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While working or doing anything that causes stress, you need some relaxing therapy. If you are doing your assignments or any hectic work, you need to get relax and have some fun. Torrentz free music download always used by billions of users around the world. There are several music torrent sites, which people prefer for songs torrents download.

For this purpose, music has always been one of the best therapy thing and mood changer. Many people prefer music applications like SoundCloud. But you can also get the best and original music from music torrent sites. You can download songs from torrent free music download options. There are many best music torrent websites for music downloads.

You can get all your favorite tracks from torrent music. With no difficulty, you can have all your tracks and enjoy your work while listening to music. Now, music has become instant entertainment in a suffocating atmosphere or when you are feeling down. However, it depends upon the taste of a person who what kind of torrent free music download you want. Some love slow beat music like by Lana Del Rey while others want to rock or pop music like Drake, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and many others.

Sometimes your favorite torrent music download site may not work, if you are living in Denmark, United Kingdom, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, or India. Don’t worry, VPN torrent sites are still on your watch list. But this article has pinpointed some of the best torrent websites for music download in 2020, which are still working. So, with no further delay, you can pick any one of the best torrent music download sites to listen to your favorite music.

Best Music Torrent Sites/ Utorrent download music albums


Dirty Torrents

music torrent sites

From all the torrent music websites, Dirty Torrents is one of the best websites for free torrent music download. This is a famous torrent music website because it provides you to download games, apps, TV shows, and many more things as well.

Looking for a torrent music download site that offers you TV Shows, Audio, Movies, Applications, Games, and other content, tune in to Dirty Torrents. It offers you free music to gain access anytime, like Dua Lipa break heart.

  • The average download speed of Dirty Torrents: 4.4/mbps
  • Search Result Hits Dua Lipa–Break My Heart”: 6
  • Highest seeder/leeches ratio for “Dua Lipa–Break My Heart”: 17/2

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This website offers the best songs from all categories. You can get torrentz free music download from this website. All kinds of songs are available in the Torlock torrent music download website. Torlock is basically a torrent indexing site with a bundle of categories to provide its users with unlimited content.

The categories include anime, eBooks, software, music, movies, television, games, audiobook, and many other applications. You can gain access to 4 million torrent sites with great speed. Unfortunately, this website is banned in India, UK, and Australia.

  • Average download speed: 5/mbps
  • Search Result Hits for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: 4
  • Highest seeder/lecher ratio for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: 6793/2445

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This torrent music website has the best user-friendly interface. The quality of music is so good and original music is available. Because of its interface, this website is top trending. Recently, the website has undergone changes to improve its layout. Changes in the 1337x website for torrents of free music download helped in the elimination of some serious risk issues related to security.

  • Average download speed: 4.2/mbps
  • Search Result Hits for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: 2
  • Highest seeder/lecher ratio for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: 12/4

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Pirate Bay

torrentz free music download

Pirate Bay is one of the most famous and best torrent music websites. You can download any song, season, TV show, movie, or game. Pirate Bay has been an amazing website because of its interface and large categories of free torrent music download options. It also has user reviews which help users to download the best music or movies.

  • Average download speed: 6.0/mbps
  • Search Result Hits for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: 1
  • Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: 16/1

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music torrent sites

This Rutracker.Org torrent website has become so famous and trending in a very short period. This website has almost more than 13.6 million accounts. This website has a vast library in which an enormous amount of music is available. Every kind of music from classic to hip hop, from slow to fast, is available.

It has another best feature of the search engine. It is so powerful and brings the top results. The basic problem is this torrent music website is a Russian site so may have an accessing problem from some certain countries. But you can access this torrent music website using VPN.

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Sound park

torrentz free music download

The Sound Park world is the best and known torrent music website that has every track, remix music, and movies. This is the overall website for tracks and music. You can get old classical songs, new hip hop songs, and Heavy metal, slow and fast remix, mashups, and many more.

You just have to search your favorite track, and you will get results. All these features make this torrent music website user friendly.

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torrent music is one of the most simple and visually attractive websites. Why this torrent free music website is attractive? Because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface which is appealing to everyone. Users can navigate and search for their favorite and desired tracks. Every music album is aligned so that the user cannot feel any difficulty in navigation.

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MixTape Torrent

torrent music download

MixTape Torrent is one of the right torrentz free music download websites for DJ tracks and remixes. This website has a vast variety of music and songs. You just have to make an account and then you will download.

MixTape torrent music offers you with plenty of amazing tracks to change your mood and enjoy at home. This website requires you to make an account and start downloading your favorite songs quickly.

This website has a perfect sort of categorization including Mixtape torrents, promo tracks, Mixtape news, search, how to download the guide, etc.

Just click here, visit Mixtape torrent music site for free.

So, the Average download speed is not applicable in this website case

Search Result Hits for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: N/A

Highest seeder/leeches ratio for “Dua Lipa – Break My Heart”: N/A

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torrent music download

If you have fond of downloading torrent music files, then Bitport is another emerging music torrent site. With this website, you can access your files anytime, anywhere under a stable internet connection. And this accessibility is possible through devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. The reason is that all of your torrent music files and many others will be stored anonymously on the cloud space with greater speed.

There is no need to download any other program as a browser is here to fulfill this purpose. So, you won’t need to download a torrent client on the system. Hence, Bitport helps you to stream your favorite music files and download them directly from the browser.

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101 Torrent

songs torrents

The website presents you with Movies, TV Shows, Music, Application, Games, Book and Anime, and other content. So, you can search and download sweet torrent melodies anytime from 101 Torrent. Its homepage offers you all the latest content to download immediately. All the new releases are just a click away.

Besides, the availability of old content, you will also find the latest movies, the latest music, TV shows, and some unlisted releases. This torrent website ensures you to download high-quality content on your devices.

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In case your favorite torrent music downloading site is down, you can switch to this alternative option. is a decent website well-organized with genres like browser, top torrents, new torrents, and full home.

In the center of websites, you will see a search bar for content browsing and downloading options. At the bottom of the website, you will see music, movies, games, anime, TV shows, and other apps.

Download speed on average is 3.7 MB/s

“Lizzo, Good as Hell” search is 1

“Joker” searches are 680

“The Witcher” search result is 120

The best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 28/15

Then comes the best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker”: 8,849/3,813

In the end, the best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”: 2,178/839

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So, if you have been looking for the best songs torrents websites for the latest songs, then you can visit any of the above songs torrents links. These are some of the best torrent music links from where you can download torrent music files for free as per your taste for songs.

We have listed a few music torrents websites here and ensure you to regularly update their statuses. Meanwhile, you can enjoy downloading torrent melodies from above mentioned music torrent sites and invite your friends and family to do so.

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