Activating YouTube on Smart TV & Roku

YouTube is currently one of the most widely used platforms for hosting video content on the internet. You can watch videos on it almost anywhere and on nearly anything. There are many ways to access YouTube on your smartphone or tablet, but another option might work better for some people. This method lets you use your smart TV without installing special software. You’ll need to join the YouTube website and create an account before you can start watching videos there on your Smart TV. We will walk you through the straightforward process of activating your YouTube account using

How to Activate Youtube using

With this article, we will inform our readers as well as possible about the steps you can take to activate YouTube on some popular media devices like Xbox One, PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android TV Boxes, etc.

Using the link, you can easily activate YouTube on most of these devices. You need to enter the code sent via email to your registered mail id. You must click the “Allow” option when you input the YouTube activation code. Plus, You will be asked to accept YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Finally, You will be presented with a confirmation page when you have given your consent. After that, you can access YouTube on that particular device.

Activating Youtube Tv on Roku

To activate YouTube on Roku, follow these steps:

  • First, ensure that your Roku stream stick is connected to your television. A connection to Wi-Fi is going to be required. Sign in to your Roku account once you’ve established a successful pairing.
  • Use the Roku remote’s Home button to access the main menu.
  • Make your selection at the Channel Store, then hit the OK option on your Roku remote control.
  • Choose YouTube from the options under Top Free, then click OK on your remote.
  • Choose the option to Add a Channel, then hit the OK button.
  • YouTube channels will be integrated after the last step. Press Roku’s Home button and go to My Channels to see if YouTube was added.
  • Now Launch YouTube and click the Settings gears symbol in the upper left corner.
  • Click the Sign in button, then input your Google or YouTube credentials.
  • On-screen, Roku will present an authorization code consisting of an eight-digit activation code.
  • Now use a compatible browser to visit Sign in with your Google account if you haven’t already.
  • Activate Roku by entering its eight-digit code box. If prompted, allow access. activated your Roku stream stick.


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Activating YouTube on Smart TV

If you own a Samsung TV, you will be pleased to learn that the process for enabling YouTube on that television is one of the quickest available. You could proceed with the steps outlined below if your Smart TV’s manufacturing year was 2013 or later.

youtube activate

  • Launch the YouTube app on your Samsung Smart TV, then select the gear Icon from the menu that appears on the left.
  • Simply select the Sign In button.
  • Get ready for an 8-digit code to be generated. Be sure to maintain this tab open.
  • You may now log into YouTube using your google account information by visiting YouTube Activate on any device.
  • To continue, enter the eight-digit code displayed on the YouTube app.
  • If asked whether to allow access, select Yes, and your smart tv will be connected via

Activate YouTube on Apple TV

You will need to download and install the Apple TV App Store onto your device as a prerequisite. You’ll also need to ensure that you’ve logged into your Google Account with the same email address you use to log into your Apple TV. To do this, navigate to the settings menu within the app, select “Account,” sign in with your Google credentials, and enter your password.

Apple TV

Once you’re signed in, open up the Apple TV App Store and search for YouTube. Install the app, launch it, and follow the instructions below to activate it.

  • To get a code from the app, go to Sign in & settings and tap Sign in. Take notes of the code and avoid closing the screen until you copy the code.
  • Launch YouTube Activate on your computer or mobile device, then sign in using your Google account details. A menu of options may appear on the screen. Continue by choosing the Google+ profile or page linked to your YouTube channel.
  • If prompted, enter the code provided by the YouTube app, and then choose Allow to access.
  • Finally, your Apple TV is connected.

Activate YouTube on Kodi

Kodi is a free and open-source media center application developed by the Xbmc Foundation. You can play videos, music, podcasts, movies, pictures, etc. If you have Kodi on your computer, you must download the YouTube add-on first. This way, you can watch YouTube videos without having to go online.

Activate YouTube on Smart TV

  • To install from a repository, head to Add-ons in Settings before choosing “Install from Repository/Get Add-ons.”
  • Choose Video Add-ons
  • Click YouTube, then click Install Now. There might be a little delay of a minute or two during the installation procedure. Having a stable internet connection to the net is highly advised. After installing the add-on, go to Kodi’s video section > Add-ons>YouTube, and launch the app.
  • There will be a verification code of eight digits displayed on the screen. To activate your YouTube account, visit from any device.
  • To complete enabling Kodi on YouTube, enter the eight-digit code displayed on the screen and click the Proceed option.

Activate Youtube on Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Activating YouTube on an Xbox requires just a few simple steps. You’ll need to download and open the YouTube app from the App Store.

Activate YouTube on Smart TV

  • After logging in, navigate the menu labeled “Sign in & settings” and hit the X button.
  • A code of eight digits will be shown on the YouTube app. You should either jot down the code or leave this tab open on your computer since you will need it in the future.
  • If you want to use YouTube, go to on your PC or mobile device. You must use the same YouTube account on the Xbox as you use on your computer. Log in with your credentials if you already haven’t.
  • When prompted, enter the eight-digit number seen on Xbox on the page. Select Allow when prompted to confirm that you want to give Xbox access to your account.

We hope our guide on How To Activate YouTube On Smart TV helped you activate Youtube on your desired device. You can now enjoy free online video content without paying a penny.

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