How to Delete An App on Mac?

Looking for how to delete an app on a mac? There are many reasons why it might become necessary to delete an application from your Mac computer completely. Maybe you accidentally downloaded malware or are tired of having a particular app cluttering your screen. Whatever the reason, several methods exist for getting rid of unwanted programs. This article will look at different ways to remove an app from your Mac.


Using Trash to Remove Applications from Your Mac

If you want to uninstall an app on your Mac, there are a few different ways. One way is to find the app in your Applications folder and drag it to the Trash. This is the easiest way to uninstall an app if you don’t want to leave any traces of it on your computer.

  • On your Mac, launch a fresh instance of the Finder. You may accomplish this by clicking the icon in your Dock that resembles a face that is half gray and half blue.

how to uninstall app in mac

  • After that, select Applications from the menu on the left. You may also access the Applications folder on your computer by simultaneously hitting the Command key, the Shift key, and the A key on your keyboard (COMMAND+SHIFT+A Key).

how to uninstall apps on the mac

  • The next step is to click & drag an application onto the symbol representing the trash can in your Dock.

how uninstall apps in mac

  • To finish, pick Empty Trash from the drop-down menu that appears when you right-click the trash can. If you are working with a trackpad, users can accomplish this task by simultaneously holding down the Control key and clicking on the Trash icon.

how to delete an app on mac

Please note that just the application itself will be removed from your device if you drag it to the Trash. Even though the orphaned files that are left behind are often relatively small, there is a possibility that some of them might contain harmful malware.


Use a Third-Party Uninstaller to Delete Mac Apps

You can use the built-in uninstaller or a third-party uninstaller to uninstall an app on a Mac. To use the built-in uninstaller, open the “Applications” folder, then find and select the app you want to uninstall. To delete the program, right-click on it and choose “Move to Trash.” When using the app, empty the Trash to delete it permanently.

You may use a third-party uninstaller on your Mac, such as App Cleaner, to remove an application and all its associated extra files, including any orphaned data. Save the file to your device, then install and run the application. The next step is to click the delete button after dragging an application into the AppCleaner window.

These instructions are specific to the AppCleaner application, although a wide variety of uninstallers available from third parties may be used in its place.

  • You may get the app by going to the website for AppCleaner and downloading it. AppCleaner is an app that does not cost anything to use. You may download it by selecting the version from the drop-down menu that is appropriate for your version of macOS.

uninstall apps mac

  • After that, launch the file that you downloaded. The installation file may be found in the Downloads folder on your computer. Simply dragging the application into the Applications folder will save it to your device.


  • After that, drop an application into the window of the uninstaller. The software will take a little while to scan all the additional files.


  • Click the button labeled “Remove” or “Delete” to finish. Ticking those boxes to the left of every file and folder allows the application to remove the specific folders and preference files you have chosen.


The App Uninstaller: How to use it for Mac Users?

If you want to uninstall an app on your Mac completely, you can use an app uninstaller. App uninstallers are specialized tools that can help you completely remove apps from your Mac. To use an app uninstaller, first find the app you want to uninstall in the Finder. Then drag the app to the Trash. Once the app is in the Trash, you can empty the Trash to complete the uninstallation process. Some apps come with their uninstallers. If an app has its uninstaller, you can use that to uninstall the app.

It is strongly suggested that you use the application’s included uninstaller program to perform the uninstalling procedure in the most secure manner possible.

  1. You may launch a new Finder window by clicking anywhere on the desktop and simultaneously hitting the Command and N keys.
  2. To access your applications, select them from the menu on the left.
  3. Launch the application whose folder you need to open to remove it. If the application is not contained within a folder, then the application most likely does not have an uninstaller.
  4. To use the app’s uninstaller tool, double-click on its icon.
  5. To uninstall the application, follow the on-screen instructions.


Using Launchpad, How to Uninstall the App on a Mac?

Launching the Launchpad before removing an app from a Mac is necessary. You can do this by clicking the Launchpad icon in the Dock or using the trackpad gesture. Once the Launchpad is open, find the app you want to uninstall and click and hold on its icon until all of the icons start to jiggle. Then, click the “X” on the app’s icon. The app will be uninstalled and removed from your Launchpad. Let us explore step by step.

  • Launch the Launchpad application on your Apple Mac. You can launch this application from within the Applications folder if the Dock does not display it for you.
  • The next step is to find the program you wish to remove from your computer.
  • The next step is to click & hold the icon of the program. After a few moments, the symbol will wobble, and an X will appear in the screen’s top-left corner.
  • After that, you should choose the “X” that appears.


  • In the end, choose the Delete option to confirm.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to Remove Apps from my Mac?

As a macOS user, you might wonder if you need to remove apps from your Mac to free up storage space. The answer is: it depends. If you have apps you never use taking up disk space on your hard drive, then it might be a good idea to delete them. However, if you have apps that you regularly use, removing them is probably not necessary.

There are two main ways to delete apps on a Mac: through the Launchpad or by uninstalling them. To delete an app through the Launchpad, hold the Option key and click on the app icon. The app will then disappear in a puff of smoke. To uninstall Apps, click on the app icon and select “Remove” from the drop-down menu bar.

If you want to remove an app from your Mac, including all its associated junk files, you can use a third-party app like AppCleaner or CleanMyMac. These apps will help you locate and delete all unwanted files associated with a particular app so you can get rid of them for good.


Difference Between Uninstalling vs. Deleting Apps on a Mac?

When you want to remove an app from your Mac, you have two options: delete and uninstall. Deleting an app is a more straightforward process – it just involves dragging the app icon from your Applications folder to the Trash. However, this doesn’t remove all the app’s files from your computer. Uninstalling an app is a more thorough process that removes all the leftover files associated with the app. This can free up space on your Mac, especially if you’re deleting large or multiple apps. To uninstall an app, you can use a dedicated uninstaller like AppCleaner or MacKeeper. Or, you can follow the uninstallation process for the specific app you’re removing.


How to Delete an App on Mac when it’s open?

  • Press the Command key, and the space bar will open Spotlight ( cmd+space)
  • Enter the text Activity Monitor.
  • Choose the appropriate program from the list.
  • You may close the window by clicking the X in the top upper left corner of the screen.
  • To confirm that you wish to terminate the process, click the “Force Quit” button.
  • Launch the Finder, and then navigate to the Applications directory.
  • Choose the appropriate program from the list.
  • Use the right mouse button to tap the Move to Trash button.


Final Thoughts

Now you know how to delete an app on a mac? There is a possibility that a virus is at blame if, despite your best efforts, you cannot remove specific applications from your Mac. If you want additional information, look at our tutorial on Best Free Cleaner For MAC in 2022.

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