Free Online Courses In Pakistan – Best Websites with Certificate

Nowadays online courses have become more popular among people. Online courses are attractive to those who want to get certificates and online degrees. It has become so common among students to get free online courses. It’s good news that many popular universities have introduced free online courses for a good education in Pakistan. Online computer courses in Pakistan is becoming very popular because it helps students to get free online courses with quality education and a valid degree. This article covers online courses free with certificates in Pakistan including online computer courses in Pakistan.

Free Online Courses In Pakistan - Best Websites with Certificate

So, if you have made your mind and ready to bright your future career this is a good opportunity to avail. The most important benefit of free online courses is that there is no need to be experienced or have a large amount of information. No need to pay heavy fees. There is no time limit and restriction. You just have to register yourself and start your certification.


Why choose free online courses in Pakistan?

online free courses in Pakistan

In recent years, online courses have become more beneficial in comparison to regular classroom learning education systems. Over time, eLearning courses have become popular among the students due to low cost and comfort from home.

On the other hand, traditional courses system has its own flaws like you have to travel to study and pay heavy dues. So, online courses are not only cost-effective, but you can study through virtual campuses while staying at home.

Students can utilize this platform by learning other courses like multi-media and other learning courses to enhance their skills level. Moreover, even if you get employed, you can still take time and schedule your commitments and take many online courses. This is a great way to increase their competency level effectively.

Free or paid online courses in Pakistan are attracting a huge number of students due to their convenience and cost-effectiveness. In fact, they find online computer courses in Pakistan a more efficient and easy way of learning.



online free courses in Pakistan

There are many benefits that you will get by studying online in Pakistan.

  • The very first Benefit is that there are a variety of courses available. A large amount of content, videos are readily available to increase your knowledge and capabilities.
  • The other benefit is it has reduced total cost. There is no need to pay for textbooks, transportation, and other materials. Everything is available free of cost. No need to worry about books or transport. This provides ease to everyone.
  • The other great benefit is that you have a comfortable learning environment for study. You can easily listen to lectures and watch videos and all the related content. And easily solve the quizzes and assignments on time.
  • It provides convenience and flexibility for students to do their work easily. They can schedule their work time and focus easily.
  • It also improves your technical skills to manage things quickly and effortlessly.

Best sources for online education in Pakistan

There are different sources available for free online education in Pakistan. Now digital marketing and social media have become real means of spreading knowledge. Online education is providing you with the best courses on the Internet.

There are also different freelance opportunities available online. You can get a proper course of freelancing and how to do creative writing.

According to the recent situation about Covid-19, almost everyone is doing work from home. Everyone is finding jobs online to get experience and get paid. So in this situation, it’s the best opportunity for all of the students to get free online courses and gain training. This is the only way we can spread knowledge and awareness about many things.

Online courses provide you with the quality education and help you become an independent enthusiast.

There is a list of all the online websites that provide you with free online courses training in Pakistan.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Skillshare
  • Skill success
  • Digiskills
  • Live Training Lab
  • Pakistan Institute of Computer Science
  • MDi Pakistan Online Training
  • Online Courses at Harvard


online free courses in Pakistan

Udemy is one of the best online education learning websites. They offer more than 65000 free courses with certificates. It is also the one amongst the trusted website. If you are looking to enhance your skills and abilities, Udemy is the best option for you guys.

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online free courses in Pakistan

Coursera is also a great online learning website. This platform provides students the best learning courses. These free online courses have a library, every book is available online. So everyone can access any kind of book without any difficulty in going to the library.

Coursera has more than 25 million people registered. They have more than 2000 courses that enhance student’s ability to learn and different courses. There is a combination of recognized and unrecognized courses.

Certified courses from Coursera are sure to be a plus point in your CV. In addition to that, Coursera has its personal E-library that will surely help you a lot.

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online free courses in Pakistan

Skillshare is another efficient education learning website that provides a number of free online courses in Pakistan. You can have access to 19,000 different courses. In addition to the courses, there are also many experts available online to help students.

There are business owners, entrepreneurs, and many other experts who share their knowledge for students. Above all, it’s the best website for Human Resources as they have a maximum 100 number of courses available.

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online free courses in Pakistan

 Skillsucess is another great and top online course learning website in Pakistan. They offer a huge amount of course which includes business, technology, health, personal development, beauty, fashion and language, and all other courses related to applied sciences.

You can easily get all the information by visiting their website and get yourself registered. You will get a certificate after completion of courses. But you should keep one thing in your mind you have to learn keenly not only because of a certificate but also for your skills.

After all the certification you will be able to do jobs or freelancing very well.

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online free courses in Pakistan

Digiskills is a great opportunity for people. This step is taken by the Government of Pakistan to educate people and establish their skills in digital technology to help Pakistan develop.

This is one of the fastest running and huge platform that provides students to build their abilities and to become professional. This website help students to get training so that they can do work from home in Pakistan.

This setup was launched in 2018 and become top trending in Pakistan. This website provides many free online courses which include AutoCAD, freelancing, graphic design, creative writing, and SEO.

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Living Training Lab

online free courses in Pakistan

Another amazing website for free online courses in Pakistan is Living Training Lab. More than 20,000 students have trusted to study through this portal because it offers more than just learning for exams.

Living Training Lab is based on technology-based courses which offer a multi-dimensional computer training for the students. Thus, it offers free and paid both online computer courses in Pakistan with quality education. Living Training Lab is the best way to learn about technology courses in an effective manner.

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online free courses in Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani student, then you can also try the website to take free or paid courses and even diplomas. Through the permission of a teacher, this website can help you in broadening your training skills. is a unique website which offers Pakistani council curriculum courses ranges from 7 class up to 4th grade. Moreover, this site also assists the students in preparing entry tests like MCAT and SAT. You will also find certain other online and certified degree courses to expand your vision in that particular subject. However, offers courses in limited subjects.

So, if you have plans to take any course, you can select your course right now through this platform. Finally, you can take online courses free with a certificate in Pakistan.

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Pakistan Institute of Computer Science PICS

Another amazing platform is PICS which helps the students in gaining technological knowledge. Pakistan Institute of Computer Science PICS has introduced diplomas and courses based on technology.

The aim behind this offer is to enhance the number of freelancers in Pakistan and to let them compete with the same energy and capability. Moreover, PICS emphasizes on increasing the opportunity for these freelancers in big markets worldwide and to engage themselves in attracting the foreign exchange.

So, you can choose the Pakistan Institute of Computer Science for a number of free online courses accompanied by certificates. Additionally, these online courses free with a certificate in Pakistan also offers the best quality education for the students worldwide.

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MDi Pakistan Online Training

Then comes another website for free online courses in Pakistan named MDi Pakistan Online Training. This platform offers online training for the people struggling in new ventures, businesses, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the MDi Pakistan Online Training website also offers free IT courses to the students and many others.

This website conducts those courses online which help the struggling country like Pakistan at an economical level. If you are willing to upgrade your business vision, then MDi is the best platform to provide business courses, business degrees, and other short courses.

So, you can just visit the MDi Pakistan Online Training portal right now to get free online courses with certificates in Pakistan.

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Harvard Free online courses

online free courses in Pakistan

If you have plans to add something more authentic in your CV, then you can avail online courses from the world’s top university Harvard’s online courses. This platform offers you several free as well as best paid online courses and degrees in a variety of subjects.

These courses and degrees are not only certified, but it adds more quality into your qualification, experience, and CV as well. You can get online training from the world’s best university professors or teachers here in Pakistan. So, what are you waiting for?

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Universities that offer Free Online Degree Courses in Pakistan

So, if you have been looking for websites with free online courses with a certificate in Pakistan, then visit the above-mentioned websites.

Moreover, there are some universities in Pakistan, which offers online courses as well. These universities are Allama Iqbal Open University, Virtual University of Pakistan, and COMSATS University.

Distance learning in Pakistan, where you are not physically present in the classroom may sometimes consider as poor education quality. Well, you are not in direct contact with the teacher, but still, you can take online courses offered by universities or websites and increase your skills.

However, the learning parameter is also directly proportional to the online support you get from that particular platform. Most of the universities offer online courses in Pakistan through three major means.

  • Firstly, through audio technology which includes podcasts, CDs, and MP3 recordings.
  • Secondly, through video technology which includes MP4 videos, DVDs, and other online sessions.
  • Thirdly, computer supplied materials online, such as PDF files and electronic books.

This article has mentioned all the websites with online courses free with certificates in Pakistan to help students learn better and in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, online computer courses in Pakistan like multi-media courses have open up job opportunities for several students. All you have to master that particular skill, get a certificate or degree, update the Resume, and get a good job online or in-house.


List of free online computer courses with Certificate in Pakistan


Computer Science/Information Technology

In Pakistan, the virtual university is offering online computer courses in Pakistan. Most of these courses are related to the new fields of computer science and information technology.

The types of online courses, you will be offered with a certificate in Pakistan includes five major disciplines. These are computer science, humanities, general science, mathematics, and management.  Each of these online computer courses in Pakistan comprises of a duration of one semester/ 18 weeks.

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Free online short courses with a certificate in Pakistan


Customer service courses

online free courses in Pakistan

Those academics with career advancement techniques in their mind has designed free courses of customer services. Even if you are planning to start a new venture, career or decided to stick with your current position.

You have the opportunity to tailor your online course studies with your life routine and other commitments. In order to register for this course, you won’t be required any previous experience or knowledge.

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Event Management Course


Then comes online courses like event management, specially designed for the students interested in learning about the industry and the profession. All of the courses and materials are free of cost with no time limit or previous knowledge or experience requirement. Additionally, online courses for event management are available to all candidates from around the world.

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Fashion Designer course


You can also learn fashion design courses online in three major key sections. These fashion designing key areas are as follows;

  • Firstly, overviews based on the contemporary fashion design industry
  • Secondly, introduction to the key elements of designs, and
  • Lastly, principle design exploration

This is another best online short course for the new bees in the biggest fashion designing industry. Moreover, people showing interest in this best industry will be able to give life to their creative idea and designs. Fashion designers salary is always on the growing trend in Pakistan.

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Hotel Management Course


Hotel management is another vast field among short courses. It has become one of the best learning academics designed for those who prefer online learning more than a classroom system.

You can do free online courses in Pakistan with a certificate for Hotel management. This course comprises of three phases of study for which you can register any time of the year at your own pace and timing. This is a quite attractive and handy course to learn at your own requirements.

The major phases for this kind of short course include home management introduction, overview based on key front desk operations, and cleaning department responsibilities.

Moreover, candidates with successful course learning will be provided with opportunities to continue their higher education. In this way, these successful applicants are going to develop amazing confidence and skills to move forward in the industry.

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Business Management Course

online courses free with certificate in Pakistan          

It is beneficial for those who are enthusiastic about business and determined to adapt their career goal and successfully penetrate that concerned industry. In doing so, they may end up exploring a new profession through online business management courses.

Moreover, the good thing about these online free courses in Pakistan that they do not restricts you through time or deadline barriers. You are free to learn business management courses anywhere, anytime without any delay due to time or distance constraints.

Additionally, you won’t be charged a single penny for a business administration course study. It is a big opportunity for newcomers as most of the material related to business management is totally free and available completely.

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Free Diploma Courses Online with Certificates in Pakistan

There are five best diploma courses available for you in Pakistan to utilize your time and energy.

  1. Web design diploma
  2. Information Technology Management diploma
  3. Project Management diploma
  4. Human Resource diploma
  5. Human Nutrition diploma


Web designing


If you are truly determined to learn beautiful design making using portals like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then don’t miss out on any chance. Web designing is a real differentiator between grabbing more consumers and losing them. Now, most of the companies have opted for a total digital marketing tool. You can also begin with this beneficial online course now.

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IT management diploma

free online courses in Pakistan

This diploma is structured for the managers of the company to explore the advantages of Information technology. With the knowledge of certain functionalities and capabilities of information technology, managers of a company can be more successful. This is only possible through the implementation of information technology in the best way to get more efficiency from your business activities.

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Diploma in Project management

If you want to increase your career opportunities, then project management is the best way to avail every chance. The whole project management diploma comprises of methodologies, tools, documentaries, the life cycle of the project, its design, analysis, plan, and evaluation process.

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Human Resource Diploma

The human resource diploma points out the key objective of creating harmony between the employees and the organization to gain more success. This course with certificate educate you from an organizational perspective and ensure you to hire the right people for the vacant post. Additionally, it involves training and motivating your resources to get maximum output from them effectively.

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Human Nutrition Diploma

This diploma is based on the study of micronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Human nutrition study focuses on the consumption of these three major nutrients to help our body function properly on a daily basis and utilize the energy to carry out several activities.

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Wind up

Whichever, online courses free with certificates in Pakistan you choose, they are effective in the long run. Moreover, you can get the maximum benefit from online learning versatile courses in a short duration. If it’s a paid version, the total cost on any online degree is low with most of the material available readily.

You can opt for any online course or degree anytime, from anywhere in the world. Therefore, you can avail of the opportunity of online courses free with a certificate in Pakistan to polish your skills and to enhance your productivity and efficiency level. This article has mentioned all the courses for your interest. Let us know about your views in the comment section below.

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