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Entertainment has no boundaries, and people always look for alternative ways to have fun. Are you one of those who loves pranking and enjoying life? If yes, then we have found an alternative method for you. With the advancement in technology, a new genre has emerged for applications. This category contains the best see-through clothes software & apps for Android and iOS. These apps see through clothes and scan bodies. Now, before overworking your mind with offensive details, know it is a hoax. You cannot see through clothes; these apps create a bogus image and trick people. So, if you are planning to pull some practical jokes on your friends, download these apps. Please go through our list of see-through clothes apps for Android and iOS devices; find one app to fool your friends.  

See-through Clothes Apps

  1. Naked — 3D Home Body Scanner
  2. X-Ray Cloth Remover
  3. X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator
  4. X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator
  5. X-Ray Full-Body Simulator
  6. X-Ray Ghost Scanner
  7. Super X-Ray Camera
  8. Cloth Scanner Simulator
  9. X-Ray Alien Scanner
  10. X-Ray Fracture Foot Prank App
  11. Body Scanner
  12. Audery Girl Figure Scanner


Naked — 3D Home Body Scanner

	how to edit pictures to see through clothes on android

The Naked App allows you to scan your entire body and see how it looks naked. This application uses a unique sensor that measures the distance between the skin and the surface of the device. The scanner detects the position of the Human body parts and creates a 3D body scan based on collected data. In addition, you can compare yourself with others and see how your body corresponds to the average person.

You can use the app to measure your height, weight, waist circumference, chest size, hip width, arm length, calf length, foot length, and head volume. All measurements are taken directly from your smartphone without touching the screen.

After scanning, you can view the measurement results in 4 different projections. To change the projection angle, tilt your phone.

To track your progress over time, you can save your scans and compare them later. If you want to keep your data secure, you can choose to lock your database.

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X-Ray Cloth Remover

see thru clothes app

When you say old is gold, X-Ray Cloth Remover is one app that sees through clothes. It is quite an old see-through clothes app with an outdated and straightforward format. However, you can still get a fake x-ray and delude people into believing you can see their bodies.

Nowadays, you can find more innovative see-through clothes apps for Android. But if you want a simple app to prank your friends, it will do the job. 

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X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator

see thru clothes app

X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator is one of the best apps to see through clothes. The see-through clothes software can take pictures of your friends and show their basic version. Also, you can take their unclothed photos and dress them up with your choice.

With this help, see thru the clothes application, pranking your friends is easy. Just tell your friends you have a phone with a unique photo x-ray app. An app that can uncover what they have underneath their dresses. Then, see the disbelief and panic on their faces. But remember, this is only for entertainment purposes, so do not hurt anyone.

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X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator

Xray Body Scanner Simulator- How to use.

X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator is a see-through clothes iPhone app. As the name shows, this app replicates the job of an x-ray machine. It is an x-ray body scanner app that offers you x-ray images of anyone you wish to see.

You only need a functional phone with a camera. Download this app; the photo X-ray app will ask you to specify gender once you open it. After that, select the body parts that you want to scan. Point the camera toward the person and capture a photo. The picture you get will expose the body parts you selected. 

This app is faux and does not have any x-ray capabilities. But it can be one of the best apps for see-through clothes to prank your friends. However, this see-through clothes software is only for above 18-year-old people.

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X-Ray Full-Body Simulator

see through clothes software

One of the top x-ray cloth scanner apps is X-Ray Full-Body Simulator. It helps you make other people believe that you can see their x-rays. This see-through clothes app for Android can scan the human skeleton and show realistic images.

The photo x-ray app asks you to specify a body part or scan the entire body. This app will impersonate the body parts of your friends. With clear and realistic scans, you can play a prank easily.

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X-Ray Ghost Scanner

see through clothes software

To create a spooky environment, go for X-Ray Ghost Scanner. If your companions are afraid of ghosts or paranormal activity, you can fool them with X-Ray Ghost Scanner. This see-through clothes iPhone app amuses you by using your phone’s sensors. It makes an impression that it is scanning for some source of paranormal activity.

Download this app and open it. Then point it toward your target and scan the body. This see-through clothes software only imitates an x-ray scanner. Also, it has an integrated option to share your photos on social media.

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Super X-Ray Camera

This is one cool see-through clothes app for Android devices. The Super X-Ray Camera shows a real-time video of the scanned body parts. So, you can see the skeleton of body parts with this app. Download this app and point the camera to the hand you want to scan.

The Super X-Ray Camera app will let you see the skeleton bones in real-time. To make it work better, the hand must be flat on the surface with fingers wide apart. Also, the background should be consistent and with contrasting colors. Then, this photo x-ray app will perform well and show a skeleton of the hand. 

So, entertain your friends with this fantastic see-through clothes app.

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Cloth Scanner Simulator

see through clothes app for android

It is one of the best apps to see through clothes that reveal a little more than other apps. Cloth Scanner Simulator takes all the information on the person you want to prank. Such as the gender and the specific body parts you want to scan. Then you can access this app’s super x-ray camera.

But, remember, as with any other see thru clothes app, it is also a bluff. This app that sees through clothes imitates to be an x-ray body scanner. It has many images of different models in its database. Cloth Scanner Simulator will find a body image similar to your targeted person. That’s how you get the results and play a prank on your friends.

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X-Ray Alien Scanner

X-Ray Alien Scanner

Another see-through clothes iPhone app that uses your phone’s sensors is X-Ray Alien Scanner. It imitates scanning the surroundings and detecting otherworldly creatures. You can have great fun with this see-through clothes app and fool your friends.

You only have to download this photo x-ray app. Then start the application and press the scanning option. The fun will begin by spotting any space inhabitant.

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X-Ray Fracture Foot Prank App

X-Ray Fracture Foot Prank App

This is the ultimate see-through clothes app for Android and iOS devices. As the name shows, this application helps you in pranking your friends with a fractured foot. It is one of the best apps to see through clothes that create almost authentic x-ray images. Thus, you believe your associates that there is a broken foot.

This photo x-ray app imitates x-ray scanning. It is not an actual x-ray scanner. Download this app, aim your camera toward your friend’s foot, and hit the scan. Soon, you will get a scanned image of the foot with a fracture. Thus, enjoy the panic on your friend’s face with fake x-rays.

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Body Scanner

see through clothes software

Another cloth scanner simulator that is a see-through clothes app for Android is Body Scanner. The interface and format of this app are somewhat realistic. Anyone can easily catch that it is a hoax. Hence, you cannot conceal your joke for long with this app.

However, this app that sees through clothes fulfills its purpose. You can take pictures of the body parts of your friends with this x-ray body scanner. Then select a similar body part of this app’s database.

So, if you swap the almost accurate body part within the picture, you might fool your friends. They will believe you, and you can enjoy their panic.

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Audery Girl Figure Scanner

Audery Girl Figure Scanner

Audery Girl Figure Scanner is another see-through clothes app for Android. This app sees through girls’ clothes and x-ray their bodies. But, of course, do not forget that it’s all fake. It shows the body parts of people you do not even know. Also, it does not scan the bodies in reality.

So, you can prank someone with this and make them fool. You can pretend you are scanning their bodies and then enjoy their reactions. But if you were hoping to see through clothes, that would not happen.

This app only has beautiful girls’ pictures; it would not work on men. If you want to trick your guy friends, check out another see-through clothes app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any device to see through clothes?

According to the experts that conducted the tests, a full-body scanner was built utilizing space radar technology. It was tested in China and yielded prominent images through the wearer’s clothing. According to the researchers, its exceptionally high resolution might assist in detecting concealed goods at security checkpoints, allowing for better precision in the process.

Can you see through clothes with a thermal camera?

No, thermal imaging cameras can only detect the temperature of the fabric and cannot see through it. However, they can determine the temperature of the material.

Final Words

These are the best apps to see through clothes if you like playing practical jokes. These best see-through clothes apps for Android and iOS are fun. With the help of fake images, you can make your friends nervous and enjoy their panicky condition. So, now you have a complete list at your hands to select a befitting see-through clothes software for you.  Please share your comments about see through clothes iPhone app in the comments below.

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