Best Cool Google Tricks That You’d Love in 2020

We all can’t imagine our life without Google. Everyone out of you uses Google, almost every day for various purposes e.g. watching tutorials, searching, and many activities. Some of us are too busy that we use Google so simply that we are unaware of hidden Google tricks. Moreover, tricks on Google are interesting apart from the fun aspect. So, today, we are coming up with a cool Google tricks list.

Cool Google Tricks

Let’s get to the fun tricks before wasting any time.



cool google tricks

Tricks on Google are mind-blowing. Open the Google and type Askew or Tilt and the loaded page will be a little bit tilt. It is not as funny as the rest. However, this cool trick Google is unknown by many of us. Try this one with your friends as well and amaze them. We were truly surprised when we saw the unbalanced Google page!!


Google Gravity

google tricks list

From childhood, we have been studying gravity. If you want the crystal clear concept of gravity, type Google Gravity in the search bar. On the page, the process of gravity will be demonstrated. All the Google searches will fall down at the end of the page. After typing Google Gravity, Click the button “I am feeling lucky”. We are highly thankful to Hi-Res for making this experiment possible. This is one of the most magical Google fun tricks. Head over to search bar and do this trick.


Zerg Rush

tricks on google

Thanks to the All Too Flat team for designing astonishing Google search tricks. You can see what happens after typing Zerg rush on Google mirror known as Elgoog. When the user types Zerg Rush, he will see a bucket of “o” falling from the search results. It will eat up all the search results and you will get an empty page in return. There is no need to get worried as there is a dialogue box saying “Clear”. Click it and your searches will come back. Adding to this, type Zerg Rush and click on the option “I am feeling lucky”. You may see the hidden Google trick.


The Loneliest Number

hidden google trick

There are various astonishing Google searches. Have you ever tried out the loneliest number? Just try it now and see the results. When I searched, to my surprise, Google showed the calculator, displaying the number 1. Try searching out the number of horns on a unicorn and tell us the answer in the comment section.


Who Needs a Timer?

Cool google tricks

In this era, where competitions are conducting online, we need a timer for everyone. It might be possible, that due to human reaction error, some candidates start the timer on their own, early or late. So, there will be mismanagement. Here the management of competition can share screen via Google Meet or any other online video conference app and the scan starts the timer on Google. In this way, it will be observed by everybody and rare chances of the human reaction error.


Barrel Roll

google tricks list

One of the fun Google tricks is to speak to Google “DO A BARREL ROLL”. You can even type it (regardless of uppercase or lowercase). After typing this text, the press enters and sees the wonder. The page will not appear in an ordinary manner as it does when we search for anything different.  The page will rotate two times and then it will be displayed to you in the normal view. Here it is!!



tricks on google

Google Developers have done superb jobs, no doubt. But apart from that, they have made separate fanbases by designing a cool Google tricks list. So here is your task. Head over to search bar and type Anagram. The result will be displayed and Google will ask Did you mean: Nag A Ram. It is a demonstration of what Anagram is. Let’s check out other tricks on Google. Move on!


The Language Trick


Hit the Google main page and go to the top of the page. You will see the squares there. Click to My Account, a drop-down list will appear. An option named “Language” will appear on the display. If you change your Language to the funnier one, there will be a lot of gibberish. You will find this Google trick interesting.


Google tells Answer to Life!

Google answer to life

Wohooo!! Head over to Google Search Bar and type “answer to life, the universe, and everything”. The search results will display a calculator and the answer to it will be 42. The search results are displayed according to what Douglas Adams said in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He mentioned that 42 is the answer to life. Did you like this hidden Google trick ?”


Atari Breakout

The list of cool Google tricks is surely incomplete without the Atari Breakout. If you fall in the 90’s squad, then you would have knowledge about the popularity of Atari games. When you type “Atari Breakout” on Google images, then all the images will turn into the blocks. This hidden Google trick allows the user to play the game. What are you waiting for? Play the game and mention your scores in the comments below.


Google Sky

Google sky

This one is cool trick  Google which gives the user a fun opportunity to experience what flying is. No No!! It is not what you are thinking but it is the virtual one. You will see all the stuff present on Sky like stars, galaxies, various planets, and constellations. Moreover, you will also see Earth’s moon revolving around the earth. Aren’t you excited after reading this? Hurry up!! Internet Google, Google Sky!!


Flip a Coin

hidden google trick

Having a bet your friend on anything and not having a coin? There is nothing to worry about. Take the phone out of your pocket and Google “Flip a coin”. A short clip will be played which will either show heads or tails. How many of you knew this cool trick Google? Don’t forget to tell us.


Tip Services Google’s Exclusive

tip, hidden google

We all are too confused sometimes about giving tips to people. We need to calculate or even get confused about how much tip we need to give them. So, this problem is solved by Google. Suppose you paid the bill of RS 6500 and you want to give 15% tip to the waiter. Google “15% tip for Rs 6500” and you will get to know how much you have to pay as a tip. Thank you, Google!! You have left us a surprise in almost every way.



recursion, google trick

Where are the IT geeks?  Some tricks on Google are created for them as well. They will absolutely know what recursion is. This is included in the cool Google tricks list. Type the text “Recursion” in Google Search Bar and see the magic. Recursion means a circle of the same thing that repeats infinite times. Therefore, there will be an infinite loop on the page. Those who have know-how about computers will get this hidden Google trick. Hope you get it right!!


Disappearing the Stuff Right Away

If you see the stuff which somehow relates to you, you can make it disappears. All that you need to do is to request Google to delete it permanently from another site. Google will delete it in 24 hours if there is some serious legal issue.



thanos google trick

Tricks on Google include hidden tricks for Marvel fans. After typing Thanos in the search bar, click on the right sand where the hand is displayed. Click at Gauntlet and the search results will appear in dots. It will be a distorted result.


View Mars

view mars

We cannot say that it is one of the fun Google tricks, but, it is, however fascinating Google trick. Yes!! After viewing earth via maps, Google is successful to show you people Mars while sitting on the earth. Those who think how mars could be can view what Google depicts in the results.




So, if you are from the 90’s group!! You will definitely know what Pac-Man was to us. A competition, an addiction. So, thanks to Google once again. On the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google gave the platform where we can play Pac-Man. Yes, it is one of the Google search tricks. Type Pac-Man and click on I am feeling lucky or open Elgoog and search for Pac-Man there. You will enjoy it.


Google! A Time Machine

Google in 1998

Want a time machine? Type Google in 1998 and Google will literally take you to 1998. You will surely conclude, So far, So good!! The one in 1998 was so exhausting especially when you have to load that on the phone, it took hours. For me, most of the tiring task was to do mail using this old format. Name one feature you were exhausted with?


Friends TV Show

friends easter egg

The cool Google tricks list goes on. For the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans out there. Last year, on Easter eve, Google gifted Friends lovers the friends’ easter egg. This friend easter egg contains surprises. If you type Joey Tribbiani, Joey’s favorite line “Joey does not share food” will be heard along with pizza. And, if you search for a phoebe buffy, a cat will appear and you will hear “Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat!! ”. Go and check out what wonders Google has done for Monica, Rachel, and Ross.

Till then, obviously, we are not on a break!! Stay tuned for our next post!


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