Service Codes Mobile Operator Pakistan-2020

Service Codes Mobile operator

Here’s the Comprehensive list of Service Codes For One’s Mobile Operator. On occasion, the customers availing mobile network services, feel difficulty, or do not understand the exact codes for Balance Check, Internet, SMS, Minutes, SIM Number along with Advance Balance. The Articles include Zong codes, Ufone all codes, jazz codes, Telenor network code, and warid code.

Service Codes of Your Mobile Operator

In order to facilitate Paktales readers, we have tried to compile the Complete List of Service Codes of Your Mobile Operator in one place.


 Balance Check Code

Telenor Balance check code *444#
Jazz Balance check code *111#
Ufone Balance check code *124#
Warid Balance check code *100#
Zong Balance check code *222#


 MB Check Code Internet

Telenor MB Check Code *999#
Jazz MB Check Code *114*1*2#
Ufone MB Check Code *706#
Warid MB Check Code *200*4#
Zong MB Check Code *102#


Check Remaining SMS 

Telenor SMS Check Code *111#
Jazz SMS Check Code *101*2#
Ufone SMS Check Code *336*2*4
Warid SMS Check Code *200#
Zong SMS Check Code *102*3#


Check Remaining Free Minutes

TELENOR Free Minutes Check code *222#
Jazz Free Minutes Check code *110#
UFONE Free Minutes Check code *707#
WARID Free Minutes Check code *200#
ZONG Free Minutes Check code Send “P” to 102


Check SIM Number

Telenor Check SIM Number Send “A” to 7421
Jazz Check SIM Number  *99#
Ufone Check SIM Number *888#
Warid Check SIM Number Send “myno” to 6060
Zong Check SIM Number *8#


Free Facebook Code

Telenor Free Facebook code *5*325#
Jazz Free Facebook code *114*5#
Ufone Free Facebook code *3434#
Warid Free Facebook code Send “fw” to 7777
Zong Free Facebook code *6464*4#


SIM Lagao Offer Code

Telenor SIM Lagao Offer Code *2222# or call 2222
Jazz SIM Lagao Offer Code *551#
Ufone SIM Lagao Offer Code Send “Sim” to 5000 or call 5000
Warid SIM Lagao Offer Code Send “Y” to 3733


Advance Balance code

Telenor Advance code *0#
Jazz Advance code *112# or Dial 123 and press 6
Ufone Advance code *456#
Warid Advance code Send “Ab” to 7676
Zong Advance code Send empty msg to 911


Balance Sharing Code 

Telenor balance share code 1*1(Mobile No. i.e) 923408744880*Amount#.
Jazz balance share code “100(Mobile No. i.e)923043065230*amount#”
Ufone balance share code send “(Mobile No. i.e)03333034401U2Uamount” to 828.
Warid balance share code send “B<space><mobile no.><amount> to 1414 (i.e “B 03211244567 50” to 1414
Zong balance share code send “mobile no.amount” to 999 (i.e 03121244567.amount) and confirm by “Y


Internet Settings code

Telenor Internet Setting code Send “All” to 131
Jazz Internet Setting code Send”INTERNET” to 7342
UFONE Internet Setting code Send (set model i.e) “Samsung galaxy grand prime SM-G531H” to 222
Warid Internet Setting code Send “All” to 2333
Zong Internet Setting code Send “All” (Set Model i.e) “Samsung” to 5800


The majority of the mobile users would like to avail of each of the aforementioned services however they have no idea about the specific codes. So that is why We’ve decided to prepare the Comprehensive Collection of all Service codes for the Diverse services of the mobile networks so that you can be at ease.



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