Best Kisscartoon Alternative to Watch Cartoons for Free in 2022

There are times in your daily routine life when you get bored. You need to refresh your mind and distract yourself for some time. So, when this happens, there is no need to worry because cartoons are present for joy and entertainment—looking for the best alternative kisscartoon sites? Here are some cartoon sites like kisscartoon listed along with kisscartoon mirrors.

For free online cartoons, you now have Kiss Cartoons. Don’t wait anymore and watch the best and top kiss cartoons for free and relax your mind.



Kiss cartoons are mainly for entertainment, an online streaming site like other online streaming websites, mainly for comics. There are different sorts of online streaming websites that host content on their servers. But kiss cartoons are not like that. It does not host any content on its server. But instead, multiple third-party websites host their content on kiss Cartoon websites.

Kiss cartoons are like an entire book in which there are multiple chapters from different stories and different authors.

Kiss cartoons have over 5000 different comics, including Family Guy, Gravity Falls, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, The Batman, Beaves and Butt-Head, The King of Hills, Justice League, and many more.

You can easily find amazing cartoons for free without paying. These kiss cartoon websites have ads you can easily block because no Kiss cartoon website is free from ads.

What Happened To KissCartoon?

KissCartoon was a cartoon streaming website that allowed users to watch their favorite cartoons online for free. The latest episode of each cartoon was always available, and the user experience was excellent. However, the website shut down in 2017, and there are no longer any good alternatives to watching cartoons online.

Best Alternatives kisscartoon 

There are many ways to watch cartoons and anime online, but one of the best ways is to find a good KissCartoon alternative. Many great streaming sites offer various cartoon series and cartoon movies, and some even provide dubbed anime. If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to KissCartoon, we recommend the below-mentioned sites to watch full episodes of your favorite anime; plus, these sites are best-in-class quality.



kisscartoon alternatives

Like its name, KissAnime is a kisscartoon alternative and belongs to Japanese anime. You will find attractive graphic characters, mostly hand-drawn with colorful visual content when you click on the website. A simple interface accompanies the vibrant computerized animations. It offers genres of anime lists, upcoming anime, watching drama, etc. Moreover, you can register at this site to explore more options.

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kisscartoon alternatives

WatchCartoonsOnline is the most straightforward layout containing the best alternative kisscartoon. You can search for any exciting cartoon from the search bar. On top of the WatchCartoonsOnline website, you will find options like ongoing, Anime Dub, animation series, movies, and Android App. On the left, you will see options like Suggestions, the Newest episode, and most viewed.

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sites like kisscartoon

CartoonExtra is one of the best cartoon sites, like kisscartoon, with some extra fun. The website comprises attractive graphic cartoon characters and a collection of cartoon anime. You will find famous cartoons on CartoonExtra under Comics, Full Movies, Daily Episodes and Cartoon.

On such sites as kisscartoon, you can explore famous cartoons like Rick and Morty, SpongeBob, SquarePants, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and many others.

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sites like kisscartoon

If you have been looking for online streaming sites like kisscartoon alternatives, then AnimeToon can be the right site. Its genre includes Dubbed Anime, favorite Cartoon Series, Movie Lists, Popular Series, and Daily Episodes.

Above the AnimeToon search bar, you will find options like Watch Anime, Read Comic, Dubbed Anime, Korean Drama, Watch Cartoon, and other Surprises.

Moreover, now you can download the AnimeToon app on your Android device. Unfortunately, you won’t find the AnimeToon application in Google Play Store and must tune into its website.

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cartoon sites like kisscartoon

Nyaa is the best alternative kisscartoon site where you will find Japanese games, software, cartoon anime, etc. If you have fond of Japanese games, live-action, and anime, then this BitTorrent tracker is everything you want.

Besides downloading video games in Japanese from Nyaa, you can also download books, music, TV Shows, and movies in the same language.

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Toonova is another alternative kisscartoon site where you can Watchonlinecartoon anytime, anywhere. The layout of Toonova shows genres like Watch Cartoons, Korean Drama, Dubbed Anime, Watch Anime, Popular series, Full Movies, Daily Episodes, etc.

Apart from several options at Toonova, kisscartoon mirrors for your favorite episode are also available. On the left side of this trendy website, you would love to Watchonlinecartoon and the most popular ones like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Bob’s Burgers, and many more.

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Unlike many cartoon sites like kisscartoon, WatchSeries is a multi-purpose site where you will find Anime, Drama, and Movies. Besides being the top best alternative cartoon anime site, WatchSeries is the perfect platform to Watch Movies, TV Shows, dramas, and Series.

WatchSeries covers movies, series, drama, and TV shows from the year 2000 up to 2020. Even if you have plans to watch Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, or any other popular season, WatchSeries won’t disappoint you. The genre includes action, adventure, comedy, thriller, romance, war, fantasy, mystery, musical, and others you can count on.

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kisscartoon mirrors

If you are looking for high-quality videos with a user-friendly interface, then is a must-try kisscartoon alternative site. On the top of the the website, you will find Cartoon List, Request Cartoon, and Read Comics.

This site offers various genres like adventure, comedy, comic, action, war, supernatural, etc. Thus, through this versatile site, you can stream cartoons online and download them easily. Not only this, but you can also access the KimCartoon site on your mobile and PC.

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anime streaming app android

Despite your exposure to several online streaming sites, Crunchyroll can be considered one of the popular cartoon sites. It is an American website for cartoon lovers. So, even if you are a freak at watching cartoons, Crunchyroll presents you with high-quality cartoon content. Crunchyroll website comprises five major sections Shows, Games, News, Manga, and Try Free Premium.

Moreover, this is one of the best alternatives kisscartoon also offers its users a free premium subscription so that they may get easy access to far better and quality streaming. Thus, you can catch up with its latest and most unpopular manga series and shows. You can find genres like action, adventure, anime, drama, and games from the search bar.

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kisscartoon mirrors

AnimeLab is one of the sites like kisscartoon with a user interface that is highly responsive. The website is divided into four sections Shows, Simulcasts, Movies, and Genres. The good thing is that AnimeLab allows easy access to devices like Samsung TVs, PCs, PlayStation, XboxOne, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices, and much more.

Under the genre section, you will find action, drama, adventure, historic, kids, horror, romance, sports, supernatural, and many more. On the homepage, different sections like Feel-Good Anime, Fresh-Dubs, Sportsball, Retro-Classics, Dragon ball collection, and many more are trending. However, it is free to use, but you may need a sign-up to access advance options.

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alternative kisscartoon

This website offers a plethora of options for your favorite cartoon. You can select from the following categories: Anime, Cartoons, Manga, Movies & TV Shows, Games, Music, Comics, etc. There are over 10 million anime episodes and movies listed here.

The interface is straightforward. Just type in the name of the show you want to watch in the search bar and press enter. Then, just sit back and enjoy.

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alternative kisscartoon

If you’re looking for some good anime recommendations, look no further. 7.9anime is here to help. With over 2,500 episodes and 50+ categories, it’s one of the most comprehensive anime sites. Whether you’re into action, comedy, romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or anything else, you’ll find something to enjoy here. And don’t forget about our mobile app too!

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alternative kisscartoon

Chia-anime is one of the best sites where you can watch all your favorite cartoons and anime online. This site gives you various types of anime like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, British, etc. You can even find some rare ones here too. They are categorized into many categories: action, adventure, comedy, horror, romance, drama, fantasy, sci-fi, animation, sports, etc. This site has over 2 million episodes and about 800 thousand movies. So without wasting much time, let us start watching our favorite anime now.

The website features both English and Japanese language options. If you want to watch your favorite anime in English, choose the English option; otherwise, select the Japanese option. All the videos are uploaded daily, and no advertisements are found on the site.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out this fantastic site and enjoy your favorite content.

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AniWatch is one of the best sites to watch anime online. This site contains many anime episodes, movies, and specials. You can find anything under the sun here. From cartoons to live-action dramas, you’ll find it all here. No ads are popping up on the site, so you don’t have to worry about annoying popups. Just enter your favorite genre and start watching.

The site also features a “Recommendations” section where you can see what other people think about a particular episode. If you’re looking for something specific, type it into the search bar, and you’ll get a list of recommended videos.

You can watch anime episodes without registration too. But if you want to save some money, you can sign up and become a member. After becoming a member, you can access exclusive features like voting for your favorite anime episodes and commenting on them.

If you’re interested in learning more about anime, check out our guide on how to learn Japanese.

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Anilinkz is the perfect alternative to KissCartoon. It offers almost everything that KissCartoon does. But what sets it apart is that it streams anime and cartoon episodes without ads. You won’t find any annoying popups here. Just clean and crisp content.

The site is easy to navigate, and there aren’t too many options. You’ll see a list of categories and subcategories. Clicking on one opens up a detailed description of the episode, along with some screenshots. If you’re looking for something specific, you can type it into the search bar.

There are over 2,500 full-length episodes of anime and cartoons. They’re categorized into genres like action, comedy, romance, horror, etc. To make things easier, each genre contains several subgenres. For example, you’ll find fighting, fantasy, sports, etc., under the action. This way, you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of episodes to find what you want.

If you’re looking for a particular anime or cartoon, it’s already been added to the Huge database. However, if you can’t find it, you can add it yourself. Go to the “Add Episodes” section and select the category you want to add the episode too. Then enter the episode’s name and upload a screenshot of the cover art. Once you’ve done that, hit save and wait for the update to finish.

You can watch the episodes directly from the homepage or download them in MP4 format. There are no ads here, either. So it’s safe to say that Anilinkz isn’t trying to trick you into watching ads. Instead, it wants to provide you with pure entertainment.

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CartoonCrazy is an internet resource for viewing animations like anime and cartoons. If you are looking forward to some relaxation and want to unwind, watching comics can be very helpful. But finding a website that would help us achieve the same can be tricky. So here we are, bringing you a website that would make things easy.

Use this user-friendly website to watch entire episodes of your favorite animated shows and manga. You don’t even need to download anything. Just sign up and start enjoying.

The best thing about this Anime website is that it provides access to the most recent episodes of your favorite manga show. And no matter what animation genre you like, there is something for everyone here.

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alternative kisscartoon

There’s no mistake about it; this website can transport you back to the ’90s via streaming television series from that decade. All the shows like Batman & Robin, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry Tales and many others are there. Also, we have the best of the best, the old-school cartoons. We have the most popular ones too. But the only drawback of this site is that it doesn’t have a huge collection of classic cartoons. There are some missing cartoons—for example, Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, Cartoon Network TV specials, etc. If you love those cartoons, then this site is for you.

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DubbedAnime is a one-stop destination for all your dubbing needs. Whether it is dubs or subbed, they got it covered. They provide high-quality subtitles and dubs of popular anime like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and many others.

Their collection includes subtitled and dubbed episodes of different genres, such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, romance, and many more.

You can easily browse their vast collection of anime episodes and download them directly to your device. With over 10 million downloads, They will make sure you’ll love the app too.

The best part about their services is that they offer free registration. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and start watching your favorite anime today.

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KissCartoon Mirror Sites

Some of the best and unique kisscartoon mirrors are available here. You can try the below-mentioned links to Watchcartoononline and experience best kisscartoon mirrors with excellent speed online.

URL Status Speed SSL Online Very Good On Online  Very Good On Online  Very Good Off Online  Very Good Off Online  Very Good Off


Is Watchcartoononline illegal?

Watchcartoononline is a legal portal, and some countries permit it to host TV, Cartoons, etc. Moreover, in the United States/ U.S, users have been granted access to such content but on a condition to stream it without redistributing to other users or saving it into your system.

Watchcartoononline is easily accessible, but streaming online anime content is still illegal. So, if you access them from the above-mentioned alternative kisscartoon websites, it won’t be a problem. However, streaming copyrighted anime cartoon material without the owner’s consent is still illegal.

 How do I download it from Watchcartoononline?

To download kisscartoon from Watchcartoononline, follow simple steps.

  1. Watch a video from
  2. Now copy the video URL link. Open the search bar 9xbuddy and paste the video URL
  3. Next step is to enter the URL and get the downloading link
  4. Bonus kind of an Easy Way or what you call a Shortcut

 Is Wcostream legal?

Yes, Wcostream is a legal version of Watchcartoononline. Moreover, being listed globally at #4,472, Wcostream has been declared the safest browser. However, it varies from country to country. Some countries allow the hosting of TV and Cartoons where it is legal.

 Will KissAnime give me a virus?

No, your system is never going to get a virus through KissAnime. Previously, news has been circulating the globe that KissAnime may cause harm or malware may enter your computer or other devices. But, this is un-authentic feedback, and you are safe to choose KissAnime as a platform to Watchcartoononline or visit websites like kisscartoon alternatives.

 Is Gogoanime legal?

The answer is a big “NO “; it is not a legal portal. The reason behind its illegality is that it is a third-party hosting site. However, Gogoanime is safe to use but illegal in another way. Its owner does not directly handle it as the third-party server act as a handler of the content.

 What is wcostream?

WCostream is an anime streaming website offering various anime shows and movies. The website is easy to use and has a great selection of anime content. A big-name anime streaming service, WCostream is a website with a great choice and offers all of the newest shows as soon as they come out.

The user interface of WCostream is easy to use from the get-go. The site is straightforward to navigate, and you can find what you’re looking for with a quick scroll. On the main page, you will see what’s new and popular — these change daily to give users what they want as soon as possible. You can also search by series title or genre if you’re looking for specific original content. One of the best features is that all shows are updated to include HD versions when they become available. This way, you can watch what you want in the best quality possible.

WCostream is also different than most other anime sites because it has a wide variety of content. On WCostream, you will find a wide range of cartoons genres and series so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You’ll find shows like Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, and The Future Diary on the website.

WCostream is a website everyone should check out if they want to watch what’s new and famous in the anime community. It has many shows and movies; you can watch free series online without creating an account. With HD content up as soon as it becomes available, what’s not to love about WCostream?

Anime fans looking for a great website to watch what they want should check out what WCostream offers. It has a wide variety of shows and movies and lets you stream what you want in HD. You can even watch free series online without creating an account!

WCostream is an excellent website for what’s new and famous in the anime community, with a wide variety of shows to enjoy. Cartoon Fans will love what WCostream has to offer!

Is wcostream safe?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are many different ways to look at it. On the one hand, the site does have a great selection of anime content and is easy to use. HD versions of all shows are available as soon as they become available, which is a great feature. Additionally, the site does not require you to create an account to watch free series online.

On the other hand, some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of streaming anime content from a website. Additionally, some users have complained about the quality of the streaming on the site.


I hope this post will help you find the best alternatives to Kiss Cartoons when it’s down. We must remember that laughter is the best medicine during these difficult times. So, take a break, relax, and watch some cartoons! Thanks for reading.

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