Erasmus EU Offer 100 Pakistani Students Scholarship Program

On August 6, 2019, a European Union EU delegation came to Pakistan and decided to send 100 students on scholarship which is funded by Erasmus mundus Pakistan Programme. It is considered as the largest group of member students from Pakistan who will receive this scholarship from the European institutions in order take higher education courses there. European Union is an international organization of political and economic union comprises of 28 members.

The business manager (Charge d’Affairs), Anne Marchal addressed at the event held in residence EU and she said that it is an honor for a diplomat to interact with the youth of Pakistan who are future of this country.

She also hopes that Erasmus mundus Pakistan scholarship will equip these students with the right tools to allow them participate in the development of their country. In this way the youth of Pakistan may contribute in building up a mutual understanding among different cultures and regions.

She added that the year 2019 is the special one in the history of the European Union EU and Pakistan because in this year large number of postgraduate students will be leaving for the European institutions for the higher educational degree.

Anne Marchal also considered the year 2019 special for the relationship of the EU and Pakistan. During this year the high representative Federica Mogherini visited Islamabad and in an exchange, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan visited Brussels. A new Strategic Engagement Plan (SEP) was signed by the two countries in order to deepen the political cooperation and relations. This will give a new turn to their bilateral partnership.

She also explained that the Strategic Engagement Plan, SEP is committed to enhance the partnership through academic exchange and higher education. In this way, Erasmus Programme and Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions are offering funds for scholarships and fellowships.

Anne further informed the world that under European Union, they have a central selection committee. This committee selects students from across the world and in some countries, the quota has not defined for selection. Number of erasmus students get their degrees in different disciplines from European Union EU under this programme every year and this number is increasing.

This year around 100 students were selected from Pakistan under Erasmus mundus Pakistan Program under the EU flagship to study in Europe. Many Pakistani students are engaged in the disciplines of computer science, archaeology communication, engineering, applied sciences and robotics through this program.

The scholarship programme provides students with the opportunity to study in 17 different EU countries. These 17 european countries are Hungary, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Czech Republic and Slovenia falls under this eu law. This is best opportunity for those who are not able to pay for college fees and learn language skills so that they can fit in this competitive single market.

Moreover, the Erasmus Scholarship Programme is an erasmus exchange program of European Union with budget Euro 14.7 billion. This includes the amount of Euro 1.7 billion for the International non-European Union students for the year 2014 to 2020.

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