Telenor Number Check Code -Ownership 2022

How To Check Telenor Number Ownership?

You can now check Telenor number, ownership, or Telenor SIM number owner through the following simple steps. Telenor is the leading customer service provider. You can attain Telenor number check details or information with the help of code.


telenor number check code

How to check Telenor number: Telenor number trace with name

You can now easily check SIM number owner or mobile number of ownership for a Telenor number. The Telenor number check code is here to provide you with the correct information regarding the ownership of the SIM or number.

Find how to check Telenor number information and ownership. The method is quite simple and easy which requires you to just send a message. Sending a simple SMS will allow you to inquire and trace any number.

Check Telenor SIM: Telenor number information

You can also check your Telenor Number Ownership through USSD codes. Now you have no need to visit the Telenor center in order to know the owner’s name. The Telenor number check code provides you an opportunity to gather all the Telenor number information.

These include owner name, CNIC number, IMSI number, and location of Telenor number. Moreover, with the help of this facility, you can verify the number and mobile connection as well.

telenor number information

Telenor Number Check Code 2022




You have to send a blank SMS to code 667


Standard charges will be applied to this SMS

In this way, you can have a Telenor SIM number owner in your mobile through a single SMS.

Code Charge
SMS 667 Standard Charges



Just call on 345 to know how to check Telenor number. You must have three things confirmed before calling on the helpline.

  • Name of the SIM owner
  • CNIC number
  • IMSI number (You will find this number on the backside of your SIM)

Upon providing the above-mentioned information, they will give you a Telenor SIM number at once.



Telenor website lives chat feature:

  • You have to provide them with the name of the owner, CNIC number, and IMSI number.
  • Upon providing the above-mentioned information, they will give you a Telenor SIM number at once.
  • All you have to log on to the Telenor website.
  • Click on the LIVE CHAT feature present at the right bottom.
  • You can request them to provide you with Telenor SIM numbers in exchange for the details mentioned above.
  • They will provide you with the number you are looking for.

Important Details regarding Telenor Number Information are as follows:

  • You can easily extract important information which is required for mobile number portability MNP. All you have to do is to send MNP via SMS to code 667 from your current active SIM.
  • As a result of this SMS, you will receive complete Telenor number information like the name of SIM holder, CNIC number, and IMSI.
  • In case you have just purchased a new SIM, the number check details will not be available for a few days. The reason is that the data has not been stored yet on the system and you will get a message from an unknown number with CNIC/NIC 1111.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Telenor number check code method will provide you with Telenor SIM name and other details on your mobile screen for free.
  • This facility is only available for active SIM. The code may not work for inactive SIM.
  • A company can change the codes at any time. Visit the Telenor website in case of any error in the above-mentioned code.
  • You can also call on Telenor helpline number +92 (42) 111 345 100 for other Telenor number check details.
  • Information like Telenor SIM owner name, location of Telenor number, and SIM location can be gained through calling on the helpline.
  • For an inactive SIM, you can use method 2 (call on 345 Telenor helpline) or use method 3 (live chat with Telenor service providers).
  • Method 1 of sending SMS to 667 is not valid for inactive SIMs.

telenor number check details

On the other hand, if both the SIM and the owner of the SIM are outside of Pakistan, then there is Overseas Pakistanis System information Form present. Hence, You can verify the Telenor SIM through this system.

Moreover, you can get other details about the Telenor SMS bundle and internet packages, through visiting the company’s website.

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