How to Get E-Stamp Paper From Bank in Pakistan 2020

Punjab Board of Revenue together with Punjab Information Technology Board released e-stamp paper in Punjab. This step is taken so that no one can fraud with stamp paper in Pakistan. In Punjab, e-stamp paper is launched in about 36 districts. However, among them, Gujranwala was the first-ever district to get an e-stamp in Punjab.

According to chairman PITB, Dr. Umair Saif, buying stamp paper Pakistan from the related department is risky, so for the ease of people, this step is taken. Further, he said, e-stamp paper Punjab can be purchased from any branch of Bank of Punjab. With the introduction of Punjab e-stamp paper, the method of obtaining them became no more a hectic task. Before 2016, people were supposed to wait for 3 days to get an e-stamp in Punjab.

Stamp Paper Now vs Then

Punjab e stamp

Now, with Punjab e-stamp paper Pakistan, people will only wait for 15 minutes. This release has demolished the black market sale, extra charges, fraud, and commission. But the low value (less than 1000) non-judicial stamp paper will be obtained from verified vendors. And they have to wait for 2-3 days to get stamp paper in Pakistan. This category is only 5% of total stamp papers.

Requirements for e-stamp Paper

Getting back to the topic, the process of getting e-stamp paper Punjab requires a good WiFi or 3G/4G support. The required information will be the buyer’s name, seller’s name, name of the vendor from whom you purchased e-stamp paper Punjab, and vendor’s CNIC.

The vendor’s CNIC will be cross-checked via NADRA’s database. If the verification is successful then form 32-A will be issued on given data.

The person who bought stamp paper will take this form to any branch of the National Bank or Bank of Punjab. Afterward, he has to pat the stamp duty fee, the bank will take print outs of stamp paper and give it to the buyer. Once the agreement is made, the stamp paper will be given to the one who demanded it. It can be any housing society authority, landowner, sub-registrar, etc.

Why Stamp Paper is required?

Stamp paper is required in the matter related to buying or selling any property. Now the landowners or the buyers will get verified by e-stamp paper verification, Pakistan. The Punjab e-stamp paper is a blessing for women, who are unable to get a hold on their property due to certain issues.

Step By Step Method of E-stamp Paper Verification Pakistan

Step 1:
Go to the official website of e-stamp Punjab
Step 2:
Fill out the form named 32-A Challan Form
Step 3:
Print this form
Step 4:
Visit any branch of Bank of Punjab

Step 5:
Pay the fees
Step 6:
After fee submission, the bank will give you non-judicial e-stamp paper at the moment.
Step 7:
Send 16 digit e-stamp number on 8100

The updated site allows users to generate the form online without going to the bank or ask permission from the bank to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an E-stamp paper in Pakistan?

You just have to go PITB official site and fill the 32-A challan form there. Follow all the instructions above to obtain the digital form of a stamp paper.

How do I verify an E-stamp certificate?

Click here to verify the e-stamp certificate or go to the official site -> e-stamp citizen portal -> Challan form -> Verify Stamp and then enter your stamp number.

What is an E-stamp paper in Pakistan?

Gathering stamp papers done was a hectic task. The corruption and involvement of land mafia made it so difficult to manage. Therefore, the Government of Pakistan introduces the digital stamp paper where every data is store and NADRA will verify it directly. People won’t have to wait in queue for 3 4 days to get this paper. With the introduction of e-stamp, there is a reduction of the load from 4 days to 15 minutes. You just have to submit fees and 32-A form to Bank of Punjab and get the e-stamp paper.

Is there any validity of Stamp paper?

There is no such validity of stamp paper.

Is Stamp paper valid without Notary?

No, it is an invalid or an illegal stamp paper. The supreme court of Pakistan is strict with the concerned laws.

Is 100 Rs Stamp paper valid for the Rent Agreement?

Yes, it is the minimum value of stamp paper for the rental agreement. However, stamp duty is almost 1% of the rent and annual deposit. It can be equivalent to Rs. 500, which is also a minimum.


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