially, it’s a great program once you get the hang of it.

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auto clicker for android without root

E-Robot supports various event types and action types that can be modified by parameters, with more than 170 different events and over 150 distinct actions. The app may run events oriented toward a specific location, tailored to an individual’s needs, or triggered by a particular time.

E-Robot supports Android 4.0 and, later, can run JavaScript and comes with third-party tools like Ipack icons and plugins. The free version has no feature restrictions, but it does show advertisements. Purchase a Pro key or contribute to the developer to remove the advertising from the free edition.

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auto clicker for android without root

Automate is comparable to Automagic because it employs flowcharts to define automation sequences and activities. Flowcharts may be edited by adding or deleting building blocks, represented graphically as charts.

The program includes many building components to modify, such as alarms, account synchronization, notifications, Bluetooth, contact management, calendar, camera, Gmail integration, and more. A vibrant online community inside the app shares creative ways to use it.

Automate is a free and easy-to-use program for setting up automated daily tasks on your Android phone. It works with Android 4.0 and later versions and is free to download. There are no limits to the number of running blocks in the Premium version.

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Droid Automation

auto clicker for android without root

This auto clicker for android without root app allows you to automate your Android device, just as the name implies. However, unlike the previous applications, Droid Automation does not employ flowcharts to show what you want to automate. It’s not an auto-clicker for Android, but it can be made to mimic one.

To begin, you’ll need to build a profile. After choosing particular triggers and activities and setting them up correctly, that’s all there is to it.

Droid Automation is simple enough to use. There are infinite possibilities for what you may automate with a vast range of activities and triggers that you can customize. Android Automation is entirely free, although the premium edition offers extra functionality.


Blue Point

blue point

The Blue Point – Auto Clicker app is an excellent way to manually tap your phone’s display screen. Optimize your smartphone’s use with specific settings. The touch intensity and the number of repeats may be adjusted.

Set the Blue Point – Auto Clicker application to be opened on the phone screen where you want it to be activated. How often you want the app’s Blue Point – Auto Clicker to carry out your selected tasks is up to you.

Then, under the “Start” button, select which program you’d like to use and double-click it—no more wasting your time on these tiresome errands! This will save you time and energy, enabling you to concentrate on more important matters.

The “Favorites” area allows you to store your configurations and return them to them later. Choosing the previously-stored sequence of activities is only necessary if you want to use it again.

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Game master

game master

This is the most well-known auto-clicking app for gaming, as indicated by its name. It doesn’t need a device without root; therefore, it may be used in any game. In addition, this auto clicker has a user-friendly interface that is quite remarkable.

First, record all your gestures by pressing the “record” button. You may do any moment to set the time and length of your taps. The touchpoints may be hidden or displayed at any moment. Then, if required, alter the frequency of your clicks. Using the primary functionality of this application, you may point and click on certain areas of the screen. In addition, it’s easier to switch between offline games while using the app.

Overall, the Game master software’s performance is flawless. However, in the case of specific users, the program may crash and restart from time to time.

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Auto Clicker Lite

mobile auto clicker

The auto-clicker program may be used by individuals who wish to use it once in a while, and we have a lite version of well-known software that enables you to record your clicks and then repeat them.

Auto Clicker Lite supports more than 20 languages so that you can choose the language of your application. First, pick the app’s speech – conveniently, Auto Clicker Lite is available in over 20 languages.

Place the points by clicking on the map and adjusting all settings. There are limitations to how many times a cycle may be repeated and its duration.

Even though the app is easy to use, with its user interface design, and even if the functionality seems to be OK, it’s still valid for a light version of the software that doesn’t need rooting.

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What is an Auto Clicker, and How Does it work?

An auto clicker is an app that allows you to automate specific tasks on your Android device. This can include clicking on buttons or links or even performing particular actions. Auto clickers work by using predefined rules to determine when and how the app should be used. This can be a great way to save time and energy, especially if you need to do a lot of repetitive tasks.

What are the mechanics of Auto-Clicker Apps?

Auto clicker apps work by simulating a single tap on the screen. This can be used to auto-click on buttons or to auto-fill out forms. Some auto-clicker apps also allow you to specify a custom delay, determining how long you want to wait between each simulated tap.

Benefits of using an Auto Clicker on Android

There are many benefits to using an auto clicker on Android. For one, it can help you save time by automatically clicking on objects or buttons for you. Additionally, auto clickers can help you improve your gaming performance by clicking on things faster than you could on your own. Finally, an auto-clicker App can also be used to automate specific tasks on your Android device. Some other Benefits include

Standard benefits:

  • Save time and energy by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Make complicated tasks simpler with a few mouse clicks.
  • Get more out of your Android device.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel productive and efficient.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of completing tasks quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do people use Auto Clicker Applications?

People use auto-clicker apps to automate specific tasks on their devices. In particular, auto-clicker apps can automate clicking on objects or buttons in games or other apps. This can be helpful for the game player who wants to speed up the process of completing a game or for users who wish to save time by automating specific actions within an app.

Why won’t my Auto Clicker work?

If your auto clicker app is not working, there are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Ensure that you have enabled the auto clicker in your device’s settings.
  2. Ensure you have selected the correct object or button to be clicked.
  3. If neither of these solutions works, try restarting your device.

What is the Fastest Auto clicker for Android?

Speed AutoClicker is an incredibly quick automatic clicker capable of clicking more than 50,000 times in one second. It enables you to program an activation key to switch the automated clicking.

Is Auto Clicker Safe for Android?

Because clicking or touching your screen over and over again might get tedious after a time, auto clickers are safe to use with Android. Automating this operation with the help of the Auto Clicker program makes it possible to achieve time savings.


With so many different apps on the market, it can be challenging to find a good one. We put together this list of the 12 best auto clickers for Android without root options available. Hopefully, you’ll be able to choose from these and get more out of your Android device! If not, feel free to reach out our team is happy to help!

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