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House of cards is an American thriller TV series like a political drama developed by Beau Willimon. All its characters have their own shades of grey. Similarly, one of its character Kevin Spacey was into portray of Frank Underwood. It’s not entirely true because the developer of show has already given extensively potential dialogues to Frank in all its seasons. All the dialogues in the program are like particular house of cards quotes. The dialogues are written in a good flow that calling them quotes from house of cards will be an accurate thing.

The dialogues in House of Cards are simply usable in quotes for daily life happening. For instance;

  1. “Of All The Things I Hold in High Regards, Rules Are Not One of Them.”

This dialogue for me is like funnier things. You can use this simply when you have been caught while cheating in exam or something. Seems funny right? You don’t hold rules as high regard wow!

house of cards quotes

  1. “Friends Make the Worst Enemies.”

This dialogue from the program is just like one of the house of cards quotes. You can use this in a situation when your best friend begins to do something bad to you. It could be backbiting you, going out with your ex, or something alike.

quotes from house of cards

  1. “After all, We Are Nothing More or Less Than What we Choose to Reveal.”

This is a dialogue you can use often. Yes, because nowadays people use to accuse everyone by saying fake. This of the house of cards quotes is very much resembling with such situation.

money is the mc

  1. “When Money is Coming Your Way You Don’t Ask Questions.”

This is something tricky! You can use this dialogue when you already get pocket money from your mom but after a bit of time your father also give you. Yes, this is possible but not always as money is the mc.

  1. “There are Two Kinds of Pain. The Sort of Pain That Makes You Strong, or Useless Pain. The Sort of Pain That’s Only Suffering. I Have No Patience for Useless Things.”

I can relate this dialogue just after a nasty breakup. Yes, you can say this after your useless breakup. Ha-ha!


political drama

  1. “Democracy is So Overrated.”

This of the all quotes from house of cards is simple. You can use this dialogue when someone or you yourself watching TV programs during exams.

  1. “I Love That Woman. I Love Her More Than Sharks Love Blood.”

Ha-ha! This makes me laugh. Using this dialogue at a time you get a suggestion to dump your girl will be quite appropriate.

kevin spacey

  1. “Generosity is its Own Form of Power.”

This is another of the quotes from house of cards. You can use this dialogue whenever you become quite generous to whom you don’t like. Yes, this happens! No one known where life takes us to, even in a situation when you have to be generous with your enemy too.

  1. “I’ve Always Loathed the Necessity of Sleep. Like Death, it Puts Even The Most Powerful Men on Their Backs.”

This is a dialogue you can use in your daily life when you are ordered at night to go to sleep.

climbing to the top

  1. “Proximity To Power Deludes Some into Thinking They Wield it.”

This is one other famous dialogue as the quotes from house of cards. You can use this dialogue in a situation when the pet of your boss also try to boss you. Oh! This could also happen.

All these dialogues are the epic quotes you can relate to your everyday life. If it makes you laugh let us know below!

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