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Sometimes you receive an MMS but unable to download MMS. It is quite frustrating. But trying to think about multimedia message won’t download will make you frustrated more. However, MMS is one of the best ways to send media in a quick text. It works fine only if they reach their destined point. Sometimes, while being in the server, files got corrupted, and your MMS message won’t download. Can’t download MMS would annoy to you even if you use it mostly or not. So the thing is, how can you fix multimedia message won’t download?


MMS Messages not Downloading

There are, for sure, ways for that. Here in this article today, I am mentioning about the ways to fix MMS issues. You will also get to know that why you cannot download MMS. So let’s begin;


Check the Network Connection of Your Device

multimedia message wont download

It is a must! Sometimes, it occurs that your device does not have proper internet access. This ends up with a multimedia message that won’t download or your device failed to download attachment from multimedia message. Always make sure that you have turned on Wi-Fi or mobile data to download MMS files in your device easily. 


MMS messaging Needs to be enabled

multimedia message wont download


Here I am talking about the default messenger that you have in your Android device. However, this option is also available on any application you download from Play Store. So, open your messenger and go to settings. There will be an option labeled as Auto-retrieve. If you found that to be enabled, disable that. 

Disabling this is for the MMS message won’t download automatically. You need to click on the message to download it. When you deal with MMS download yourself, then it rarely makes issues in place of automatic MMS download. 

After this, to check, you can yourself send an MMS or ask your friend to send you an MMS to check if it’s working correctly or you still can’t download MMS 


Clear Previous Messages

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Again, go to the settings of your default messenger if you can’t download MMS. Find out how many options you got to clear up your previous messages. If your messages are not getting cleared and have a high option, then clear your message to solve multimedia message won’t download. This can surely take you away from unable to download MMS. 

Track the Application’s Issues

task bar android

If none of the above options fixed unable to download MMS, that shows that there is an app in your device hindering you from MMS download. The fact is that the most common reason behind this issue is killing apps. Currently, if you got any of those installed in your device, then get rid of it by installing to get rid of the issue can’t download MMS. 

Cleaner apps and antivirus service can be another culprit to make you unable to download MMS. Our recommendation is only to get rid of cleaner apps, as removing virus protection can be quite risky. However, if you have an antivirus in your device, then disable it for a bit of time to check if it’s making multimedia message won’t download. 


mobile security , unable to download mms

If you found out that any of these applications does not make your MMS message won’t download, then go down to all the apps you installed recently in your device. You need to check the functioning of each to find out the one that is making an MMS message won’t download. After finding and be sure that yes, in actual, this is the application cause multimedia message won’t download, then put your device to safe mode. After this, check the abilities of your MMS. Hopefully, you will solve the multimedia message won’t download issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is MMS messaging

MMS is the abbreviation of Multimedia Messaging Service that enables you to send videos, small files, and images via SMS

Does Sending MMS Demand Additional charges?

Yes, sending MMS would demand additional charges a bit. Also, the additional charges depend on the size of the file you are sending.

Differentiate Between MMS and SMS

SMS is abbreviated for Short Message Service, and MMS is abbreviated for Multimedia Messaging Service. The primary use of SMS is to send simple text messages to one another. However, MMS’s primary function is to send a simple text along with attachments of audios, videos, files, and images. SMS is also restricted just to send 160 characters at a time. 

Why are MMS messages not Downloading?

Examine the Android phone’s network connection if you cannot send or receive MMS messages. Open the phone’s Settings and then pat on “Wireless and Network Settings.” then tap “Mobile Networks” to ensure it’s on. In case, if not, you may enable it and attempt to ship an MMS message again.

Can’t receive MMS WIFI?

If your cellular provider (i.e. for example, Telenor) supports MMS over Wi-Fi, you can empower Settings” MMS Settings” MMS over Wi-Fi. In case your mobile network Doesn’t encourage MMS over Wi-Fi (or else You Aren’t certain), then Don’t activate MMS over Wi-Fi or if you do, MMS will stop working.

Can Receive MMS but Cannot send?

Assess the cellular data in your phone whether it’s Activated, As it requires to be enabled to send and then receive MMS or picture messages. There are a couple of reasons you may not able to send multimedia messages and They’re associated with your account, the system, or even the APN configurations in your Cell Phone.

How do I turn on MMS on my Samsung Galaxy?

Thus, to enable MMS, you have to first turn on the Mobile Data function. Tap the “Settings” icon in the Home screen, and then select “Data usage.” Twist the button into the “ON” position to trigger the data connection and enable MMS messaging.

How do I convert MMS to SMS?

Find the Menu button and then to Settings. There’ll be a choice referred to as input Mode’ or Encoding. You may observe 3 or 4 options in it. In case’ Automatic’ or it selects Unicode, this means your smartphone is switching SMS into MMS mechanically in Android

Can’t get MMS check APN settings?

Search in Google for your cellular providers’ APN settings. Then, get into mobile settings> then networks & wireless >then mobile networks> then access point names >” then your network” MMS. Accessing into this menu might differ based upon your android variant. Now go into extra MMS settings on your device and there you can try the APN option.

Fix Your MMS Issue!

The solution to multimedia message won’t download, the issue is extremely simple that we can’t think. You can still fix your can’t download MMS issue in a couple of seconds by powering your android device off and then on. It is affected to make you get rid of MMS message won’t download error if it’s happening.

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