Where is the Wettest Place on Earth 2022

If you’re wondering where the wettest place on the earth is, you’ve come to the right place! Most people think the wettest spots on the earth are in the Mariana Trench, China (Sichuan), Guinea (Bioko), Cameroon, or in the Atlantic. However, anyone who thinks that is wrong. In fact, Mawsynram, the small village situated in India, is the rainiest city on Earth! Even though most rainy countries in the world are centered on the equator, they’re not recognized as the wettest places on the earth.

Meteorologists classify the wetness of a place on the basis of the average annual precipitation. This includes fog, rainfall, snow, drizzle, and everything wet. The topography of the land, whether there are lakes, oceans, and seas nearby, latitude, temperature, and wind patterns contribute to the rainfall patterns and determine which is the wettest place on the earth.


Wettest Place on Earth

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Mawsynram, India

rainiest place on earth

The Guinness book of world records recognizes the village of Mawsynram as the rainiest-place in the world. This village receives an astounding average annual rainfall of 11,871 mm (467.4 inches). The reason for the heavy-rain was the moist monsoon winds coming from the Bay of Bengal. Its location on the Khasi hills that overlooks the plains of Bangladesh also constitutes the amount of rain per year.

The people living here use grass to soundproof their huts from the deafening rain and almost never leave without an umbrella.


Cherrapunji, India – highest rainfall in the world

wettest place on earth

Located 15km from Mawsynram also on the Khasi hills, this village has also previously been known as the rainiest-place on the earth and featured in the Guinness Book. Despite being the second wettest place on the earth, it receives 11,777mm (463.7 inches) of rain per year. This village also receives its rainfall from the Bay of Bengal.

Both of these rainiest-places are located in the Meghalaya state. The people who live here use basket-like covers made from reeds to shield themselves from the heavy rain.

Despite not being anywhere near being the rainiest country, these two cities from India often get the first spot on the list of wettest places on Earth.


Tutunendo, South America – rainiest place in the world

This city is present in the northwestern region of Colombia, South America, and marks its spot on the list of most rainy cities as the third wettest place on the earth. With a population less than 1,000, Tutunendo is a small town with a climate similar to tropical rainforests, high humidity, and lack of wind, extreme warmth, and a lot of precipitation. Additionally, it has two rainy seasons!

Due to this, the city is basically brimming with rain. The average annual rainfall of this city is 11,770 mm (463.38 inches).


San Antonio de Ureca, Africa



The capital of Equatorial Guinea, San Antonio de Ureca is the rainiest country in Africa. It receives about 10,540 mm of rain per year. The dry season here starts from November to March, the rest of the year, the rainy season follows with heavy rain.

During the dry seasons, tourists often come here to watch the turtles lay eggs ashore.


Big Bog, Maui, Hawaii

most rainy cities

Big Bog is a major tourist attraction and the heavy rainfall doesn’t affect the number of tourists in any way. The big bog is the largest high-altitude bog on the Hawaiian Islands and requires either a helicopter ride or a two-days hiking adventure to be accessed!

It is also the wettest place in Hawaii, present on the island of Maui and the average annual rainfall here is 10, 272 mm (404 inches)!

The climate in the Big Bog is like that of a tropical rainforest – dry but with constant rainfall. The dampness from the northeast trade winds up the steep mountain slopes is the main cause of precipitation here.


Mt Waialeale, Kuai, Hawaii

wettest spot on earth

One of the wettest spots in the world is the extremely slippery, rain-forested mountain of Hawaii, and the Wailua village in Kauai that’s known for its splendid waterfalls. Mount Waialeale is the second-highest point in the Hawaiian Islands on the island of Kauai.

The name literally means ‘rippling water” or “overflowing water” which is rather fitting considering the mountain gets five times the amount of rainfall compared to the other mountain peaks in Kaua’i.

Being one of the rainiest-places, it has an average annual rainfall of 9,763 mm (452 in.)! It is the third wettest place in Hawaii and was the wettest spot on the earth in 1982!


Kukui, Maui Hawaii – rainiest place in the world

most rainy country

Kukui is the highest peak of Mauna Kahalawai and the third wettest in the state. It is one of the rainiest-places and the soil here is dense, deep, and acidic. Being in one of the rainiest-places on the earth, the mountain receives an average of 9,293 mm of rain making it the 9th wettest place on the earth.

It also holds the annual rainfall record for being the rainiest-place in the USA with more than 17902 mm of rain in 1982.


Frequently Asked Question

Is Hawaii the Wettest place on Earth?

Mount Waialeale is the second-highest point on the Hawaiian island. This place is known as the wettest spot on the earth because it receives most of the rain. The annual raindrop is about 10 in. (250mm). The steepness of the mountain plays a major role in making the area wet. The trade wind brings all the moisture and wind. So, Hawaii is the wettest sport on the earth.

Where is the Wettest place on Earth based on Annual precipitation?

According to recent decades, Mawsynram is considered the wettest place in the world. It receives over 10,000-millimeter rainfall. A large amount of rainfall was recorded in the monsoon season. It is one of the rainiest cities situated in India.

What is the Rainiest Country?

All around the world, all the countries receive rainfall. Columbia is considered the rainiest country. The record says it receives s 3,240 mm rainfall.

Which Country Rains every day?

Mawsynram and Cherrapunji both cities are located in India. Both cities are 10 miles away from each other. Mawsynram is a city that receives rain daily. Although it does not rain all day long, it receives rain every day. It considers as the rainiest city.

Which Country has no Rainfall?

The driest place on the earth is Antarctica. The katabatic winds are the reason for the lack of rainfall. This wind has heavy moisture that gravity pulls down and makes the valley driest. The ice is permanently covered in the whole area the depth is 3 to 4 meters.

Is it Ever not Raining in the World?

No, due to the water cycle there will be rainfall. Almost all the country receives rain in very rare cases it happens that no rainfall on the earth. It is the phenomenon of nature that evaporated water makes clouds. Moisture makes the cloud fall on the earth as rain.

Which Country has no Trees?

Qatar is a country having no trees. This country hardly receives any rainfall throughout the year. Now they start planting a man-made tree with 40,000 trees.

What’s the Driest thing on Earth?

The Atacama Desert is the driest thing on the earth.


Both the villages of the Meghalaya state often compete with each other to be on the top of the list. The top of South America, Central, and West Africa, and the islands of southeast Asia tend to be the rainiest cities. However, Hawaii is without a doubt one of the rainiest countries on Earth.

However, the wettest spot on the earth keeps changing, maybe next year some other city will mark its place on the list as the rainiest-place on the earth.

But for now, if someone you know says the Marian Trench is the wettest place on the earth, you can show them this article!

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