Best Online Project Management Apps to increase Productivity

Every year we see many management apps launched in the market; some are exceptional, while others have failed to make their mark. In this article, we will share some Free online project management apps and Project Management Solutions that were amazing in 2022 and show a promising future in 2023. Primarily we have heard about Scoro Project Management & Trello Project Management tools, but we will cover other solutions also.

Todo lists can be inadequate when you are working on a substantial project. An excessive amount is happening, and a disproportionate number of individuals are participating. Instead, you should make use of specialized software designed for project management.

But how can you decide which app to use for managing projects? The answer to this question depends on the number of people working on your team, the method of operation you choose, and the goals you are attempting to achieve.

In the following section, we will evaluate many of the most valuable applications for managing projects now available in the market to assist you in locating the software solution that best meets your requirements.


What Is Project Management Software?

Project managers use project management software to plan, track, and manage project tasks. There are many different types of project management software, but most include a to-do, a project plan, and a project manager. Some project management apps also have powerful features for team collaboration and communication.


Project management software’s uses?

Project management software can be an excellent asset for any project manager. It can help you keep track of your projects, deadlines, and team members. It can also help you communicate with your team and get feedback. In addition, using software to manage projects may help you remain focused and on track. Many different project management apps and software programs are available, so it is essential to find one that best fits your needs.


The Best Project Management Software for 2023

Many project management software programs are available on the market, but not all are created equal. When choosing a project management program, you must consider your specific needs and objectives. Some programs offer a free version, while others require a subscription. Gantt charts are a popular feature in many project management programs, as they allow you to visualize your project’s timeline and progress. Resource management is another important consideration, as you need to be able to track and allocate your team’s resources effectively. Ultimately, the best project management software for 2023 is the one that best meets your specific needs and helps you boost your productivity. Let’s explore in detail the best project management software.




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Casual is our favorite project management software; it allows you to plan out your entire project by drawing a flowchart. The app is excellent for planning personal projects and for small team projects. Give it a try; if you don’t like it, you can quit.


  • Simple, friendly interface
  • Easy to integrate with multiple users
  • Near zero learning curve Inexpensive
  • Ease of use, availability as an iOS app, and the capacity to produce flowcharts
  • Regular updates.


  • Android Apps and iOS apps are limited.
  • It is challenging to make sub-tasks.
  • Detail Reporting is a cumbersome process.


If paid for an entire year in advance, the price goes at $10 per month.

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Podia is another app for medium to large-sized businesses and organizations. The specialty of this project management app is the CRM and social intranet features. It offers four packages, free, basic plan, Premium, and plus. Podio is one of the best free project management apps you can use.


  • The simplicity of Usage.
  • Effortless to use, Simple to install heaps of native and outside integrations.
  • Customizable for Virtually Any niche, but most remarkable for real estate.
  • It was simple to install workspaces. It had been simple to customize. The functions were fantastic! From instruction to communicating, Podio has got it!


  • I want the capability to publish pdf reports Rather than just exporting Excel documents.
  • Ux/Ui is not impressive.



  • Free for Five Employees
  • The basic package costs 9 Dollars with unlimited users.
  • Plus Package costs $14 with automated workflows.

For a group of five, the tool is free. Starting at $9 per person each month, different options are available. You may choose a package based on the robust features you need and the strength of your team.

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Introducing Taskworld


An excellent project management app to help you plan and track the progress of your projects. It allows your team to share ideas too. It is a power-packed management tool for task management and effective collaboration.


  • Offers all of the advanced features of project management and visual management.


  • The iPad and iPhone variants of the Taskworld still require some progress.


  • The professional program starts at $11.00 per user per month, and the Enterprise plan starts at $22 per individual monthly.

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Scoro Project Management


Manage Every Aspect of Your Business with Scoro


The Scoro provides end-to-end small business management support for organizations. It is loaded with essential features to help companies get more organized and be in control.


  • It’s undoubtedly among the Best platforms for groups to successfully accommodate and utilize.
  • Both the invoicing and reminder system is all Remarkable.


  • It frequently does take some time to prepare the sync with Outlook.


  • Introductory pricing starts at $28 per user per month, Standard pricing starts at $42 per user monthly, and Pro pricing starts at $71 per user monthly.

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ProofHub - Project Overview


Proofhub is a one-stop solution for all business management problems. You won’t need any other business management software if you use this program to operate your company. You can use it as a centralized location to plan, manage, and run your projects by effectively communicating with employees and clients.


  • No learning curve
  • ProofHub provides all preparation and cooperation. Project Tracking, proofing, and reporting tools under a single roof for a Reasonable cost (no Peruser charges )


  • Its powerful third-party integrations are perfect; however, it doesn’t incorporate programs like Zapier.


  • ProofHub Essential can be obtained for $45 per month (billed annually) with infinite users, and ProofHub Ultimate Control is designed for $89 per month (billed annually) with unlimited tasks and unlimited users.

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Basecamp 3 - Intro & Overview


This article contains several programs that are both strong and difficult to use. Basecamp, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air (but still powerful).

Your workload is organized into projects in Basecamp. A to-do list, a calendar, a message dashboard, and a community chat are all included in each project. Other data, such as photos, spreadsheets, and more, can also be stored in the cloud.

It’s a lot of the same material, but it’s done neat and polished. Basecamp stands out for two crucial reasons in terms of project management software.

To begin with, each project has an automated checklists option. By asking the same questions again, team members are more likely to provide an update on their progress, resulting in fewer meetings with upper-level management.

A second distinctive feature of Basecamp is its hill charting feature. To-do lists for a project are displayed in a manner that mimics a hill in these diagrams.


  • The messaging dashboards simplify the alliance to a whole new degree.
  • It is super simple to execute, and the intuitive interface is Superb.


  • Basecamp integrations feel a little lacking, especially concerning reporting.


  • Basecamp Personal can be obtained at no cost (with 3 tasks and 20 users)
  • Basecamp Business is designed for $99 per month for unlimited projects.

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Trello Project Management


Trello - A Quick Overview


Trello project management is a planning solution for everyone. It is a super-friendly and flexible project management app. This easy-to-use app lets you plan your next vacation and business project. It works like a giant whiteboard.

Trello is a free project management app that helps you manage your projects using a kanban board. With Trello, you can create to-do lists, track project progress, and more. The free version of Trello is excellent for managing small projects, but if you need to manage larger projects, you can upgrade to the paid version.

Trello includes:

  • Assigning cards to team members.
  • Establishing deadlines.
  • Attaching files.
  • Make comments on the cards you create.

You may also utilize Trello’s many power-ups to enhance your workflow. One of my favorite app features is the card fading power-up, which allows Trello cards to dim if they haven’t been focused on in a while.

Trello may be used for a wide range of scheduled tasks. If you’re a software developer, you can use it to manage your editorial calendars. Trello is a top choice among the many excellent tools for managing projects.


  • No Cost for Basic service.
  • Any size project is workable.


  • It’s somewhat tricky when we utilize it with different software.


  • The Business Class plan is readily available for $9.99 per individual a month.
  • The enterprise plan is $20.83 per individual monthly (for 100 users).

Visit Trello Now - Making teamwork click is a simple-to-use project management tool., like other project management software, employs boards to keep track of tasks and task lists. Items are arranged in groups and columns on each board.

“Planning” and “Designing” are high-level groups in your products. Columns include information about objects, such as a due date or a person’s name.

All forms of labor may be organized with these essential building elements. For those who don’t want to develop a system from the start, offers a variety of board designs. It’s possible to design your layouts if you choose.

With these capabilities, allows you to automate routine tasks (no coding knowledge required). Every automation is based on a formula that leverages data from the app to act. ” In other words, when you hit “Publish” on a blog article, a notification goes out to your social media manager. Monday is one of the Top project management apps.


  • Adaptive User Interface
  • Very Affordable price


  • Too Much social media marketing and YouTube advertising.


  • Per user, it costs $8 a month.
  • Adding more boards, automation, or custom integrations costs $10/per month per user.
  • Teachers and students can use a free version of the software.

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best project management app

If you enjoy Trello but desire it to offer additional visual representations of your tasks, look at Asana. There are various methods to see a new project that you create in Asana, including:

  • The application’s list view shows the project tasks in a list form. Lists may be broken up into parts to make them easier to organize.
  • The board view shows a Kanban board separated into columns with tasks to be completed (similar to Trello).
  • Using the calendar view, you may track your ongoing project progress.
  • Using the timeline view, you may see a project’s tasks chronologically. Dependencies between jobs can be shown by connecting them. This view is comparable to Gantt charts if you’re familiar with them.

 Additionally, Asana project management apps allow you to set due dates, add comments, break down tasks into subtasks, and connect files to projects. There are also several third-party app connectors to choose from.


  • Groups of up to 15 people can use it for free, but just the most basic features & functionalities are available.
  • For an extra $10.99 a month per user, you can upgrade to Premium and gain access to features like a timeline view, dependencies, and project templates.

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best project management app

Notion aspires to be your go-to app for all things related to knowledge work. Use it to compose papers, take notes, organize information, and manage tasks.

Pages and databases are the foundation of Notion. For each page, you can provide material like text or graphics and links. Notion’s main strength resides in its databases, though. Any Notion page may have several different databases added to it. Some examples of these databases are kanban boards, lists, calendars, and tables.

It is possible to add objects to a database to represent tasks, assets, or anything else you require. Custom Fields such as “Team Member Name” or “Status” may be added to your databases for easier management. The level of detail you can achieve with your project management in Notion is only limited by your imagination.

A variety of database viewing methods are also available to you. For example, you may display your database objects on a Kanban board or a calendar. This results in more freedom in managing complex projects and finding information for team members.

Notion’s project management app’s collaborative key features are also impressive. Any portion of the page may be commented upon and edited in real-time, as well as @mentioned by your coworkers.


  • Free of charge to use for individuals, the Personal plan allows users to invite up to five others at a time to view their work in private.
  • An additional $4 per month gets you access to APIs, unlimited file sharings, guests, and version history, as well as the limited features included in the Personal plan.
  • There is a free Personal Pro plan for students and teachers to use.
  • To utilize Notion, teams must switch to a Team plan ($8/month per member).

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best project management app

If you are looking for more than a project management tool, ClickUp is for you. To-do lists, project planning, papers, spreadsheets, screen capture, and other additional features are all part of ClickUp’s vision. Project management is a fantastic tool, but I don’t expect it to replace all of my professional apps soon.

Gantt charts and calendars are also available in ClickUp, similar to Asana. A box view has been introduced to the application so that users can examine the progress that each team member has made in their assigned responsibilities. The more people you manage, the more useful this may be in promoting teamwork.

As a result, ClickUp project management app provides you with a complete picture of your progress toward your goals. A company’s higher-level priorities can be guided by objectives, like compass points for your work on the ground. Once established, plans can be broken down into targets (results you can quantify). Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a progress bar rise as your team has completed tasks.


  • Infinite users, limitless tasks, and minimal storage/integrations are all part of the Free plan, which anybody may use.
  • You have the option of subscribing to the Limitless plan for a monthly fee of $5 per user to receive limitless file storage, more integrations, and features for more extensive project management.

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A highly effective program for managing projects includes functionality for managing meetings and keeping track of time. nTask is yet another powerful application that has entered the market for project management software.

At its most fundamental level, nTask organizes your work by partitioning it into workspaces populated with tasks. These responsibilities come with helpful productivity tools, such as a todo list, scheduled vs. realistic start and finish dates, and comments.

There is nothing revolutionary about any of these task management features, but you’ll find things more intriguing as you delve deeper.

To begin, the nTask app has built-in support for time tracking. Choose an activity, click the “Play” button, and immediately start recording your time on it. The Timesheet screen of the application will allow you to view all of the time you have logged. This removes the need to utilize (or pay for) time-tracking software a third party provides.

In addition to keeping track of your time on tasks, nTask also allows you to organize meetings. You can correlate sessions with specific functions in addition to the standard data, such as the event’s date, time, and length. If you plan a meeting in this way, you won’t need to go back and forth between nTask and any of the other scheduling applications you could use.

nTask, however, can fit all of this functionality within an aesthetically beautiful interface. Even if a great deal of power is hidden away, it is simple to start using the application for the first time and rapidly acquire your bearings.


Up to five people on your team can use the free basic plan. You will need to upgrade to nTask Premium, which costs $2.99 per user per month when invoiced yearly, to access more space, Gantt charts, and customized filters.

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An application for managing projects that have been developed specifically for teams working on software. Jira is a widely used application for project management in software development environments that adhere to the agile development methodology. The explanation of agile development is outside the scope of what can be covered in this essay. However, the overarching goal is to avoid a single massive launch and build, modify, and distribute software in stages.

Jira contains various capabilities developed expressly for use by software development teams. Issues are at the center of this and reflect what your entire team has been working on, whether it be issue fixes, project tasks, or anything else. Jira allows you to arrange your problems into a backlog, a consolidated task list of all the functions associated with your project.

The scrum board and the Kanban board are the two basic methods that are provided by Jira for visually representing the tasks that are related with your project.

Scrum is a method for executing agile development that compartmentalizes software development projects into shorter sprint periods. (For a more in-depth explanation, please refer to this tutorial.) The backlog for your project, your team’s active sprints, and reports about the project are shown on the scrum board.

The Kanban board organizes your tasks into columns corresponding to their current completion stage and displays them on a board. Jira suggests you switch to this view if your team does not perform their work in sprints but instead maintains a continuous flow of work.

The Jira project management applications can be the solution you’ve been looking for if your team is already participating in agile development or has plans to start doing so in the near future.


  • Accessible for up to 10 people; however, additional functionality is severely restricted.
  • Jira charges $7 per month for each user for project teams with 11–100 members. Larger groups are eligible for a price reduction, and there is also an option to host the software on your server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Program management vs. project management?

Project management consists of one individual, a big project, while program management does not only have projects. Both of them have different objectives and benefits. Project management focuses on the delivery of the project as efficiently as possible, with a considerable profit. In comparison, program management focuses on bringing the most gains to the organization. Project management is short-term and has concrete deliverables, while program management requires long-term commitments.

What is the project management triangle?

The project management triangle is also known as the triple constraint, the iron triangle, and the project triangle. It introduces the three focal elements of project management. These three elements are scope, time, and budget.

What does a project coordinator do?

A project coordinator has some crucial responsibilities in project management. The primary duty of this administrative professional is to assist the project manager and ensure that the project activities are running smoothly, on time, and within budget. They coordinate meetings, resources, equipment, and information, plan for the project, and monitor its progress.

What are the 5 stages of project management?

Project management has five phases, which help complete each project efficiently. These five stages include conception and initiation of the project, planning, execution, performance or monitoring, and project closure.

Does Google have a project management app?

Google has several project management tools, which are easy to use, build reports, coordinate with the team, and update live activities. Some project management software tools are Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Calendar, and Google Keep for Project Management.

How to use slack for project management?

Slack is an online project management app that helps manage projects efficiently. It does not compromise the quality of the project, and the entire project can coordinate through it. Add slack in the browser, create a slack channel, make a public account, invite other people, and communicate project details with them. You can use the chatbox, can comment, and create conversations there. You can also add documents and get notifications via slack.

 What makes excellent free project management software?

Many factors make great free project management software. The software must be easy to use and understand, it must be able to track projects and tasks easily, and it must have various collaboration features that make it a valuable tool for managing projects. Additionally, the software should be available for free, so anyone can use it without paying for it.

 What’s the Best Free project Management tool?

There are many free project management tools available online. Trello, on the other hand, is perhaps the most effective free application for managing projects. Trello is a task management software that allows you to create and manage your project plans online. It is very user-friendly and has many time-tracking features that make it ideal for project management.

 What PM Software has the Best Features?

Many different project management software programs are available, each with unique features and benefits. However, some project management software programs stand out above the rest due to their unique characteristics.

For example, one project management software program might have a feature that allows users to create Gantt charts. This can be extremely helpful for visualizing project timelines and tasks. Another project management software program might have a built-in task manager that efficiently tracks and manages tasks.

Ultimately, the best project management software is the one that has the features that best meet your needs. Please research which software programs offer the parts you need, then compare them to find the best option for your needs.

Why should we use project management tools?

Project management tools can help us track and manage our projects, as well as our time. They can also help us with online project management software by providing powerful online tools. These collaboration tools can help us track our progress and keep our projects on track.

What are the Benefits of a Project Management App?

Using a project management tool like Trello or Asana has many advantages. For one, it helps to keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed for a project. This is especially helpful when multiple team members are working on a project. Additionally, a project management app can help optimize custom workflows and ensure that tasks are completed promptly. Overall, a project management tool can help make a project run more smoothly and efficiently.



Please let us know if you found online project management apps like Trello project management helpful and if your favorite management app made our list. I hope that you found this tutorial helpful in locating your group’s ideal project management tool. If you can use an online application that organizes tasks, you will be rewarded with a workflow that is both more successful and less stressful.

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