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Every year we get to see a multitude of management apps launched in the market, some are exceptional while some failed to make their mark. In this article we are going to share some project management apps that were amazing in 2018 and show promising future in 2019.

Project Management Apps 2019


Casual is our personal favorite project management app, it allows you to plan out your entire project by drawing a flowchart. The app is great for planning personal projects and for small team projects. Give it a try for free, and if you don’t like it you can just quit.


Podia is another app for medium to large sized business and organizations. The specialty of this project management app is the CRM and social intranet feature. It offers four packages, free, basic, premium and plus.


A wonderful project management app to help you plan and track the progress on your projects. It allows your team to share ideas too. It is a power-packed management tool for task management and effective collaboration.


The Scoro provide end-to-end business management support for organizations. It is loaded with features to help companies get more organized and be in control.


Proofhub is one stop solution for all business management problems. With this app you can eliminate all other tools to run your business. You can use it as a centralized location to plan, manage and run your projects by effectively communicating with employees and client.


Basecamp the most widely used project management apps. It has got everything to organize and manage projects, plus to do lists, events, notes and files. This user friendly app offers a 60 day trial period.


Trello is a planning solution for everyone. It is super friendly and flexible project management app. You can plan your next vacation and your business project, both with this easy to use app. It works like a big whiteboard.

 Microsoft Project

Microsoft project is a widely used app, and the most difficult one too. Still, this app is popular among project managers for its various features. And that is why it made our list.

Do comment and let us know if you found it helpful and if your favorite management app made out our list.

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