5G Services Launched by Zong: Do you Really Need It?

A new era of internet technologies commenced in Pakistan today. Zong CMPak conducted a successful trial of Zong 5G internet in Pakistan. With the 5G trials, Pakistan joined with few other countries ready for the 5G technology. In a press release by Zong, The company proudly stated, “the first and only operator to officially test 5G services in the country”.

The best cellular Data provider in Pakistan -Zong launched 5G :

Zong launched 5G

When it comes to data networks, Zong is the best. China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) was the first to introduce 4G internet. And now staying ahead of all the cellular companies in South Asia Zong has become the first mobile service provider to test 5G technology in Pakistan. Backed by the 11,000 4G towers all over Pakistan Zong is ready to serve its clientele of 13 million 4G customers, whenever the 5G technology comes to Pakistan.

Some months back, Zong was the first company to request PTA for permission regarding 5G technology trials by Zong. This lead to PTA to defining rules of 5G testing in Pakistan. And today the Zong 5G history was made.

The historical event of 5G trials Pakistan was held in Islamabad:

On the auspicious occasion of the first-ever test trials of 5G internet, the CEO of Zong Wang Hua said, “This success marks an important milestone in Pakistan’s telecom sector,” In his speech, Hua further said, “5G will herald a new era in Pakistan’s social and economic sectors.”

He reminded the audience that it was Zong who introduced 4G internet 5 years back in Pakistan,  Zong launched 5G to Pakistan which we think is an important bridge to meet technological needs of the future.

It Looks like Zong is going to be the pioneer in providing 5G services to its ever-growing loyal customers. The companies policy and determination to be a part of the growth process of Pakistan are evident by the press statement, “Zong believes that 5G will bring more profound and long-term changes to Pakistan’s economic transformation, social progress, and people’s livelihood improvement in the future. It is expected that 5G will have an impact on health care, agriculture, and education.”

The color full event was held in Islamabad with quite a few prominent faces in the crowd. The Information Technology and Telecommunication Division Secretary Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui congratulated Zong for the successful Zong 5G trials. And for putting Pakistan on the Short-list of 5G technology ready companies.  He also acknowledged the Zong effort to improve the infrastructure of telecommunication in Pakistan.

The information secretary said Zong is one of the more important ties between Pakistan and China. He further added that the government is aiming to bring more innovations through science and technology in the country. He stressed that every Pakistani has a right to access the Zong 5G technology. And every Pakistani should take benefit of science and technological advancement.

Zong and Huawei signed Memorandum of Understanding:

Another highlight of the Zong 5G test trial event was the signing of a memorandum of Understanding between Zong and Huawei. The two companies will join hands to establish a 5G innovation center in Pakistan.

5G trials Pakistan


The PTA chairman retired Maj Gen Amir Azeem Bajwa, was also a part of the press release. In his speech, he said, “The country will soon be able to enjoy 5G services which will be introduced for commercial purposes.” He added that the Pakistan telecommunication authority is making tremendous efforts to lay out the plan for launching 5G services in the country. He said that at PTA we believe 5G would bring a revolution in the world of internet technology.

So, are you excited about the Zong 5G technology? and do you think you need it? we do, definitely would love to try high-speed quality 5G technology by Zong.

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