How to Get your Jazz Tax Deduction Certificate Online in 2023

If you‘ve never filed your taxes, you may be scared off by all the mystery and complexity surrounding the method. Nonetheless, like many issues in life, as soon as you’ve filed your taxes, plenty of drama vanishes. In this article, we will discuss the jazz tax certificate download procedure.

In Pakistan, whenever you file your tax papers, your lawyer or income tax expert usually demands a tax certificate from the telecom operator you are using, along with other documents.

How to Get your Jazz Tax Certificate Online in 2020

Hence, the Jazz network is determined to fulfill the requirements of its users by facilitating them to download the jazz withholding tax certificate online, so this means that you don’t need to visit the customer service centers, stand in Queue along with your National identity card to obtain your Jazz tax certificate.

Effectively, Jazz has made our lives simpler as now we can get our Jazz tax certificates immediately on WhatsApp.

How can one Get a Jazz Tax Certificate Online-By using WhatsApp?

The overall process is very straightforward, and one must observe these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and type  Hi and send on 0300-3008000
  2. You’ll receive a reply asking for the services you need to go for
  3. Choose Tax Certificate, which is number 6
  4. Reply “6” in the same window
  5. Get your tax certificates in a couple of minutes

Download Tax Certificate Online through Jazz World App

As we all know, Jazz collects taxes against your number per Govt instructions and provides you with a tax certificate to submit to the tax return authorities.
You may also Obtain a Jazz Tax Certificate through Jazz World App. This App is your one-stop solution for your Jazz / Warid account needs. Now you can handle your account simply with just a few Clicks.
  1. To access your Tax Certificate, visit the Jazz World app on Google Play.
  2. Then tap the top right corner on the app home screen
  3. Then Go to Support
  4. Select the Tax Certificate option
  5. Then Select the Year for which you need the Tax Certificate
  6. Download Jazz Tax Certificate

Download Jazz World App

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