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The Internet has been running in Pakistan through dial-up internet service since 1999. And in 2019 internet is all around us. Every mobile phone carrier is connected to the internet and call it connection best broadband internet in Pakistan. So many internet companies are in Pakistan. But the questions remained unanswered like which service is the best internet service in Pakistan? Who is the best internet provider in Pakistan? How can someone own the best internet device in Pakistan?

For answering that question, all the details from top internet providers in Pakistan are required. That is a hectic analytical job. An average person does not have much time to figure out the data to make the decision. That’s where we worked and brought the answers.

This article will tell you how to identify the best high-speed internet providers? How to find a good broadband connection?

How many types of the internet is available in Pakistan? So stay tuned for some useful knowledge. You will never regret reading that.

All types of internet service in Pakistan

Several types of internet connections are available in Pakistan for Home customers. Some have great customer service too. These services are often area dependent. So here are all types of internet connections available in Pakistan.

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DSL is a short form of the digital subscriber line. This connection is provided in your home through an already existing telephone line. A device is provided by the DSL provider for WiFi and wired connection to the devices. In Pakistan, PTCL is the only DSL provider. PTCL is a short form of Pakistan telecommunication company limited. It was state-owned until 2007 when President Musharaf privatized it, and a Qatar Base group bought the controlling shares.

best internet provider in pakistan

DSL is the least expensive internet connection. Its quality depends upon the distance from the ISP. Further, the distance slower will be the speed. PTCL is offering multiple internet packages, which start from 2 MBps to 30 MBps.

A majority of Pakistani homes have opted for DSL. But there is one problem during rains or bad weather, the connectivity of internet disrupts frequently.

PTCL DSL offers unlimited downloads. One can download HD videos in a matter of minutes, retaining it as the best broadband Internet in Pakistan.

Cable Internet

Cable internet is provided in the cities by private internet service providers, and is the best broadband Internet in Pakistan. Generally, they advertise the speed faster than DSL. Most neighbourhoods of Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawer, Quetta, and Multan have cable internet service. Their speed becomes slow when all connections are active. Cable internet providers charge 1500 to 3000 Rs monthly. Generally, their speed ranges from 2MBps to 4MBps. They have a limited downloading limit.

If your neighbourhood does not have DSL, then cable internet is a good option for email and browsing; but not for downloading. You should look out for the best internet device in Pakistan.

best internet service in pakistan

Satellite Internet

It is the most expensive, but the best service. The satellite internet companies provide a device which connects to the satellite. You can enjoy satellite internet in remote areas. Normally, the speed is 20MBps, and minimum charges start from 15000 Rs per month.

From users, it is observed that satellite internet provides seamless connectivity and works in all weathers, proving the best Internet device in Pakistan, as in some areas, the weather is highly severe.

best broadband internet in pakistan

Fibre optic internet

This service is similar to DSL, but it provides speed up to 100 MBps. Fibre optic internet is available in fewer areas of Pakistan. Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are the cities where Fibre optic internet service is present in selected areas. Most commercial users opt for fibre optic internet. The service normally starts from 6000 Rs monthly, and packages go higher up to 30000 Rs monthly.

best internet device in pakistan

Broadband internet

Broadband internet is provided by mobile phone companies and telecommunication companies. Most mobile phone users avail of this service. Broadband internet provider sets up a tower, which supplies internet connectivity. The user connects to the tower through the device provided by the internet provider. PTCL has its broadband service in the name Of EVO, which is the best Internet device in Pakistan. It typically charges 3000 Rs for a viable package. Other broadband services include Zong 4G,  Jazz Internet, Witribe, Telenor Internet. PTCL holds the award for being the best internet provider in Pakistan.

Through broadband connection, the average Pakistani user can buy one-month simple internet package in 1500 Rs.

top internet providers in pakistan

Importance and significance of internet

You would not be reading this article if you did not have internet. Being online is a necessity for almost every person. Social media is the main cause which drives people to stay connected. The envious emotions crave to know more about their friend list. Every person on social media tries to satisfy the urges.

Video consumption is another internet use. Everybody is shifted to streaming websites for music, drama, and popular TV shows. Nowadays, the user tends to watch everything on the internet, even live games and matches.

For professional purposes, email is the necessity for every professional.

Online banking is done through the internet, and it changes the economy. Now internet down means digital death.

Internet connection is a valuable commodity connection like electricity and gas.

How to select Best ISP in Pakistan

Now let us come back to the best internet service in Pakistan and best internet provider in Pakistan. You will have to follow ten steps to know the best internet device in Pakistan.

Here are these steps.

1— Identify your required speed

The first step to great internet connectivity is to understand internet speed called bandwidth.

The bandwidth is measured in megabytes per second. It is the rate at which your computer can download data. Every internet provider has a download limit. Simple internet activities like browsing require small bandwidth, on the other hand, gaming, and video streaming are data-intensive activities which require higher bandwidth.

You need to determine your data requirements and then select the internet service provider.

If you do not know the data intensity, then this information is as follows.

  • General web surfing, email, social media require 1MBps.
  • Online gaming needs 1-3 MBps.
  • Video conferencing require 1-4 MBps.
  • Standard definition video streaming takes 3-4 MBps.
  • High-definition video streaming requires 5-8 MBps.
  • Frequent large file downloading require 10 MBps or above.

2—Calculate your download allowance

Every ISP will allow you to download a certain amount of data for the best internet provider in Pakistan. If your data exceeds the download limit, then you will be charged extra. For a single user, the data limit is not a problem. But the data limit is a headache when the internet connection is used by multiple devices. General download allowance is 40 GB.

But it is better to opt for an unlimited downloading package. The best Internet Device in Pakistan like EVO Wingle, Charji Cloud and Zong 4G Bolt+ offer the best downloading packages.

If you do not know the data consumption of different activities, then here are the download necessities.

  • For email and browsing, you will need 2GB per month.
  • For browsing and on-demand TV, you will require 10GB to 30 GB per month.
  • For browsing, TV, movies, and music download you must have 40GB to 80 GB per month.
  • For browsing, TV, movies, music download, and online gaming, your data must be 40 GB or unlimited download.

3—You must know the options in your vicinity

The location of your residence is also a critical factor. If you are living in the urban areas of any city in Pakistan, then you will have DSL service. If you are living in an expensive area, then you will have fibre optic, cable internet, and DSL.

For small cities and remote area, your options will be limited to the mobile internet providers, then finding the best internet device in Pakistan becomes a crucial task.

Identify your local internet providers and then make a decision.

If you are living in an off the grid condition, then the satellite internet would be your only option. People living in northern areas are using satellite internet for the necessary internet need.

4—Assess local coverage of internet providers

After knowing your options, you must assess the internet coverage. The advertised things are different from real things. Your plan can backfire if you opt for internet service and it gives you frequent disconnection , slow speed, and higher rates.

To know the real situation of internet services, you must ask internet users in your neighbourhood. This will let you imagine the big picture, and you will decide best for yourself.

5— Strictly analyse the pros and cons of every service

pros and cons

You need to weigh every pro and con of the internet provider. Cable internet offers faster speed, but it has disruption and less connectivity during peak hours. Fibre optic internet is only available in selected areas. DSL speed varies with the distance from the ISP. Mobile internet and broadband internet is expensive, and the connection is disrupted during rainy weather. Customer support always matters in terms of connectivity. You must choose wisely and always the company with the best customer service.

6— You must know the hardware provisions

Almost all broadband connections are through a device provided by the ISP. Generally, it is a router which works with multiple devices. You must need to know the cost of the hardware. Most companies try to hide the cost of hardware in the upfront cost.

Whenever you avail a broadband service, always ask them the hardware price and hardware repair cost. If you do not so, there will be a hidden cost in your billing.

7— Deciding between bundle and just internet

Most companies offer a bundle at a price and just internet on another prize. You must evaluate the benefits of both according to your need. If you need just browsing, then you must opt for just internet package. It will save you money, and you do not have to pay extra.

If your requirement is for heavy usage, then opt for the bundle and choose a package that satisfies your needs.

8— Calculate the price of selected packages

You can get the promotional material for every ISP. There you will have the detail of every internet package. Most will provide bandwidth and download limit. Calculate the value with your required usage and select the best economic package. By comparing the offers, you will be able to deduct what’s best for you.

9— Get reviews of the customer service

Every ISP has an internet presence, and you can find plenty of reviews about them. For selecting the best internet Service in Pakistan, one of the crucial things about your decision is the selection of ISP with the best customer support.

Ask around your neighbourhood for people with internet connections. You will get plenty of material for analysis. But keep one thing in mind, keep away from the ISP with a bad reputation in the services.

great customer service

10—Explore additional offers

Every ISP additional services which are other than the internet. It can be on-demand TV and anything else. You can find their services on their website or by visiting their office. This exploration will lead to acquiring the best internet package. So hold your decision until the complete knowledge.


After analysing the top internet providers in Pakistan. We have reached a verdict that if your area has DSL availability, then goes for it. You can also avail TV and unlimited download services.

PTCL has multiple packages available and all starts from 4MBps, making it one of the best broadband Internet in Pakistan. You can have on-demand TV and internet bundle in 3000 Rs.

If you want to opt for broadband services, then Witribe and Zong 4G are the options you cannot neglect for the best Internet service in Pakistan. The internet connectivity and range of Zong are available in more than 100 cities of Pakistan. You can carry the Wifi device with you virtually anywhere and stay connected with the internet. Zong 4G is the best broadband internet in Pakistan.

And if you live in a highly remote area like Cholistan, Skardu, or rural areas of Sindh and Balochistan, then satellite internet is your only option. So keep all the steps in your mind and work for discovering the best internet service provider for you. This will reward you in the form of productivity in the future.








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