Canada Student Visa From Pakistan in 21 Days-SDS

Canadian authorities decide to include Pakistan and India in the Student Direct Stream(SDS) program. Now the students can get their Canadian Study Visa in less than three weeks. Canada student visa from Pakistan can be obtained in 21 Days. By a press release, the Canada embassy informed the media about the program and Canada study visa from Pakistan rules and requirements. Canada student visa from Pakistan requirements is discussed below. Canada has one of the best universities in the world, which attracts international students to pursue their higher education dreams.

Canada student visa from Pakistan requirements

canada study visa from pakistan

Last year Canada initiated the SDS program, which allows the students from China, Philippines, and Vietnam to get a study permit. After the study permit. An electronic Visa is issued to the applicant.

The press release also stated that the SDS prospective students must provide the upfront information to the officers. This information must include the qualification of the language requirement.

A student must be able to converse and understand either English or French academically. The other is to show proof of finances. The student must be able to finance the study and living. SDS applicants are not allowed to work while studying.

Most of the international student apply for the postgraduate work permit, which allows them to work and earn. Postgraduate work permit holders get express entry and permanent residence.

During last year, 54000 student transitions into permanent residents. This was the record number. Canadian govt allows them due to their value. Fresh graduates from any country are the workforce of the Canadian economy.

The high commissioner of Pakistan praised the decision and said it is an excellent relief for Pakistani students. Canada student visa from Pakistan can now be applied without any hassle.

The High commissioner of Pakistani Raza Bashir Tarar appreciated the efforts of the Minister of Immigration and Canadian Parliament. He also said that the Canadian Parliament had fulfilled its commitment through the Canadian Study Visa processing time reduction.

How Much Bank Balance is Required for Canada Student Visa?

Individuals coming to Canada Amount of money required per year (additional to the tuition) Amount of money required per month (additional to the tuition)
student $10,000 $833
First family member $4,000 $333
Every additional family member $3,000 $255


Canada Study Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

Pakistani students who successfully get admission in Canada can apply for a student visa to go into and keep in Canada. Below are the necessary requirements of Canada study visa from Pakistan.

  1. Online Application must be properly and fully filled with the candidate.
  2. Visa Application Fee payment receipt (Green part should be submitted).
  3. The Visa fee from Pakistan is currently CAN $150 and also Biometric fee is CAN $85.
  4. Admission letter from the university.
  5. Letter from educational institutes in which you get the admission in Canada (Photocopy and original )
  6. All previous degrees and certificates, copies, and original.
  7. Employment / Business evidence of student or His or Her parents.
  8. CAQ by authorities of Quebec, in case you get admission in the Quebec state of Canada.
  9. Photocopy of passport, just off the main page, where name and picture are cited.
  10. Two passport size photos, birth, and name, date Ought to Be written on the back of photos.
  11. Photocopies of CNIC.

All these are demanded documents for the analysis required by the visa center of Canada. Students who provide false records will lead to a denial of visa. Canadian student visa Pakistan requirements are not difficult but please don’t get the documents forged.

Age limit for a student visa in Canada?

Normally, you ought to be considered a Canadian or foreign youth aged 18 to 35. For several nations, the age limitation continues to be 18 to 30 yrs of age.

Is there Any interview for Canada Student Visa?

On average, there are no interviews to get study permits. A meeting can be ordered in a case decided by the visa officer. Therefore, a medical examination is mandatory for the purpose of getting a student visa

Canada is a developed country. Its education standards are remarkable and accepted globally. The Canadian graduates are competitive and eligible for working in the top  Corporations of the world. That’s why the demand for Canadian education is high, plus one of the best universities in the world is in Canada. More than 1 lac students from Pakistan apply for admission in Canadian Universities.

Many of them get admission due to their academic skills. Recent development and relaxation for Pakistani students will give rise to an influx of Pakistani students. However, most of the middle class will opt-in Canada instead of the USA or the UK due to affordable fees and high standards. Things are getting better for International students.

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