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Latest Hijab Styles, Chest Area

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Hijab is a rectangle or square piece of clothing worn around the head. It is more like a religious obligation on Muslim women. It is a tedious task to manage and carry a headscarf, especially in the warm Pakistani weather. Still, modern Pakistani women have adopted the latest urban hijab styles in pretty shades and breathable fabrics. Read on for best quick, and latest hijab styles in Pakistan. You can wear these hijab styles to work or party and you will never feel out of place.

best hijab style in Pakistan


What is hijab:

Hijab is a synonym for Muslim women. It is an emblem of modesty and chastity in Islam. Muslim ladies are obligated to dress modestly and cover their hair and chest area with a piece of cloth. Most of the world relates hijab to being orthodox or conservative. But modern Muslim women have proven them wrong with their trendy latest fashionable hijabs. For many urban Muslim girls headscarf is a fashion statement. Carrying a headscarf in latest styles that looks trendy yet covers you nicely is definitely a task.  But with hundreds of tutorials available on the internet, you can learn and adopt quick and latest hijab styles in no time.

How to tie a headscarf, headscarf, Muslim women

Quick Hijab Styles:

Gone are the days when hijab was plain and black. These days girls wear hijab in beautiful colours and prints. And you can learn how to tie a headscarf in multiple ways too. The headscarf is either paired with a gown or a regular dress. The idea is to look stylish and elegant without compromising on modesty.

Here are some quick and latest hijab styles that you can carry in Pakistan. You can fuse headscarf with your western looks or add flair to your traditional eastern looks with hijab colours and styles.

Best Hijab Styles for Pakistan:

In most parts of Pakistan weather tends to stay warm around the year. To beat the heat and look stylish in hijab you need to try different styles and fabrics and find what suits you best.

Breathable Fabrics for stylish hijab:

The best thing you can do to look all glammed up is making yourself comfortable. And breathable light fabrics, like lawn or cotton, are a good start for that.

latest hijab styles

Light and Nude shades of  urban Hijab styles:

The nude shade looks extra fabulous in summers. They look especially chic on a sunny day. The light pastels and nude colour hijabs are just perfect for work too. Subtle shades also add a glow to the skin.

Best Hijab Styles in Pakistan, Muslim Women

Modern and chic prints:

Floral or geometrical prints and embroidery on a headscarf can add so much to the look. The printed scarf can add an edge to your look. You can create a light and feminine look with floral or dotted prints. Or you can go for an urban style statement with geometric or bold prints.

Hijab styled as turbans:

Latest Hijab Styles, Chest AreaThe turban Hijab is mostly worn in the west. The idea is to cover the hair, but it is not a proper hijab as it doesn’t cover the neck and chest area of Muslim women. Still, it is being adopted in Pakistan too. You can pair a turban hijab with another stole or a high neck shirt to get a more covered look.

Modern hijab Styles


Dare to be Different with your modern hijab look:

If you are the bold and beautiful girl who wants to stand out in a crowd. You can try some not so traditional looks. Like some variations of the turban headscarf styles.

Latest hijab styles, headscarf, Muslim women

Shawl or Stole Hijab Style:

Shawl or stole is a rectangular piece of fabric that you can wrap around your head and set with pins. Or you can achieve a quick hijab for work look by loosely wearing it like a Dupatta.

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Glam your hijab up with accessories:

Who said your headscarf is supposed to look plain and dull. True that you cannot wear your earrings with most hijab styles. But you can try other jewellery pieces to add the bling to your everyday look.

Face shape, fashionable hijab,

Hijab Styles with under caps:

A quick hijab style can be achieved when you pair your headscarf with an under cap. This look can be your hijab style for work, as it is easily achievable and stays on for long.

Quick Hijab, how to tie a headscarf, face shape
Source: Hijabi fashion

The sporty hijab:

For the sporty ladies out there, now your gym, yoga or swimming outfit doesn’t have to be revealing or immodest. You can try sporty hijabs made especially for the Muslim women who are into physical activities.

Fashionable hijab, Chest area, Muslim women, hijab for work

The traditional hijab:

The traditional hijab is the easiest to wear. Just wrap it around your head and you are good to go.

quick hijab trends

The Hijabi Bride:

The trend of wearing hijab on the wedding day is also getting popular in Pakistan. Most Hijabi girls choose to wear Headscarf with their wedding dress. And honestly, they look marvellous.

Hijab color,

So, that’s all about the best urban hijab styles in Pakistan. There are many more styles that you can create by using inspiration and creativity together. You can adapt these looks as your hijab style for work too.

Do share your favourite way of wearing the headscarf with us in the comments.


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