Everyone Loves Best Turkish Dramas In Urdu

Dramas! Best pass time for the household ladies. Pakistani TV channels have produced many quality drama serials, but lately, Indian drama serials got the prime time. And nowadays, Turkish drama serials have become popular among the public. Everyone loves Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu. Why? Because it provides new things, situations, fantasies, vanities, and personification of a new culture. By keyword research, it was observed that a high volume of queries is searched on Google, like best Turkish dramas in Urdu, best Turkish drama dubbed in Urdu, new Turkish dramas in Urdu, best Turkish romantic series, and Turkish drama series list.

These search queries depict the popularity of Turkish entertainment.

Here are the Turkish dramas you should watch in your leisure time. Believe me; it will be a tremendous recreational session for you.



Ishq-e-Mamnoon OST Full Title Song - Urdu1 Drama

It stands at the top of the hill among the best dramas in the Turkish Dramas Series List. It is a romantic thriller. The story revolves around forbidden love and relationships. It is a romance story between an older man and a young girl whose mother fancies the older man.


Fatima Gul

It is a tale that portrays heartbreaking situations. The story revolves around people with power and how powerful people manipulate, abuse, and use people. You will find out the effects of power on the lives of people.



It is a Turkish adaptation of a famous TV show, “Revenge.” The story follows the actions of a girl who is seeking revenge. The father of the girl was wrongly admitted to Jail and died there. The girl has a target in her mind to get back to every person who did wrong to her father.


Aik Pyaar ki Kahani

It is a heartbreaking tale that involves love, sacrifice, and selflessness. The story revolves around a small-time con man who lives in Australia. He struggles for survival and eventually falls in love. Later he finds his birth mother in Korea, a famous artist and well-off lady.


20 minutes

20 Minutes Trailer 1

It is a thriller drama. A family is affected by circumstances, and the mother is sentenced to 20 years in Jail. The father of the family tries everything to clear her wife’s name.



Feriha & Emir  - Tu veneno

It is an emotional thriller drama. The story is about people who are deep in the love of status. A girl falls in love with a wealthy young man, but social constraints do not let her get her love.



asi ost title song turkish drama in urdu......

It is a romantic drama presenting social stigma, class culture, family differences, and love. Asi and Demir are two love birds, and the story is about how their families deal with each other. Asi shows the deep intricacies of life. Demir is also a handsome hero.


Mera sultan

Mera Sultan is a historical drama that features a handsome hero with power. It has several stories. This drama is fiction in terms of Ottoman history. More than 130 episodes have been aired until this date.



Umeed Ost - KJ Music

It is a romance story. A young woman is passing by a hair salon and finds a guy. After meeting the guy events happen in a manner that the life of the young woman changes completely. This drama series is voted one of the best Turkish romantic series.



Sheharzaad OST Full Title Song Video HQ

This drama depicts the love and nature of a mother. The story revolves around women who go beyond limits to protect their children.



Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Trailer

It is a historical drama based on war. The story presents the battles between the Mongols and the Ottoman empire. A lot of violence is present in the drama. I hope you like our efforts in putting up this Article for you; please share your comments below.

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