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Playing game on a big screen is near to experiencing something real like 3D cinema movies, other than gaming through your mobile. In fact, you feel like you are living inside the game and possess controls of thrill, horror, adventure and race mechanics. Android TV is an advanced form of operating system and specially designed for smart TVs and other digital media players. Developed by Google, this platform has become a more stable kind and just a button away to reach to your all-time favorite programs and games. Looking for the best Android TV box games 2020? We have listed some of the best Android TV games free download types and paid versions as well.

Developers have put much effort in the improvement of Android TVs and now you can find a pretty good number of apps, games and a lot more. Keeping in mind the need and taste of users, Android TV offers to download and play the best and free games of all times. If you have been looking for the best Android TV games 2020 for your Android TV box, then this article is for you. So, before dipping your toes into any new Android TV box games, check these amazing games available for free download mentioned here.

Experiencing your favorite gameplay on a big screen is a dream for game lovers. In fact, playing games like Asphalt 8, Grand Auto Theft, and Final Fantasy unveil effective controls, when picked to gear on bigger box Android TV instead of the small smartphone screen.

Android TV Games

Frankly speaking, you will find a list of games on your Android TV box so that you may pass and play whenever you get bored of movies and routine serials. Therefore, I have listed some of the best Android box games for your full time entertainment. Let’s find out, these trendy gameplay for your Android TV and get addicted with their amazing graphics and controls in the box. So, without any further delay, learn about various gameplay, which you must play on your Android TV box. So, let’s jump into these popular Play Store video games.

Asphalt 8:

You are definitely going to love playing Asphalt 8 on your Android TV, a multiplayer. racing game. Available on the Google Play Store, Asphalt 8 is one of the best Android TV box games which you can play in your leisure time. Besides, this Asphalt 8 can be experienced playing on Mi Box. All you need to connect the Bluetooth gameplay with your Android TV and you are all ready to take control of your game. Asphalt 8 detects the device connected and guides you with the controls on the gamepad.

And who doesn’t love racing car games? You will be running your vehicle through a number of fascinating landscapes. So, with 220 cars and bikes with high performance spare parts, you can hit the roads of 40 different tracks in 16 different locations. These settings include French Guiana, Venice, Iceland, Nevada Desert and many more. This sounds like a huge arrangement, where you can speed up your cars and bikes without worrying about Newton’s gravity. Just dive into the air with speed and choose the right track to arrive at your destination first.

Asphalt 8-Airborne

Become an Airborne with Asphalt 8, an Android TV box game which comes up with a speedy race track, barrel rolls and a 360 jump while racing on the same track. You will get points each time you hit barrel rolls and dare to jump higher through the racing track. Asphalt 8 has become one of the popular game series after Need for speed. Once you start the game and get into the racing mode, it is hard to put down.

If you want to experience an ultimate racing action with another 8 real players from around the world, then install Asphalt 8 to witness an endless series of challenges and fun. You can customize the game controls according to your gameplay taste as well. And the music for the speedy Asphalt 8 arcade is so soothing that you enjoy your race throughout the game. So, over all Asphalt 8 is a cool choice to kill time enthusiastically and quickly. Moreover, its latest version Asphalt 9 is also available on the Play Store so that you can download it on your Android mobile, if you have completed all the levels of Asphalt version 8. Unfortunately, Asphalt 9 is not compatible with Android TV yet, so you can try Asphalt 8 for your car racing appetite.

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Crossy Road:

Crossy Road is one of the best Android TV box games and a generation version game. A game that can be played with the locals and online with multiplayer from around the world. Moreover, you will be facing a number of hurdles throughout the Crossy Road and hop forever by the train tracks, river tracks and Crossy Roads. Avoid falling into the water, hitting by the train or colliding with any other unwanted thing.

You will enjoy playing this simple Android TV box game with number of supportive innovations. The good thing is that Crossy Road is a game free to play after downloading from the Play Store on your smartphones. Isn’t it amazing? Kids can download it once and play this arcade game forever. Crossy Road is especially designed in a 150 retro style, inspired by the pop art characters.

However, you may not like the poor graphics of this game and it’s better to try this game on your Android TV instead of a gamepad. Anyhow, the easiest control schemes along with the fast movements makes Crossy Road a good game to play anywhere anytime.

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Into the Dead:

If you have been looking for a horror kind of game with a bunch of zombies chasing you in a dark place, then Into the Dead is a good option. From the perspective of visuals, sound, and graphics, Into the Dead is definitely going to give a real element of horror like in the movies. Watching it on a big Android TV screen will be much more impressive rather than just playing it on your Android smartphone.

Your goal is to stay alive throughout the game while running away from obstacles and zombies. Make sure you keep on a fast run, when the dead rises, so that you remain safe and sound. Perks of this one of the best horror Android TV box games include unlocking powerful weapons, which help you defend yourself against zombie attacks.

Into the Dead offers you with a number of missions and Minigoals against zombies and this is how you fight and run for your survival. Moreover, you can have effective controls in the game like moving left or right to hide and run from zombies or avoid being hit by any abandoned car. However, the running mode is an automatic feature during the game, but the rest you can manage to save yourself.

So, play a full horror mode game on your Android TV box and get a feel like theatre. Moreover, you can make highest scores and challenge your friends to beat it.

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Looking for the best Android TV game to get engaged with your friends? then BombSquad is the best game for you. A multiplayer game mode where you can use chuck bombs to hit your opponents and kill them. In fact, your goal is killing the other players, who can be your friends and winning the BombSquad game.

The game features around 8 players from local segment and online like ninjas, barbarians, pirates, explosions and many more. Playing BombSquad using the keyboard is a real kind of fun instead of trying it on a gamepad. So, the moment you attack the keyboard with your Android TV box for games like BombSquad, you are all ready to see the magic in this gameplay.

As a single player, you are definitely going to get yourself an entertainment package. However, BombSquad playing with your best buddy will be a real fun. Even the controllers are quite good for your action plans in the game and playing with a friend makes BombSquad more challenging than you can ever imagine. Interestingly, your phones or tablets can be used as a better controller for this epic game.

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Horizon Chase- World Tour:

Horizon Chase is another amazing Android TV game which now comes with an upgraded version of completing the world tour. So a new Hawaii Cup will be waiting for you with 2 new cars and 9 amazing racing tracks. So, Horizon Chase with the spice of World Tour has been ranked among the top 10 mobile games.

With the completion of every tour around the world, you will be rewarded with a cup. Moreover, Horizon Chase leads you to explore extraordinary places from all around the world. While racing you will face difficulties and many other situations like sun, rain, snow, volcano, sandstorm and extreme weather conditions.

However, like other Android TV box games, experiencing Horizon Chase World Tour on a big screen will be a real fun. Moreover, 16-bit graphic generation style makes this game interesting to be played on the Android TV. Besides, Android TV controllers, Horizon Chase is also compatible with the Google Nexus player, NVIDIA Shield, Samsung GP20 and many more.

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NBA JAM is a basketball game where you knock your opponents in a 2-on-2 arcade gaming mode. It comes up in four playing modes for your entertainment and you fly high to play the ball the way you want. So, all you have to jump right into the game play after selecting a suitable team. Then start a ballgame and win championships against your opponents in order to get the opportunity to unlock players, prizes, cheats, legends and lot more.

Therefore, defeating your enemies in the game is an enthusiastic way to earn a big lead over them. You can enjoy playing NBA JAM with local multiplayer which you find while connected with your local internet connection. And the fourth mode is choosing a friend online from your Google and enter into a NBA JAM basketball game. Remember that all players need to install updates and latest version of NBA JAM on their devices, if they want to avail online multiplayer mode.

So, if you have a gamepad that is compatible with Android TV, then you should play NBA JAM multiplayer mode on it. Unfortunately, like other Android TV games free download availability, NBA JAM is not free. And for this bundle of entertainment in a basketball match, you have to invest less money. Believe me! You are going to love it on your Android TV.

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GTA-Liberty City Stories:

Who don’t know about GTA game series? Even if anyone is least interested in games, they have heard about this popular game ever. Android TV ads more fun in playing this criminal kind of game. In fact, GTA, the Liberty City Stories is well-designed to be streamlined on the bigger Android TV box for its fans.

In the game, your character name is Toni Cipriani and you will be the one trusted by Leon Family. So, the story begins with your return in the Liberty City, after you murdered a man and keep on running and hiding from the higher authorizes in power. Now, you will see the city wrecking at the hands of political corruption, drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Liberty City is in a state of ambiguity regarding the situation on the streets and lack peace over the fight for seeking power.

However, you are now back in town with a mission of bringing the Leon Family back in power. Your plans will be hindered by morally corrupt business tycoons, mobs, politicians and your own mother as no one wants to see Leon family back in power again.

So, Toni being the wise man continues completing his goal despite the enormous rage. Playing GTA on Android TV gives a new entertaining experience with a support of physical controls, high resolution, perfect light and shadow modes along with stable gaming touch. I’m sure, you don’t want to miss experiencing Grand Theft Auto GTA on your Android TV now. However, GTA Liberty City Stories is not available free for download. Crazy fans of Grand Theft Auto would love to purchase it, because who doesn’t want to try this amazing story based game?

Buy For Rs. 700

Final Fantasy:

Final Fantasy is a game which comes in more than the single version followed by amazing graphics and storylines. You are definitely going to love the features of Final Fantasy III, IV, V, VI and IX offers. The unique characters, stories, battles, choices, promotions, challenges, graphics and in the end fantastic vehicles have created a standard identity for the Final Fantasy series.

Playing on Android TV box is definitely going to unleash new experiences. Although, Final Fantasy is one of the best Android TV box games, but you may find it expensive. Final Fantasy III, IV, V, VI and IX are available on the Google Play Store meanwhile setting a trend for the upcoming Final Fantasy series.

Buy For Rs. 1,100

Dead Trigger 2:

Just like Into the Dead, Dead Trigger 2 is based on zombie apocalypse where they move around in a torn world. You already know that zombie games are survival based and you either win or lose against the massive zombie mob. So, in Dead Trigger 2, you are the one running around the map and finding ways to survive in this hell-hole.

This game is available free to download from the Google Play Store and gives you a real terror feel, if you play it on your Android TV. The moment you get into the gameplay, you are in a kind of post-apocalyptic world where you find a number of zombies chasing you. Well, in your defense, you can use your handgun or a melee weapon. But you will rewarded with more weapons after completion of certain objectives. Thus, you keep on completing missions and opens new levels along with unlocking more weapons to kill zombies.

You have the option to customize the controls before starting the gameplay so that you get ready to save your life while completing the mission at the same time. Like other best Android TV box games, Dead Trigger 2 has an effective control strategy to fight against all odds. You are going to love playing this game.

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Machinarium is another award winning game out of Android games on TV. It is basically a puzzle game where you will act as a robot, who tries to save his girlfriend from a gang, who kidnapped her. So, the puzzle and the storylines are good enough for you to enjoy playing it on your Android TV.

Moreover, Machinarium is a kind of one time purchase game, which has updated to the Android TV version few years ago. And you are going to experience real and independent adventure game of puzzle. Although, the puzzle game is not a kind of prolonged game with a number of challenges, but you are going to like its simple format and graphics.

There are no in-app purchases or ads and all you have to purchase this from a single time to enjoy a hero-villain based puzzle game. Like other Android games on TV, single player puzzle game on a big screen will bring more fun to the game players.

Buy For Rs. 260 

Play Android TV Box Games:

We have listed the best Android TV box games which you can enjoy playing on your Android smartphone and on Android TV as well. If you have enjoyed any game on Android TV other than the ones listed here, then you can recommend it as well. But, we are sure that you will be thrilled with the Android TV games mentioned here, with vast genres like racing, adventures, puzzle, and horror.

We have explored Android TV games free download and paid version for the game freaks. So, get ready to experience high quality games compatible with your Android TV on this New Year 2020. However, if you have some new options in your mind for year 2020, which you think must be on the list, then do mention them in the comment section below.


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